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IT'S DALLAS WEEK!!!! Of course Rob Langi will talk the Birds big game in big D on this episode of The Madness. But there is another team worth some time in this city, and Rob welcomes two outstanding guests to the program * The Color Commentator of the 76ers from NBC Sports Philadelphia Alaa Abdelnaby joins the show to give his first hand views of the franchise as they look to reach new heights! *From 97.5 The Fanatic, basketball extraordinaire, Devon Givens will give his takes on some of...

Duration: 01:31:31

The Madness: Roy Halladay, Ryan Lawrence, Ron Sullivan, Eagles, Sixers

The Philadelphia Sports world lost another legend this week, and Rob Langi will discuss that and more on this weeks version of "The Madness"! Ryan Lawrence will join Rob to discuss the tragic passing of Roy Halladay and the impact he had on not only the Phillies and Blue Jays, but the baseball world as a wholeFrom Cornerpubsports.com, Ron Sullivan will talk all things Philly sportsRob will delve into the classless remarks from two sports radio hosts in Boston Join Rob this week and...

Duration: 01:26:10


As "The Madness" continues to grow, more opportunities to better the show come with it. In this weeks episode, your host Rob Langi launches a new way to hear all of the madness. Rob will be recording his podcasts in a LIVE RADIO STUDIO!! To start this new true podcast, Rob is here with a 45 minute podcast of just him and you! *Rob will dive into the 6-1 Birds and how impressive it has been *Is Malcolm Jenkins appreciated enough in this town? Rob gives him so HIGH praise * The injury bug...

Duration: 00:45:45

The Madness: Ryan Lawrence, Lee Nelson, Philly 4 Sports Talk!!

The Eagles are 4-1. The Sixers and Flyers are starting their season. And the Phils have a manager to find. Rob Langi will take you through all the news over 90 minutes Wednesday nights, with the help of a couple of guests as well. Ryan Lawrence from Phillyvoice.com will join the show to discuss the Phillies Managerial search as well as what to expect going forward with their futureEagles beat writer for 4th and Jawn will join Rob to discuss the great start for the Birds as well as what to...

Duration: 01:30:07

The Madness: All over the map! Smitty from Barstool!

This week will be one of the most "Mad" episodes of The Madness in its brief history. Rob will be all over the place, but it lends itself to be a ton of fun! * Rob will give his full breakdown of the incredible Eagles victory, both positively and negatively, including some major Doug P talk *In what is Rob's most anticipated interview to date, Philly's own Smitty from internet sensation Barstool will join the program. This interview will truly go all over the place. * The final 40 minutes...

Duration: 01:30:14

The Madness: Week 1, Warren Sharp, Liam Jenkins,

Well after all the build up, week 1 is in the books and we are officially off and running in the NFL regular season. On this weeks show, Rob Langi will dive into all the stories from week 1, especially the Birds Road win in Washington. This show will go many different directions: *Rob will discuss the Donovan mcNabb comments about the Eagles and whether or not he is just a little jealous of the Wentz love. *Rob will bring on one of the best NFL Analytics guys out there, Warren Sharp to...

Duration: 01:30:39

The Madness: NFC EAST TIME!! And Season Predictions!

Ok fans. Wednesday night is the show the NFC East and Eagles fans have been waiting for: The Divisional Breakdown!!! Rob Langi will take you through the division talking to guys who cover the teams closely. So far, Rob has a great cast of guests, hitting three of the four teams in the division: *To discuss the defending Division Champ Cowboys, Rob will welcome from the Star Telegram in Fort Worth, Dallas beat writer Drew Davison to break down all things Cowboys * As for the team up the...

Duration: 02:00:44

The Madness: Fans Overreaction, Matt Lombardo, NFC & AFC South

Rob cannot wait to get on the air Wednesday to calm the Delaware Valley down. A lot has been discussed over the last week, following the Eagles preseason game against the Bills. Rob will give his insight as well as some guests on the state of the Eagles: * Rob will welcome from NJ.com Matt Lombardo to the show to discuss possible cuts and what to expect in Game 3 of the preseason from the Eagles. * Rob will also continue his divisional breakdown with both the NFC and AFC South this week *...

Duration: 01:30:43

The Madness: Mighty ERock, Turron Davenport, NFC North, NFC South

Rob has storylines and guests galore on Wednesdays version of the madness! Rob welcomes one of Philly's favorite sons, and host of 4th and Jawn, The Mighty ERock to discuss the Eagles and the state of Philly sportsAlso to bring some excellent Eagles knowledge, Eagles analyst and reporter for USA Today and CSN Philly, Turron Davenport joins the show to discuss the big trade and what comes next for the Eagles.Rob will also delve into the NFC North and the Ezekiel Elliot suspension.So tune in...

Duration: 01:30:47

The Madness: Dave Spadaro, tribute to Darren a Dutch Daulton

With this past Thursday's Hall of Fame game, real football action is officially back!! So it's time for "The Madness" to start its football focus, and Rob Langi plans on bringing it: * In the "Fly Eagles Fly" segment, Rob will have a real treat, when he welcomes from Philadelphiaeagles.com Dave Spadaro to the program to discuss how the Eagles are faring leading up to their first preseason game! * Rob is looking for memories and stories about Phillies fans with the late, great Darren...

