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Episode 19: TAI: Hawaii with Guest Michelle Tatum

Let's talk about what to do with that wet suit when you swim until take off! Stash it in a wet bag. Links in the show notes. Michelle talks about her desire to make a client's family time and vacation dollars go far and be well invested. We hear about Michelle's quick think to aid stranded clients during the hurricane. Steam guns, killing germs, food trucks and a surprise question on partially digested food round out the show. Its a fun one! Pack your suite and get to Hawaii! Special Guest:...

Duration: 00:21:50

Episode 18: Diverted: Live From Royal Caribbean Oasis of The Seas with Valerie Gossett

Megan has the privilege to speak with Valerie Gossett for a coincidental second week in a row while she is on board the Oasis of the Seas, a Royal Caribbean International ship. Valerie is calling it the cruise that never ends! RCI is really showing their class in passenger treatment for those on board, those with canceled cruises and the islands that host their ships. This is Valerie's third time on a cruise in 10 years while there was a hurricane in the Caribbean. She is not afraid to...

Duration: 00:20:51

Episode 17: TAI: Large Group Travel with Valerie Gossett

Back to the shows regular format! This weeks guest is large group specialist Valerie Gossett. Don't want to deal with the family? Can't handle hearing about the kennel fees for Aunt Myrtle's cats? Turn your woes to Valerie. She loves the fury friends and Aunt Myrtle too! Valerie tells a great tale showcasing the power of a travel agents connection to the industry and a Mary Kay photo finish to keep a passenger from missing the boat! Special Guest: Valerie Gossett.

Duration: 00:20:14

Episode 16: Part 4 Queen Mary 2 - Final Thoughts and Disembarkation

This is the last episode of the Queen Mary 2 mini series on sailing successfully with children in tow. Megan and Joe talk about favorite travel activity books for kids by Kumon. The Chapa family talks about family favorites, a secret elevator and fun traditions to bring along. This episode concludes with disembarkation process. Cuteness alert, there is commentary from a 5 year old little girl who is clearly part of the "Finer Things" club. #shelikesteaandfancydresses Special Guest: Joseph...

Duration: 00:27:06

Episode 15: TAI: Part Three of Queen Mary 2 Transatlantic, Dining Options

The tech minute takes a break and we discuss an amazing charity for combat wounded veterans, the Colorado Wounded Vet Run, and nationwide, . Shout out to Brianna and Hillary. Thanks for the feedback and for tuning in. We miss you guys! The bulk of the episode and what you've been waiting for - DINING options on the Queen Mary 2! There a many, we managed to cover most of them! Topics include, main dining, casual options, kids options, specialty dining,...

Duration: 00:30:36

Episode 14: TAI: Part Two of Queen Mary 2 Transatlantic, Attire and Entertainment

This is episode two of a four part series on a translatlantic crossing on this Queen Mary 2. The first episode featured embarkation from NYC and the children's programming. On this podcast Megan and Joe talk about the dress code and entertainment. Also in the show Megan thanks Bright Bear Technologies for solving her technology woes. They are a shining star in the blackness of the interwebs space cosmos! Additionally, Megan gives updates on many of the 2018 trips her guests are hosting and...

Duration: 00:27:03

Episode marylynklein: TAI: Highly Customized European Vacations with MaryLyn Klein

MaryLyn Klein and her husband started their married lives as traveling Gypsies in Europe. After a corporate career in the dot com industry ended she went back to her first love - TRAVEL! Now she plans extremely customized trips to Europe. Through her stories you will want to travel to Europe, cheer on US Soccer and dine in style. Special Guest: MaryLyn Klein.

Duration: 00:18:19

Episode 5: TAI: Religious Travel with Judy Yirsa

From a young age Judy's parents and grandparent's instilled a sense of awe and exploration of her faith through pilgrimage. Straight from her honeymoon (read first pilgrimage) Judy and her husband have been planning thoughtful and inspiring pilgrimages for her clients. If you are looking to deepen your faith or appreciation of holy sites this is the travel agent for you. Special Guest: Judith Romera Yirsa.

Duration: 00:18:43