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A weekly Podcast dedicated to the culture of pro-wrestling. A fan of old school wrestling? The current WWE and TNA product? Maybe the Indies? Well, we have some good new for you folks - you have arrived at your destination. We discuss every and anything wrestling.

A weekly Podcast dedicated to the culture of pro-wrestling. A fan of old school wrestling? The current WWE and TNA product? Maybe the Indies? Well, we have some good new for you folks - you have arrived at your destination. We discuss every and anything wrestling.
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Dallas, TX


A weekly Podcast dedicated to the culture of pro-wrestling. A fan of old school wrestling? The current WWE and TNA product? Maybe the Indies? Well, we have some good new for you folks - you have arrived at your destination. We discuss every and anything wrestling.






THT Podcast - Stockade / The Floor Smells Like Bleach

This week we returned and discussed the following: The Bullet Club making a bet with Dave Meltzer to sell out a 10,000 seat show on their own. Jim Johnson’s release from the WWE after 30 years. Daniel Bryan’s future with the WWE Jason Jordan’s future heel turn. Woken Matt Hardy vs. Dead Bray Wyatt AXS airing 3 hour NJPW wrestle kingdom 12 special january 6th Stubhub WWE 25th anniversary show 1500 cheapest tickets 25th Anniversary of Raw from The Manhattan Center. Lio Rush possibly...

Duration: 02:39:37

THT Podcast - Holy Mist

Boxman & Shaheen return and talk some nonsense, as well as some wrestling including: Sexy Starr losing it again, and going full shoot-mode David Starr gets offended again... Vince says Finn Balor isn't OVER? WWE Starrcade 2017. The Hardy's winning their universe back. Jennifer Hudson gets holy & loses custody of her children. Tamina Snuka views herself as a legendary figure.

Duration: 01:46:29

THT Podcast Ep. 187 - Homicide / Paige Burps It Up

THT Podcast - Homicide / Paige Burps It Up This week for our 187th episode we decided to bring back none other than the notorious 187 Homicide. We talked about his training academy (GCW’s Compound) Working With Nick Gage His current state with Impact Wrestling & LAX Using The Skewers in Impact Wrestling. His relationship with JAPW. Hip-Hop discussion, and much more! Austin Aries gets emotional at House Of Hardcore. Paige returns and gags on the microphone. Surviver Series...

Duration: 02:58:07

SHLAK John Draper and Survivor Series Predictions

This week, we had SHLAK and special guest John Draper. Then Boxman and Shaheen give their Survivor series predictions.

Duration: 02:19:45

THT Podcast - Nick Gage & Joey Numbas

This week we had Joey Numbas from Wrestling Soup join us to interview Nick Gage & talk a ton of other topics! Check it out!

Duration: 02:52:06

THT Podcast - DJ Hyde Takes The Hot Seat

We had DJ Hyde on this week, and he took the hot seat where he "attempted" to answer all the questions that were ignored / deleted by CZW & Much, much more!

Duration: 04:07:34

THT Podcast - Dale Patricks / Sunny Is Chris Hero

Cody Rhodes vs. Roman Reigns part 2. Jeff Jarett parts ways with Anthem/TNA/Impact. Jeff Jarett’s demons resurfacing. Kane squashes Finn Balor… Kurt Angles return to the ring. AJ Styles vs. Finn Balor. CZW’s Facebook page vs. Shaheen Smackdown invades RAW! Rumored Survivor Series card. AJ & Finn Doing The 2 Sweet Hand Gesture. Chris Jericho vs. Kenny Omega Roman Reigns & Bray Wyatt being quarantined. TLC 2017 Review! Jimmy Jacobs takes his shots at the WWE. The Bullet Club...

Duration: 03:31:46

THT / Yakuza Kick - Throw 'Em In The Wood chipper / Sea-WELL NJ

Ron Jeremy falls asleep at PWG. Masada's relationship with Sammi Callihan Joe Gacy's NWO JAPW's Uprising & JAP's future. The end of IWA Mid-Sout Jimmy Jacob's coming to CZW Teddy Hart "going away" & Who's gonna fill up his spot? Reviewed CZW's Wolf Of Wrestling. Did predictions for Hybrid's Nightmare on 9th street, GCW & Beyond Double Header Lucha Underground & More!

Duration: 01:37:50

THT Podcast - The Hooligans / Reby Sky Has A Razor Under Her Tongue

This week we had the Hooligans on, and we reviewed WWE TLC 2017! Cody Rhodes vs. Roman Reigns on Twitter Wars. Sami Zayn being a great heel. More on Jimmy Jacobs & Neville. Jim Cornette vs. Santino Part 2. Reby Sky gets ratchet again. WWE vs. The Indies again, and this time it's Will Ospreay. TNA Is putting out a PIZZA. Nia Jax walking out on the WWE. The Shield, and their future. Kane's unfortunate return.

Duration: 02:17:54

The Rainmen of Wrestling Episode 1

Doug & Anthony discuss a little bit of everything that covers the year of 1989 including: Dino Bravo, Ultimate Warrior, Randy Savage, Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, The Von Erichs, Bruiser Brody & His Murder, The Rockers, They covered everything in AWA, WCCW, NWA & The WWF in 1989.