Duration: 01:29:23

The Madness: AFC East & West, Benjamin Allbright, Eagles chatter

On this weeks episode of The Madness your host Rob Langi will continue he diving into the NFLs divisions and will be having some guests on to help: Good friend to the show Benjamin Allbright will join to discuss the AFC WestRob will also breakdown the AFC East with hopes of a guest helping him outRob also attended Eagles practice this week and will break down what he saw, liked, and didn't like. Join in the Madness Wednesday night from 730-9 only at tsjsports.com!

Duration: 01:30:39

The Madness: AFC North, Jim Jackson, Doug P, Zeke the Creep & Big 3 Flop

Rob is back before vacation to break down all the sports news going on today! This weeks edition of The Madness will cover: Voice of the Flyers for CSNPhilly and brodcaster for the Phillies radio network Jim Jackson will join the program to talk about the state of the other two teams in PhillyRob will delve into his first NFL Division breakdown with the AFC North.Is Doug Pederson dumb for his recent comments? Rob will discussThe adventures of Ezekiel Elliot get crazier and how bad did...

Duration: 01:31:20

The Madness:POSITIVE VIBES ONLY Reuben Frank, Rich Hoffman

Oh boy this will be interesting!! On Wednesday's episode of "The Madness, Rob Langi will do everything he can to..... STAY POSITIVE! That's right folks, Positive Vibes Only and Rob has some great guests to help him out: Csnphilly.com Eagles writer Reuben Frank will join the show to discuss the Positivity surrounding the Eagles and their upcoming training campPhillyvoice.com writer Rich Hoffman will join for Robs last segment of Processing the Sixers for the Summer, to discuss the Fultz...

Duration: 01:30:47

The Madness: Keith Pompey, Sixers Offseason Continues, Todd Eckman!

Welcome to The Madness!! On this weeks show Rob will be all over the map, talking Sixers, Philles, and even Tennis and Golf!!! Here is what Rob has in store: * Sixers beat writer for philly.com Keith Pompey will join the show to discuss his thoughts on the Sixers draft, their plethora of foreighn players, and where the team goes from here. *Rob's longtime partner Todd Eckman is hoping to call in to join the show and talk about everything going on in sports *Rob will use his "Outside the...

Duration: 01:31:18

The Madness: Sixers Draft Preview, Bob Cooney, Eytan Shander!

WHAT AN EXCITING TIME TO BE A 76ERS FAN!!! With the newly acquired Number 1 overall pic, Rob will be doing a special 1 hour 76ers Draft special Tuesday night and hes got some great guests joining the show: *From the Philadelphia Daily News and philly.com, Bob Cooney will come on to talk about the big trade and what that means for the rest of the 76ers offseason *From 97.5 The Fanatic, one of the hardest working men in Sports Talk Radio Eytan Shander will join the program to talk about the...

Duration: 01:01:43

The Madness: NBA Finals, Matt Mullin, Rashaun Sligh

Rob is back with The Madness, and we are one week away from the NBA Draft! The NBA Finals have ended and Tob will get into that heavily but he also has a few other things on the docket * phillyvoice.com writer Matt Mullin will join the program in the "Processing the Sixers" segment to discuss the upcoming draft amongst other things * Rob will discuss the Super Team title and if the Warriors are the next NBA Dynasty * Rob talks about where Cleveland goes from here and gets into Lebron...

Duration: 01:24:08

The Madness: Processing the Sixers, Eagles, NBA Playoffs, Calipari

The Madness continues on with another great lineup of guests joining host Rob Langi for a night of basketball and football talk! The lineup for Thursday includes: * Friend of the show Darnay Tripp will join the show to discuss a little NBA and Sixers Draft * In Rob's new segment "Processing the Sixers" Long time 76ers Beat Writer for the Bucks County Courier Times, Tom Moore will join to breakdown the Sixers and the possibility of moving up to Number 1 *tsjsports.com Eagles beat writer and...

Duration: 01:30:57

The Madness: Phillies, NBA Lottery/Draft; Eagles sign a RB

Oh boy, Rob has packed this weeks show even more than last week!! THREE guests will join The Madness to discuss three different sports that all have made the news in Philadelphia over the last week. The show will include: *A talk with Phillies beat writer for phillyvoice.com Ryan Lawrence about the manager's new contract and if there is any hope for this team! * Tim Daly, NBA writer and Analytics extraordinaire will join Rob to answer ALL the NBA Draft questions, and maybe a few about the...

Duration: 01:31:12

The Madness: Steve Palazzolo, Bob Cooney, the state of the Philly Fan

Rob has him self a stocked 90 minutes on this weeks episode of The Madness. On the docket: * Rob discusses the idiot that is Lavar Ball *Rob talks to Pro Footbal Focus Analyst Steve Palazzolo about the Eagles offseason as well as the rest of the NFC East *Daily News writer, and Sixers beat man Bob Cooney will join the show for a little offseason preview *The state of mind of a Philly Sports Fan: What is this change *Don't forget the special One More Thing segment, where Rob will honor two...

Duration: 01:30:29

The Madness: NFL Draft Recap, Adam Jones at Fenway, Todd Eckman joins us!

What's up ladies and gentelmen! After taking in the draft live last week, Rob is back this week for The Madness. Coming live to you for 90 minutes, your fearless host will be talking to you about the biggest stories of the last week including: * The Adam Jones saga in Fenway * Albert Breer's classless reaction to the situation *NFL Draft Recap *Focus on the Eagles draft picks and the debate over Derek Barnett and Sidney Jones * How did Philly look in the National Limelight of the Draft? *A...

Duration: 01:30:59

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