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the care bears are bullies

breaks ups are the worst. try as we might its never a good time to break up with anyone especially the cast of your favorite TV show.... well I am done, its over, I have officially broken up with The Fosters. finally I have the courage to talk out loud about the bully's that tormented me in highschool. even to this day they are still stuck on stupid & spewing lies about me. ha! from the bedroom to the mic we dig into that good good .. Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE & FOLLOW...

Duration: 00:58:03

Aggressive Overtures & Sexual Assault

We are literally drinking tea in the bed on a Sunday afternoon recording this episode. Time is of the essence so I have to get it in where I fit in. With so much to catch up on we got down to biz ... Weinstein assault allegations, Terry Crews got his junk groped, Russell Simmons wants T money to deflect, the TWITHMONROE sip n see was a success. Are we really crying 'abuse wolf' out of anger? Tamar/ Tyrese/ JHud .. dayum it so much but we did it! Check it out. Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE...

Duration: 01:03:22

who are you?

it was time for me to level up with Diedra Ewing about who I am, where i see myself in 2018. it was business therapy. i was not ready! this conversation literally well almost but not really but sorta had me in a corner rocking & sucking my thumb..momma! by the end of the session I was able to honestly see myself, identify my goals for 2018, identify my target audience & define what makes me different. We also touch on time management and family! Whew .. she took me to school! the...

Duration: 00:48:38


Aaron didn't know what he was getting into by walking into my Airbnb on this beautiful day. we had the duck tape & rope ready to hem him up..... haha but frfr Aaron was the perfect gentlemen, delightful, full of humor, gracious when it came to his mom & so full of life. the stereotypes of LA are real .. everyone's a Vegan, smoke weed & play hard but not all in that order (not really) but some light was definitely shed on the infamous Cali life. its also unanimous ugly famous guys are nice,...

Duration: 00:52:27

Rhetts Life ....Literally

whoaaa.. just when I thought the view couldn't get any nicer in sunny California then in walks Rhett Beardemphl, model & actor! Dude is so cool & down to earth! we talked all things California, modeling, the cattle call of acting! He is originally from Seattle, so he's loving that IT NEVER (hardly) RAINS IN SUNNY (Southern) CALIFORNIA!!! We sill trying to figure out if he is a vampire..hmmm! Join the fun convo.. its litty!! You can find Rhett on IG at:rhetts_life Producer/...

Duration: 00:42:13

Lean & Mean with Jordan Morello

We are all the way in Los Angeles, California spreading our podcast wings to the masses. Be inspired by the handsome & funny Jordan Morello who decided to swing by my small Airbnb and give great convo on California life, Fitness and diet. I am not a fitness person but I definitely am now. And it didn't hurt that he is so easy on the eye balls. For nutritional & fitness information you can find Jordan Morello at IG: jordan_morello Youtube: Jordan Morello Producer/...

Duration: 00:32:11

Good googa mooga, Bearded & Built ..

Good googa mooga we sick AGAIN, missed an episode yet we managed to attend a 2 birthday dinners, The Get Down Comedy Show, and Love Bought Me Back the stage play all in one weekend. The hubby is offended by the "P" and "D" challenge which is odd considering we challenge each other regularly. The Beard Game Matters is group breaking social media records as well as causing havic in folks relationships. Who knew BEARDS were a super power! #TakeAKnee or #NotTakeAKnee got the President wanting...

Duration: 01:10:54

We Married To The 'D"

A girl gang gathering with Cîroc mixed with pheromones leads to juicy conversation & disclosing deep dark secrets. It’s been established that we are all married to the 'D'! We delve deep into the abyss of the elite & newly privileged who are red carpet ready thanks to space & opportunity for extortion. It’s an epidemic of pretty girls, ugly dudes.. eww they do anything for the bag. Finally the sweetest black taboo, WHAT GOES ON IN MY HOUSE, STAYS IN MY HOUSE. We discussed taboo subjects in...

Duration: 01:46:38

love can really be weird

Monroe & Michele are back at the bar again, this time with hot topics & more wine. This exchange of delightful convo is about grown children aka my man-child, constipated drama, and the family ties that bind. Kids ain't kids no mo! We would be remiss if we did't cover the women in Kevin Harts triangular love squad & the stupidity of it all. Fantasy island only exist for the rich, and the beautifully famous whose lives are so enchanting they make serial dating look less like being...

Duration: 01:27:25

Messy Friends. Roast Beef. & Wine.

There are times when all you need are girlfriends, food, wine & a bootleg mic. Michele, Tiauna & I keep it cute & classy with random foolishness. Send me flowers as I live & breathe, Keke Wyatt & Michael Jamar should stay married ,crazy is as crazy does! Also kids are getting away with bad behavior because of enabling Aunties. What about your friends? Friends can be the death of you so tread lightly. Ghosting, DM sliding & Fuck boys ..oh my! Such a delightful INTOXICATING convo! Thanks...

