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Race War, Bitch!

Shit's real. Shit's scary. How do we continue to laugh in a time of such hate?

Duration: 01:04:07

Tenacious E

Petty ass bitches, groveling in show business and treating people like family, even though they fucking suck.

Duration: 01:10:24

Just Tryna Nut

No matter your gender, sexual orientation, socio economic status or ethnicity, can we all just admit that we're just trying to NUT? We talk about how to talk about sex with the youth and share stories on dealing with micro aggressions on a daily basis.

Duration: 01:11:42

Ms. Mark Ruffalo

We talk about the hotness and fluidity of the Mark Ruffalo sexuality, love/hate relationships with our moms, BTS fake designer bags and our kick ass Koreans Dyne Suh and Phil Jaisohn.

Duration: 01:12:43

White Chyna

What do Rob Kardashian and Donald Trump Jr. have in common? They're both rich white men who can ruin their family's names. How do we get off the reality tit and on the C-Span nipple? Also, we talk getting started in comedy, live action Aladdin, and staying mindful and present in the storm of anxiety.

Duration: 01:32:13

Hawaii Five NO

As Kim Jong Un trolls Trump and America with ICBM testing, Peter spends a beautiful day on the gay beach in Chicago with his best friends and Eunji spends some much needed time alone at King Spa. With the entertainment industry's scandal with Daniel Dae Kim and Grace Park unceremoniously leaving Hawaii 5-0, we need all the R&R we can afford to get.

Duration: 01:33:30

Yanky Panky

Peter and Eunji explore group sex, orgies, threesomes and more, in this week's episode of sex positivity and how to engage with your partner/partners about the possibility of an expanded bedroom situation. We also give it up to our #KickAssKorean Steven Yeun of the Walking Dead and Okja and Esther Lee of Sun Salon!

Duration: 01:21:35

PRIDE, and prejudices

We celebrate PRIDE MONTH with personal stories of victories and fails in love and relationships. What's it like to be closeted and Korean? How do you navigate the issues of identity and self worth with a culture that doesn't foster individualism? We also review our experience with Andrea Silenzi's Why Oh Why live event at Bonobos, and give it up to our #KAKs John Cho and Hong Yeoung Cheon.

Duration: 01:13:36

Krazy Konservative Koreans

Conservatism and nationalism stretches beyond race and religion, sometimes the worst of us are the ones we grow up with. In this episode we trash KCCoC, Jeff Sessions and the GOP (surprise) while spotlighting Andrea Silenzi of WHY OH WHY, Jeannie Rhee and the one and only Insooni!

Duration: 01:16:58

gasLIT af

How do comedians with a political pov precent themselves from going from satire to just... sad? What is the role of comedy in today's socio-political landscape and how much is even enough?

Duration: 01:11:36

Dead Girl, Live Boy

Is Trump's administration impervious to scandals? What will it take to impeach our Tang in Chief? We explore the role of the comedian in today's political landscape and what long term effects, if any, Kathy Griffin's actions has on her career. We also give it up to K-Rapper Awkwafina and Kang Shin-ae of naver blog fame!

Duration: 01:14:19

Use Your Words

Why do Korean men, and men in general, resort to violence? Because they don't have the language to alleviate their emotional constipation. We examine the evolution of violence from the home country to American and the kick assery of comedian Kim Min Kyung and the Korean American population using their words to stand up to their KOREAN OPPRESSORS.

Duration: 01:09:20

Re-Branding Yourself

James Comey's Firing, Chaffetz quitting, Roger Ailes dying, it's clear that the GOP is in desperate need for a face lift. But re-branding is something we all do while we're looking to find ourselves. We explore how to find your voice and truth, and dive into the racist AirBnb debale that went viral and the dope life decisions of former MTV VJ - Su Chin Pak

Duration: 01:33:18

Saturday Night Lame

What is the role of SNL in our culture? Is it to be the cutting edge of social commentary or is it simply a comedy show? We explore the problematic casting decisions that continue to plague SNL and the rest of the Hollywood. We also talk about the experience of meeting our hero Margaret Cho and how Korean women are leading the charge in waking up the rest of our society.

Duration: 01:25:04

You Got Chink'D!

As we see the resurgence of "Yellow Peril", we explore what it means to reclaim racial slurs like chink, gook and derivations of ching chong bing bong. We also talk about the state of racial tension between Korean and Black Americans 25 years after the LA Riots and what kinds of penises just plain gross us out.

Duration: 01:37:28

Bitch, Read!

Being ajumma ass bitches, we both do stand up and both scold the audience to be better read, AIGO! We also tackle depression, anxiety and PTSD that comes along with being wired for comedy and not knowing when enough is, enough. We also start Part 1 of our 2 part exploration of the LA RIOTS and its lasting impact on Korean America, 25 years later.

Duration: 01:48:51

Home Despot

If we must live under tyranny, is it better to be subjugated by white hegemony or Kim Jong Un? This episode explores the fragile state of Esther Ku's mental health and take a deep dive into the Pew Research Center's data on how Korean Americans stack up against other Asians and the general population in inter-marriage, wealth, education and assimilation.

Duration: 01:41:07

United We Fall

We drag United Airlines and the Chicago Police Department just like they dragged an innocent bloodied man off a flight he paid for. Is violence against Asian Americans becoming the norm? We also celebrate the beauty of bidets, voice actor Cho SungWon (ProZD), hopeful congressman Robert Lee Ahn and the art of Kim Mi Kyung.

Duration: 01:29:31

The Pepsi Revolution

Give the world a Coke, but give a cop a Pepsi - what does it mean to be a millennial activist? Hot takes on Kendall Jenner as the face of White Feminism, how to raise a woke man, the state of both Koreas, and by the way, are we psychic? We also honor the contributions of #KickAssKoreans - Phil Y (Angry Asian Man), and the beautiful and vivacious anchor of Windy City Live - Ji Suk Yi.

Duration: 01:14:40

Hatin' Ass Realness

Haters gonna hate, and we love calling they asses out. This week, we explore the double edged sword of internet trolls, how to approach realness with your friends, reading vs cunty-ness in the Chicago comedy scene, racial plurality and celebrate the rare clowny foolishness of Bobby Lee.

Duration: 01:15:51

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