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The College Football Podcast, brings you expert (but accessible) opinions and a fan-oriented perspective. Because how many good CFB podcasts are out there, really?

The College Football Podcast, brings you expert (but accessible) opinions and a fan-oriented perspective. Because how many good CFB podcasts are out there, really?
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The College Football Podcast, brings you expert (but accessible) opinions and a fan-oriented perspective. Because how many good CFB podcasts are out there, really?






Week 12 Preview | It's Rough

Well, Week 12 is on tap and it's not the best. Still plenty to talk about though -- some of it even football-related -- so let's preview, shall we?

Duration: 01:03:18

Week 11 Recap | Even Madder Monkfish

Canada and Lucas recap a Week 11 slate that broke the playoff picture open a bit. Also, let Canada know why it took this woman three months to text him.

Duration: 01:09:20

Week 11 Preview | Offense Wins Games?

Sneaky big slate of games this week. Notre Dame-Miami and Georgia-Auburn tussle for playoff position, while Michigan State-Ohio State hash out the Big 10 East, Iowa-Wisconsin looks to entirely end the B1G's playoff hopes, and a pair of Big 12 matchups attempt to clarify the conference picture. Let's preview, shall we?

Duration: 00:31:55

Week 10 Recap | Mad Monkfish

The boys recap Week 10's biggest games, including big hits to the playoff probabilities of the Big 10. And Mad Monkfish talk, naturally.

Duration: 00:36:29

Week 10 Preview | And Rankings!

After a few weeks of waiting, there's finally a slew of impressive-seeming games on tap in Week 10, led by Bedlam and Va Tech-Miami. We preview all those and more, and break down the committee's first rankings.

Duration: 01:12:26

Week 9 Recap | Soju Time

Week 9's done, and so is Jim McElwain's status as a professional coach. The boys break down a rather momentous weekend -- Iowa State! -- and offer some cautionary soju wisdom.

Duration: 00:49:35

Week 9 Preview | Sliding Into DM's

Does Iowa State have what it takes to topple TCU? Will we finally learn something concrete about NC State or Notre Dame? Should you really slide into that Instagram person's DMs? We've got answers.

Duration: 00:51:10

Week 8 Recap | The Night-of Rule

There were two prominent games Saturday, and they were both wildly disappointing. So listen to the boys break down the action while also getting a dose of dating advice from noted romance expert Canada during our Week 8 recap. It's much better this way.

Duration: 00:43:14

Week 8 Preview | Prime Minister Patrick Bateman

Hi, folks. You want to talk about Week 8, in particular the big dogs of USC-Notre Dame and Michigan-Penn State? How about handsome world leaders? You've come to the right place. To the Week 8 preview!

Duration: 00:47:22

Week 7 Recap | The Bar Children

Another week, another round of upsets. Like, a lot of them. All of them. CA and Lucas unpack Week 7 action and break down how it affects the playoff picture. Also, what's up with children in bars?

Duration: 00:44:20

Week 7 Preview | Whoop Juice

Week 7 arrives and it's bringing with it the Red River Shootout. And a K-State upset of TCU (apparently). And a recipe for Whoop Juice (acquired taste). And insights about Canada (the country) that are nigh on unbelievable. So let's get to it.

Duration: 01:00:56

Week 6 Recap | Too Old to Be a Duckling

The upsets finally came! Michigan, Oklahoma, Louisville all fell. So what's it mean for those three? How about the 1-loss teams that won? The boys tackle the Week 6 recap to make sense of it all. And to talk about Casper mattresses, obviously. As you do. . . .

Duration: 00:57:29

Week 6 Preview | Boiling a Frog

Tackling a Week 6 slate that looks a bit thin on the surface, but could just percolating with potential upsets. (It's not though.) At least you can learn what "boiling a frog" means, idiomatically.

Duration: 00:37:22

Week 5 Recap | Bad Day for Collarbones

Saturday was an, ahem, bad day for collarbones. But Week 5 was good for sending a message if you're Clemson or Alabama or Washington State or Georgia. Less so if you're Tennessee. The boys recap the week that was.

Duration: 00:40:37

Week 5 Preview | Rogue Agents

When the FBI gets involved with college sports, we've gotta dabble in hoops for a bit. But don't worry, we get to previewing a somewhat middling Week 5 slate -- it's still college football though. Hell of a Friday night game, too.

Duration: 00:26:35

Week 4 Recap | Catbird Seat

Upsets and narrow escapes abounded during Week 4. (Good job, Florida State and Oregon.) So who finds themselves in the catbird seat? What's a catbird seat? We've got answers.

Duration: 00:22:12

Week 4 Preview | Football & Meta Outerwear

What's the best game of Week 4? Could Colorado pull the upset of Washington in Boulder? How will Miami and Florida State look after three weeks off? What's the preferred color of bomber jacket in San Francisco? Standard questions, and we've got all the answers in the Week 4 preview.

Duration: 00:49:10

2017 Week 3 Recap | Mississippi State?!

Unattractive as it may have looked ahead of time, the Week 3 slate yielded some rather telling results, from Stanford's loss to USC's close win to LSU's ... whatever that was. Let's recap.

Duration: 01:06:01

2017 Week 3 Preview | Hey Darnold!

CA and Luke preview a Week 3 slate that's seriously lacking in premier match-ups. Could USC possibly do what Maryland did before them? Only time (and we) can tell.

Duration: 00:44:50

2017 Week 2 Recap | Last Chance Texaco Already?

Did Oklahoma just pick up the best win of the season? (Yes.) Did Stanford blow their playoff shot? (Probably.) Week 2 is in the books and we have instant (over)reactions.

Duration: 00:46:54

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