Duration: 03:59:05

THT Podcast - Ricky O / Santino vs. Jim Cornette

This week we had Ricky O (Former GCW & JCW owner) on and discussed his career in Wrestling including the following: Early J-Cups. Thoughts on CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, Low-ki, Super Dragon, Wreckless Youth, Don Montoya. Thoughts on Kyle The Beast’s gimmick. Joey Janela not giving Danny Demanto enough credit? Gino Moore vs. ECW & Paul Heyman, Dennis Coraluzzo stories. His thoughts on John Zandig & CZW, Chris Candido stories. Balls Mahooney & Bam Bam Bigelow. Thoughts on Eric Tapout. Working...

Duration: 04:16:52

THT / Yakuza Kick - Klu Klax Kevin / Tremont Visits Japan

This week Jay & Shaheen returned, and discussed the following topics: Matt Tremont's FMW/Japan run. DJ Hyde in Japan...again. On Point Wrestling's future & Masters of The Mat. Darby Alin making his GCW debut. Klu Klux Kevin from Deep South. Jack Evans pulling out of Hybrid & GCW. House of Glory has a big announcement..what could it be? The future of Jersey All Pro Wrestling & JAP WorldWide TV. Then we both recapped both of our individual interviews with Monsta Mack & Masada, and...

Duration: 01:18:12

THT Podcast - Monsta Mack Of Da Hit Squad / Top 20 Most Overrated Wrestlers

This week we had Monsta Mack on the show (1/2 of Da Hit Squad) and we discussed: His early years in JAPW with Lowki, Homicide & Dan Maff. Was ROH influenced by JAPW? Fat Frank vs. Zandig. Why JAP didn’t stay in Philly. Working with Gino Moore & NWS. The Masked Maniac & USA Pro. What happened to all of the JAPW footage? His thoughts on ECW talent invading the indies. Reckless Youth and his indy run. Early ROH days, and his separation with Mafia. Would he ever do a...

Duration: 04:07:16

THT / Yakuza Kick - Tapout Won't Tapout

We're back and this week we discussed: JAPW UPRISING card. PWS returns to Meteuchen New Jersey / Delusional Eric Simms. GCW brings in the Hooligans, and CZW follows. Masada calls out Sabu & Joey Janela. Beyond Wrestling & GCW Double Header. AR Fox vs. Shane Strickland (Deathmatch in Lucha Underground) H8 Club vs. Da Hit Squad is finally happening. Gay Wrestling moment of the week. Jimmy Havoc vs. Abyss / Deathmatches being trendy after GCW. Tremont leaving On Point...

Duration: 01:30:29

THT Podcast: Nate Hatred / WWE No Mercy / 205 Live Kills Enzo

This week on The Hot Tag Podcast Shaheen & Boxman interviewed Nate Hatred & Mike Hamilton from Hybrid Wrestling. We talked to Nate Hatred about his training with Glenn Osbourne, relationship with Nick Gage, DJ's CZW vs. Zandig's, His issues in the past, His thoughts on current wrestling & kayfabe, thoughts on dick spots, working in PWU, JAPW & Fat Frank, return to GCW & Hybrid Wrestling and plenty more. We also had a roundtable discussion about our top 50 scumbags in Wrestling, and...

Duration: 03:29:02

THT Podcast - R.I.P. Bobby Heenan / You're Taking My Material

No Mercy Predictions The return of a house show. Wrestlemania in China? The end of Global Force...Again. Paige making her WWE return? Braun Strowman flipping off Roman Reigns. The passing of Bobby The Brain Heenan. The return of Dustin Rhodes. Jim Cornnette leaves GFW. Wrestling fans stalking Wrestlers at airports, and hotels. Daniel Bryan footage being banned from Total Divas. Vince McMahon's Smackdown blade job! As well as an in depth roundtable on the...

Duration: 03:30:49

THT / Yakuza Kick - GCW's Nick Gage Invitational 2

This week we reviewed GCW's Nick Gage invitational in detail! Check it out.

Duration: 02:06:31

THT Podcast Ep. 179 - 4 Hookers & 40 Cats / Stevie Ray The Shooter

THT Podcast - 4 Hookers & 40 Cats To Feed / Stevie Ray The Shooter Battle Of The Rain Men Season 2 : Episode 2 Stevie Ray vs. Don Tony. Stevie Ray wanted to blow Vader’s head off Roman Reigns vs. John Cena at it again. GFW Network for 5.99! Kevin Owens vs. Vince McMahon Ziggler taking shots at The Ultimate Warrior? The Rock being a huge fan of Jinder & The Singh Brothers. Jinder Mahal claims he has creative control over his character. Teddy Hart on Kayfabe Commentaries Braun vs....

Duration: 02:40:22

THT / Yakuza Kick - CZW's Down With The Sickness / Gacy The Clown

CZW's Down With The Sickness NGI Predictions Joey Janela The Troll Joe Gacy The Clown H2O The Hoss Tournament JAPW October show Sammi Callihan on the HIAC Podcast. Tremont leaving On Point Wrestling. Tremont the new "owner" of CZW. The Young Bucks vs. The WWE. Jay Cat vs. The Lloyd Nation

Duration: 02:17:18

THT Podcast - Blame It On Joey / A Legendary Episode

This week we had one of our favorite episodes which included the following topics:JBL Leaving SmackdownAnthem already wants to drop Global Force WrestlingJoey Janela wants Shaheen to love Dick SpotsRoman Reigns vs. John Cena dissected : Part 2Cease & desist sent out to the Youngbucks from the WWE.Dave Metlzer shits on TNA/GFW in front of Trevor Lee (GFW talent).Jim Cornnette buries CZW / talks Onita in the states.Ric Flair is ALIVE MUTHAFUCKA!Undertaker vs. John Cena at Wrestlemania?Season...

Duration: 02:46:52

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