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011: Cul2vate Nutrition and a Brighter Future

Food is all about nourishment. Outside the Ellington Agriculture Center in Middle Tennessee, a farm is doing its best to both nourish the hungry and sustain those with unique employment needs. Joey Lankford began his agriculture ministry in South Africa following the call in Matthew 25:35 to feed the hungry. After five years, Lankford returned to Middle Tennessee to serve his neighbors here. Cul2vate serves the mission of engaging poverty by delivering nutrition to the hungry and providing...


010: Gingham Dresses in a Levis' World

Summer means ice cream. For Colleen Cruze Bhatti, that ice cream is slow-churned and freshly milked from her family's Knoxville dairy farm. While Cruze Farm and Colleen have become known for their delicious ice cream and buttermilk, Colleen has scooped up some serious empowerment for women pursuing careers in agriculture. We sat down this farm girl to find out her personal journey in farming. She dished a bit about Cruze Farm's pop-up ice cream shop in downtown Knoxville as well. Summer...


009: The Town With Zero Trash

A Tennessee city is reducing the waste going into local landfills, and in the process, creating an agricultural product. UT’s Institute of Agriculture works with Lebanon’s Gasification plant to convert waste into energy and a substance known as “biochar.” Charles Denney tells us how this product can be used.


005: Winter: Perfect for Gardening

It may be chilly outside, but it is also the perfect time to grow leafy greens, hardy shrubs, and other plants. Learn from UT Gardens Director, Sue Hamilton, how winter can be a rewarding time to garden. Learn tips and tricks to ensure your cold weather horticulture stays green.


004: Agriculture Education for a Modern Career

Sometimes it helps to learn from someone who has been there before you. Neogen COO and University of Tennessee alumnus Rick Calk majored in Food Science and Technology and went on to have a successful business career within the realm of agriculture. Learn what skills every graduate needs, as well as the extreme breadth of opportunity for a career in the modern agriculture industry.


002: International Agriculture Podcast

One trip to the grocery store is a virtual tour of the world! We caught up with the USDA's director of NIFA Center for International Programs to ask him about global agriculture as well as UT Institute of Agriculture's Tom Gill to find out about Tennesseans making a difference around the world.