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A weekly Podcast dedicated to the culture of pro-wrestling. A fan of old school wrestling? The current WWE and TNA product? Maybe the Indies? Well, we have some good new for you folks - you have arrived at your destination. We discuss every and anything wrestling.






THT / Yakuza Kick - GCW's Nick Gage Invitational 2

This week we reviewed GCW's Nick Gage invitational in detail! Check it out.

Duration: 02:06:31

THT Podcast Ep. 179 - 4 Hookers & 40 Cats / Stevie Ray The Shooter

THT Podcast - 4 Hookers & 40 Cats To Feed / Stevie Ray The Shooter Battle Of The Rain Men Season 2 : Episode 2 Stevie Ray vs. Don Tony. Stevie Ray wanted to blow Vader’s head off Roman Reigns vs. John Cena at it again. GFW Network for 5.99! Kevin Owens vs. Vince McMahon Ziggler taking shots at The Ultimate Warrior? The Rock being a huge fan of Jinder & The Singh Brothers. Jinder Mahal claims he has creative control over his character. Teddy Hart on Kayfabe Commentaries Braun vs....

Duration: 02:40:22

THT / Yakuza Kick - CZW's Down With The Sickness / Gacy The Clown

CZW's Down With The Sickness NGI Predictions Joey Janela The Troll Joe Gacy The Clown H2O The Hoss Tournament JAPW October show Sammi Callihan on the HIAC Podcast. Tremont leaving On Point Wrestling. Tremont the new "owner" of CZW. The Young Bucks vs. The WWE. Jay Cat vs. The Lloyd Nation

Duration: 02:17:18

THT Podcast - Blame It On Joey / A Legendary Episode

This week we had one of our favorite episodes which included the following topics:JBL Leaving SmackdownAnthem already wants to drop Global Force WrestlingJoey Janela wants Shaheen to love Dick SpotsRoman Reigns vs. John Cena dissected : Part 2Cease & desist sent out to the Youngbucks from the WWE.Dave Metlzer shits on TNA/GFW in front of Trevor Lee (GFW talent).Jim Cornnette buries CZW / talks Onita in the states.Ric Flair is ALIVE MUTHAFUCKA!Undertaker vs. John Cena at Wrestlemania?Season...

Duration: 02:46:52

THT/Yakuza Kick - Who's Callian?

Pepporoni Tony (Sick Nick Mondo) & His Future In Wrestling Including His Face-To-Face With DJ Hyde.Sexy Star injures Rosemary at AAA Triplemania.Wrestlers Eating Whip Cream Out Of Each Others Asses.The Elbow Drop From Hell...That Missed.Matt Tremont being the last participant in the NGI.GCW Presents: Danny Havoc's "Death Trip" Review.CZW Officials Still Can't Spell.Kevin Matthews & Brian Myers vs. Shaheen & Basic GrammarJoey Janela Being In PWG's Battle Of Los Angeles.

Duration: 01:48:42

SummerSlam Review

We go over...NXT Takeover: BrooklynSummerslamRAW & SmackDownNewsAnd tons moreCheck us out on:Wrestling SoupMixlrStitcherTuneinFacebookTwitteriTunes

Duration: 03:21:00

THT / Yakuza Kick - Extreme Is Rising....Again?

Devon Moore enters rehab.John Wayne Murdoch & Reed Bentley leave IWA Mid-South.Matt Tremont teases departure from a compnay.Naito winning the G-1 Climax against Omega.Success of GCW due to creative freedomPete Dunne Injury at Tier 1 & David Starr ariring Darius outAdam Cole officially signs with NXT.Bob Sapp faces Onita in an explosion match?International Talent flying in for GCW’s “NGI 2”.MLW is back for one shot: MVP, Callihan, Strickland vs. RicochetShibata’s surprise appearance at the...

Duration: 01:44:03

THT Podcast - Summerslam 2017 Preview / Care For Flair

Delusional Del Rio stripped from the GFW title.WWE Summerslam predictions!The Rock covers up his tattoo & the wrestling fans are pissed!John Morrison set to debut GFWAdam Cole officially signs with NXT!Ric Fair’s health scare & his current condition.Braun Stroman claims that Roman Reigns is the best in the world!WWE’s future TV deals / Netflix & Facebook not being interested in the company.The Bullet Club tease a CM Punk return.Del Rio claims he’s a bigger star than his uncle Mil...

Duration: 02:16:00

THT / Yakuza Kick - DJ Hyde Talks Wrezzling / The KKK Unmasked

Jay & Shaheen try out a new segment where they give each other 2 wrestlers to choose from when it comes to overall success.We also talked about the new Joe Gacy angle in CZW where he is "fired" on his birthday.MASADA wants Matt Riddle!Which indy promotion is putting out the best product on a monthly basis?Are Nick Gage & Teddy Hart solely GCW talent?Joey Janela on The Sam Roberts Podcast talking about killing the business.Gabe Sapolsky getting a WWE creative try-out.We also discussed the...

Duration: 01:58:17

THT - Everybody Hates Enzo / Mick Foley Takes The Dick Bump

Bayley’s injury & her replacement for Summerslam.Top 10 Shoot fights/moments in Wrestling Roundtable.Top 10 Wrestlers in the WWE who have the potential to be in the main events.Enzo Amore’s massive backstage heat & his future.WWE production guy’s obsession with googling hands during RAW.Johnny Mundo’s issues with Vampiro & AAA.Global Force drawing 200 people in NY; while CZW drew 1000 the same night in NJ.Mick Foley taking Joey Ryan’s dick bump.Vince McMahon is not happy with...