Duration: 01:37:06

i lover her man

Side Chick which is a African American vernacular slang term used for mistress has EXPLODED. Side chicking is a MOVEMENT .. they movin on up to a deluxe apartment in the sky, HELL they might as well have 'rights!!. They have their own reality show so clearly they not playing their position as mistress any longer they are SHARKS! Joy Bazzle joins us to chat about the side chick phenomenon. She also shares why she is the "FIRED ONE". And how she is gay this week but the D**K didn't make her...

Duration: 01:25:37

Your cheating ? .. Cool me too!

Why do men cheat is an age old question that will never be answered honestly, the same or even answered at all. People do what they do. Hell its a choice, cheat or be faithful. Here is my thing if you are not going to leave let that man cheat in peace! When your honestly & truly going to bounce, I will help you pack until then cry me a river from a distance. Sorry but I give no fucks for cheaters or women who tolerate it! Lets Connect! How to make this podcast better.. questions?...

Duration: 01:16:31

Stripper vs Dancer ... its a FANTASY sale!

Is a dancer just a euphemism for stripper or are they actually 2 different things in the world of fantasy? Well according to YUM YUM & Lexie .... being called a "Stripper" is rude not to mention offensive. Tomato , TO-MA-TOE, either way tune in and lets talk getting that bag & making money moves .. Lets Connect! How to make this podcast better.. questions? comments? Drop an email at or leave your voicemail 346-222-1713 Lets connect! Website:...

Duration: 00:50:49


What does Harvey & Divorce have in common? - DEVASTATION. Just like Harvey this past week(end), divorce can be a major disaster affecting family and children. Who would ever imagine floating down the isle to say 'I DO' to your prince charming could take a huge turn and devastate everyone near & dear plus muck up your best laid plans. Ain't nobody got time for scattered tears, unstable conditions or severe changes in attitude from the ex. Tune in as we discuss how we deal with .. Lets...

Duration: 01:27:02

50 Shades of GYPSY

Lets get CHEEKY and speed topic! We are covering a series of short topics to keep the convo moving so we can hook up with a sexy provacotive topic. "Rape Insurance" Free SPIRIT ain't no frequent flyer program when it comes to feeling suffocated & straggled by life. When your soul is restless it time to break up with NORMAL & L.I.V.E. Dirty feet, messy hair & wine is gypsy! We all have a GYPSY soul, own it or burn slowly. Lets Connect! How to make this podast better.. qestions?...

Duration: 01:27:03

I wanna live like TARZAN ..

We all say, convey, regurgitate the stupidest stuff in the heat of the moment conversations and this is proven by this recorded conversation. Ha ha we all over the place not making any points, hence conversations at the kitchen table. A lot of nothing was said .. listen & you will feel about yourself. PS: I kept saying SUBSCRIBE I meant PRESCRIBE- Chalk it up to my braces & not my brain. Resources: HERE are the articles I pulled my info from and clearly misquoted, the details. OH WELL I...

Duration: 01:08:30

Promiscuous conversations

It would literally make my day to put the spotlight on folks that don't show up after they commit! But I won't because I'm a F***ing lady! BE WARNED--Put some respect on the RSVP! Until next time ... Coagulated Pus .. What the HEALTH? ... #YUCK Is full disclosure the best option for transgender when it comes to dating? Ah-um .. We like what we like BOTTOM LINE until we get caught with our hands in the cookie jar & a milk mustache! Then we wanna yell I WAS TRICKED. I call BULL-S**T!...

Duration: 01:33:49

singe black females & the church

That catch me if you can mentally is played out. If you got smell your man's dirty drawers to prove he not stepping out, you really need to pulse check your relationship. IJS I love a good piece of drama to keep the convo hyped, but dont come to my facebook group airing dirty laundry then come for me. Save it for the podcast. I use to be a single in the church and I've witnessed first hand the petty competition to get a husband as well as the preacher man dangling the wedding ring in...

Duration: 01:18:44

Interview with the future of sex.. its futuristicsexed

Sex is a great indicator if things are going well or not so well in your relationship. Sex is in the air .... Sparkle Bailey is back, raw & and uncut talking about d**k size, having the sex talk with your kids & consent under the influence. Did you know blue waffle disease is real ? .. eww Find Sparkle Bailey on FB, IG, Twitter @FuturisticSexEd How to make this podast better.. qestions? comments? Drop an email at or leave your voicemail 346-222-1713 Friend me...

Duration: 01:45:11

Marriage is funny, NOT funny

In this episode we discuss if marriage is a dying institution, open marriage, petty breaks-ups and finally a black man said it so it means it must be true ... black women should date outside their own race. Got issues? Drop an email at or leave your voicemail 346-222-1713 DEETS: Website: FB Group: TWITHMONROEPODCAST Twitter: TwithMonroe IG: MonroeBishop_ Would love the support on Patreon!! Patreon

Duration: 01:06:19

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