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Episode 29: TAI: Catholic Pilgrimage For Families with Judy Yirsa

Megan and Judy catch listeners up on the latest with Judy's baby life. They baby has arrived (see photo below)! The girls move on to a crazy article on cruise passengers staging a mutiny over not being allowed to dock in a port with confirmed cases of the PLAGUE (news article below). Fun Disney trivia to introduce future guest Dr. Jeff Barnes otherwise known as Dr. Disneyland. Then Judy talks about her carefully planned Catholic pilgrimage. We learn more about the route, the importance of...

Duration: 00:31:34

Episode 28: TAI: The World Is Open and All Things Shari Kavalin

Shari's husband is a lucky man but so are her clients! She is in a committed relationship with them too! Shari's insight on visiting hurricane damaged destinations is refreshing. She also talks visiting Mexico and reminds us that in so many ways travel is a catalyst for good. The Caribbean is where Shari loves to play but research is her specialty. Her clients enjoy well planned, top of the line, custom trips. Side Note: Shari is a cat lover and you might just hear her attack cat in the...

Duration: 00:29:40

Episode 27: Devon, U.K. Jurassic Coast on a Family Travel Log Special Edition

Megan is joined by the family for a fun run down on their quick trip to Dawlish and Lyme Regis. The episode includes, beaches, seashells, commute, a side trip to Castle Combe, and actually finding fossils! Special Guest: Joseph Chapa.

Duration: 00:24:08

Episode 26: TAI: Jamaica for Every Vacation with Irene Sauger - Mon!

Irene talks Mobile Passport as this weeks tech minute. A "must have" additional to anyones travel apps. It's like a fast pass for customs! Get it! Megan and Irene talk about Irene's journey to becoming a travel professional. It put her on the path to LOVING Jamaica and getting certified as a an exert by the Jamaican Board of Tourism. Irene knows Jamaica beyond the All-Inclusives and has a few wild stories about off the beaten places that you need to visit! Don't stop listening before Irene...

Duration: 00:26:03

Episode 25: TAI: Costa Rica with Marshall O'Hearn!

In this Ecotourism, Costa Rica audio adventure Marshall starts things off talking about a bug repellent product easy to use for kids and easy to find on-line (link to Amazon below). Then Megan and Marshall talk about how his love for Costa Rica began during a semester exchange program. During Marshall's time there he put his foot on every part of the country he could scramble to. He also took advantage of the language immersion opportunity to perfect his Spanish skills. Now he travels...

Duration: 00:23:15

Episode 24: TAI: Dubai, India and the Exotics with Margie Jordan

India, Dubai and Africa - OH MY! This is an episode for the daring adventurer! Margie starts us on her journey to finding her beloved profession as a travel planner. Then she starts us in Dubai and ends us in India. Your bucket list for travel is about to get two destinations deeper. Margie's thoughtfulness and reasoning behind how she tailors her trips really speaks to her own motto of finding the "heartbeat of a destination". Margie talks street food and boiled milk on a 90 degree day....

Duration: 00:26:45

Episode 22: TAI: Oxford University Museum of Natural History & Pitt River Museum for Kids

Oxford is known for educating the worlds best and brightest (don't hate Ivy League, I read it in a report..) and everything tediously preserved by historians. Though this is true, you can still keep your littles busy here! Today's episode features a nice half day to the Oxford University's Museum of Natural History and the Pitt River's Museum. If you love a New England fall - you will love Oxford Fall. Autumn man, get out your beard oil and pumpkin spice latte, this is your Mecca. Megan...

Duration: 00:21:38

Episode 21: TAI: Amazon River Cruise Updates and How You Can Become a Travel Professional

Matthew Wahlgren returns to talk about the Amazon River Cruise, a new video recording with the tour provider that is available and cabin inventory. The tech minute features Matt's partner's blog that chronicles their culinary adventures traveling. If you haven't listened to episode one you need to! The sparrow - THE SPARROW! Make sure to check out Jason's entry on this mystery bird too. Matt talks about his new role helping travel lovers decide if a career in the travel...

Duration: 00:22:12

Episode 20: TAI: This Week Kelley Pearson Talks Her Favorite All-Inclusives!

Good news - prior to this episode airing all if the "Wish List" items Kelley's adopted hurricane family's need have been met. The community has really rallied and done amazing things. Thank you from all of us! This week we swap the gadget minute to talk about ways to effectives help hurricane victims based on Kelley's first hand experience. The plan was to post wish lists from several families in need but the lists have been satisfied. Kelley will update us when she has another family set...

Duration: 00:25:24

Episode 19: TAI: Hawaii with Guest Michelle Tatum

Let's talk about what to do with that wet suit when you swim until take off! Stash it in a wet bag. Links in the show notes. Michelle talks about her desire to make a client's family time and vacation dollars go far and be well invested. We hear about Michelle's quick think to aid stranded clients during the hurricane. Steam guns, killing germs, food trucks and a surprise question on partially digested food round out the show. Its a fun one! Pack your suite and get to Hawaii! Special...

Duration: 00:21:50

Episode 18: Diverted: Live From Royal Caribbean Oasis of The Seas with Valerie Gossett

Megan has the privilege to speak with Valerie Gossett for a coincidental second week in a row while she is on board the Oasis of the Seas, a Royal Caribbean International ship. Valerie is calling it the cruise that never ends! RCI is really showing their class in passenger treatment for those on board, those with canceled cruises and the islands that host their ships. This is Valerie's third time on a cruise in 10 years while there was a hurricane in the Caribbean. She is not afraid to...

Duration: 00:20:51

Episode 17: TAI: Large Group Travel with Valerie Gossett

Back to the shows regular format! This weeks guest is large group specialist Valerie Gossett. Don't want to deal with the family? Can't handle hearing about the kennel fees for Aunt Myrtle's cats? Turn your woes to Valerie. She loves the fury friends and Aunt Myrtle too! Valerie tells a great tale showcasing the power of a travel agents connection to the industry and a Mary Kay photo finish to keep a passenger from missing the boat! Special Guest: Valerie Gossett.

Duration: 00:20:14

Episode 16: Part 4 Queen Mary 2 - Final Thoughts and Disembarkation

This is the last episode of the Queen Mary 2 mini series on sailing successfully with children in tow. Megan and Joe talk about favorite travel activity books for kids by Kumon. The Chapa family talks about family favorites, a secret elevator and fun traditions to bring along. This episode concludes with disembarkation process. Cuteness alert, there is commentary from a 5 year old little girl who is clearly part of the "Finer Things" club. #shelikesteaandfancydresses Special Guest: Joseph...

Duration: 00:27:06