Duration: 02:58:24

THT/Yakuza Kick - CZW's "Once In A Lifetime"/I Be Dare

Jay & Shaheen review CZW's "Once In A Lifetime" which was headlined by FMW's Atsushi Onita vs. CZW's Matt Tremont

Duration: 01:48:00

THT - The Season Finale Of "The Battle Of The Rain Men"

We discussed John Cena the professional!Cena vs. Nakamura.Cody Rhodes doing deathmatches?!Devon Moore stealing Joey Janela’s wallet.Matt Tremont’s health condition & Tremont vs. Onita.Chris Jericho flipping out on a fan for stepping on his “block”.Enzo Amore having heat backstage for being Enzo 24 hours a day.Corey Graves hatred for Enzo.Rumored Summerslam card.Adam Cole & Donovan Dijak coming to NXT!Who should be sent back to NXT?Another RAW/Smack down roster shake up?Doug vs. Anthony in...

Duration: 02:54:35

THT/Yakuza Kick - GCW's "Art Of War" Review /CZW's "Once In A Lifetime" Preview

We had a jam-packed show this week as we discussed a ton of breaking news including:Devon Moore being the thief of the locker room & stealing Joey Janela’s wallet.GCW’s “Art Of War” in depth review with Jeremy.Dan Maff & PWS Wrestlers working with Global Force Wrestling.Matt Tremont’s condition, and what’s next for him moving forward?CZW’s “Once In A Lifetime” Preview.Brandon Kirks “Shooter” gimmick on the indies, and his beef with Grim’s Toy Show.Old School CZW & Today’s GCW…Which was...

Duration: 03:18:00

THT - WWE Hates Philadelphia / The Rain Men Reunite

We discussed the following:Our top 10 Tag-Teams from the WCW (1990-2000).We had the battle of the Rain Men (Doug vs. Anthony) in a trivia game.Global Force Wrestling’s new contracts.New Jack getting weird all over the Northeast.The return of Chris Jericho to Smackdown.The ending to Kevin Owens vs. AJ Styles. Was it a botch or a last minute change?WWE having some major balls for having such a bad PPV in Philadelphia.Battleground 2017 discussion/ The return of the Great Khali.John Cena vs....

Duration: 02:56:04

THT/Yakuza Kick - Indy Wrestler or Begger?

This week Shaheen & Jay Cat went over the following:They previewed GCW's "Art of War"The WWE signing Donovan DijakHybrid Wrestling's "Summer Nights/Summer Fights" PreviewThey also discussed ROH traveling to the UK to do their next PPV.Potential participants for The Nick Gage Invitational 2.Matt Tremont vs. Atsushi Onita/Once In A LifetimeCZW streaming their iPPV's on The Highspots Network & NOT CZW Studios.PWG Bola Night 1 & Night 2 Line-up!Kenny Omega being the absolute best in the...

Duration: 01:08:13

Fill in the Blank Doug & Random Anthony

We discussed the possibility of Brock lesnar going back to the UFC. Bray Wyatt vs Finn Balor. 4-way at Summerslam? Paige being charged with assault. Kurt Angles disappointing surprise. WWE Battleground predictions. Our top 10 cage matches of all time. Doug vs. Anthony in the battle of the rain men trivia game & more!Check us out on:Wrestling SoupMixlrStitcherTuneinFacebookTwitteriTunesYou Tube

Duration: 02:30:54


We had the cookie guy on to talk the future & past of CZW. Favorite Ian Rotten Stories. The future of Austin Aries in Indy Wrestling. Which WWE guys should test the waters in the indies? Which Indy star should go to the WWE next? Will the Lucha Brothers end up in the WWE? Opponent for G-Raver at On Point? Thoughts on Marquez buying into CZW & The future of CZW with Cookie Guy Steve Oldest Wrestlers we’ve seen perform on the indies. What to expect from Hybrid Wrestling.

Duration: 01:45:49

Cum Bubbles For Everyone/Great Balls of Fire Review

WWE’s Great Balls of Fire review. We also have a round table discussion about the top 10 best Summerslams! Del Rio & Paige allegedly go at it again & our thoughts on the poisonous relationship. TNA suspending Del Rio due to the domestic battery case. Paige’s sister & brother reach out to the fans. Corbin loves da kidz when he’s a heel. Becky Lynch & Cyborg take shots at each other. Lio Rush signed to NXT & his last CZW appearance. JR absolutely botching the New Japan commentary & blaming...

Duration: 03:28:57

CZW’s Evilution / Chris Candido…Whatever Happened To Him?

Jay Cat & Shaheen went over CZW’s Evilution. Discussed Topanga marking out over PWG. Lio Rush heading to NXT. The future of CZW? CZW leaving the Skate Zone in New Jersey & a ton more!

Duration: 01:19:24

Confederate Doug / All Eyes on Enzo Amore

This week on an action packed THT...The Best & The Worst Wrestlers of 2000-2010! Alberto Del Rio taking over LAX. TNA is now Global Force Wrestling (As if that was ever a thing). WWE’s Great Balls of Fire Preview Reby Sky calls out Lita on hoe on Twitter. Samoa Joe vs. Brock Lesnar build up. Roman Reigns & Braun Stroman build up. Where is Enzo “2Pac” Amore headed from here? NJPW G-1 Special Recap. Sunny’s taking involuntary bumps & ended up in the ER…again. Paige hiding her identity behind...

Duration: 02:35:10

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