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T&Z Talk is what happens when a seasoned radio host and a featured Huffington Post blogger get together and talk about the news from the day, the day before, and opinion. Lots of opinion. Above all, it's informative and entertaining.

T&Z Talk is what happens when a seasoned radio host and a featured Huffington Post blogger get together and talk about the news from the day, the day before, and opinion. Lots of opinion. Above all, it's informative and entertaining.
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T&Z Talk is what happens when a seasoned radio host and a featured Huffington Post blogger get together and talk about the news from the day, the day before, and opinion. Lots of opinion. Above all, it's informative and entertaining.








Democrat/Progressive/Liberal? -- A Trump Administration Takes Shape — What YOU Can Do

There are no easy answers right now for those who have a political mindset with ANY information to back the way they feel, but if you are decidedly NOT a Republican and feel you are a Democrat, or an offshoot there of, what does that mean and when, more importantly, does that look like — to you? Z gave an impassioned history lesson of protest and revolt involving the foreclosure and why lessons learned there are CRITICAL to make a difference moving forward. Who will lead the Democratic...

Duration: 00:17:06

WTF Just Happened and What Happens Next?

Well, T&Z have little to no sympathy, empathy or delusions of what happened and did NOT waste their time with analysis, expert testimony, other people’s opinions or theories. Why? Because, frankly, does it matter? What T&Z did do was remind us all of what our PERSONAL responsibilities are. to ourselves, our families and our own values and morals. They also stressed the critical nature of what it means to make a difference and what that looks like for them, and for you, if you are willing...

Duration: 01:05:58

You Decide What Country You Want To Live In

Today’s T&Z podcast is about, yup, you guessed it, voting. Reasons, ideas, truth, lies, candidates, issues, judges, statewide races, and so much more is on the ballot tomorrow, but really, voting is essential for all the reasons you should be voting. We did travel back in time to highlight some of the antics of both campaigns. We talked about how WRONG we were about Trump from day one and we shared our thoughts about Hillary Clinton. We delved into whatever “the media” has or hasn’t been...

Duration: 01:12:49

One Week Left - Sacrificing the Truth - What Happens if she/he wins

The proverbial election clock continues it VERY slow countdown to election, and T&Z ponder the reality of the last 24 months, the last 24 days, hell, the last 24 hours. Can we survive a Trump presidency? Is Hillary really crooked? Would you know what changes looks like if it bit you in the ass? Are you going to vote? Although today’s show was definitively not a feel-good, pro-democrat message, it is a reality check. You can decided for yourself how real it is. www.tandztalk.com

Duration: 01:11:08

Megyn Kelley swats Newt, Nasty Women, and T&Z Talk Money

We took a departure from the regular fare in this episode and talked about more personal issues. We hit on some of the highlights of what's going on in politics, but had a bit of an unplanned detour. Listen in and settle in. TandZTalk.com

Duration: 01:03:29

Nasty Woman, Bad Hombres, and Making Stuff Up

The final and third debate in the insane series of Trump v. Clinton and Tony and Richard run down some of the highlights of the 90 minute fiasco. Trump called Hillary a nasty women, lied about his wife, his kids, his wealth ... and well everything. It got nasty and if Trump was trying to prove that he had an awesome temperament, loved women, was loved by women, or knew anything about foreign policy short of the conspiracy theories he's read on lunatic websites, he failed. tandztalk.com

Duration: 01:03:34

Melania on Donald's Behavior, Donald on Hillary's Drug Problem, and Elizabeth Warren is Spot On

OK, so Melania Trump believes that boys will be boys, even when her “boy” was 59 years old when he admitted to sexually assaulting women. OK, so next exhibit: According to Mrs. Trump he didn’t know the mic was on…kinda the point Melania. He didn’t, therefore it was his honest feelings. Oh, Melania, T&Z asks you to have someone other than Steve Bannon write your stuff for your own sake and for when the prenup gets caught in the court system and his words are used against you. Maybe...

Duration: 01:01:10

Is Trump’s Brain Rigged? — Wikileaks and Why It Doesn’t Matter — Interpreting Trump While Invoking Gingrich/Giuliani/Pence

OK, so Hillary is not on drugs, all women are not liars and elections are not rigged. So, as we explore what Trump says, what his surrogates claim he is saying and what to expect moving forward (not that anyone can truly figure that out), T&Z have their take at it. As the “liberal” media is spending as much time on Wikileaks as they are on The Donald’s ongoing implosion, Trump is a one man PR firm whose wheels fell off weeks ago. If we were him we would fire him. Oh my, the upcoming...

Duration: 01:05:33

Trump Does Hamlet - Michelle Obama Chimes in - Slings and Arrows

Back to back and overlapping speeches by Trump, Michelle, and Barack addressed crowds this weeks and the differences were stark. From Michelle Obama's impassioned speech in which she addressed the pervasive sexual assaults that happen to women regularly, Barack Obama's charm, humor and wit at the podium and then Donald Trump's poor attempt at reading a speech off of a teleprompter. His unnatural cadence, mispronunciation of simple words and weird hand gestures. Tony and Richard discuss...

Duration: 01:00:40

The Trump Slump — Hillary Explodes and Trump Implodes — Ryan Ain’t Lyin’

Oh, what a wonderful time to be political pundits, and T&Z had a field day today as the Trump Train has fallen over the abyss and is heading for the bottom on the gulch! As Hillary Clinton’s leads has reached almost insurmountable numbers, The Trumpster continues to scream insults at her, accuse her of having no stamina, and says her behavior toward women is worse than Bill Clinton’s. And, we wish we we lying, but alas, this is Donald Trump, after all, so we suffer for another 28...

Duration: 01:10:09

The Debate, Melania's Pussy Shirt, and Trump Grabbing ....

Today's T&Z welcome back show was filled from top to bottom with debate, denial, debunking and delusion. Facts were left on the cutting room floor for The Donald as he, very Grinch-like, made his stalking presence known to both Hillary Clinton and the audience. With some in the media praising Trump's return from oblivion, that didn't last even 12 hours before the rest of the country chimed in declaring Hillary Clinton the winner of the debate by large margins. Trump is toast, the nut and...

Duration: 01:20:49

Debating the Debates, Trump’s Russian Problem, What Trump Does Hillary Get on Monday?

Ah, T&Z almost got dizzy trying to explain the debate on Monday night with fallacies, lies and utterances and sure to be zingers, who the hell really knows what will happen? The suspense is building!!! @realDonaldTrump has @realProblems with his Russian connections as Brian Ross from ABC shares in an expose on Good Morning America that we shared with you. Ouch! Hillary Clinton joined Zack Gailianakis for his show, “Between Two Ferns” and the results were both hilarious and a bit...

Duration: 00:18:28

Trump, Jr. Follows in Daddy’s Footsteps, The Critical Importance of the Debate, The Media Shame That Came Too Late

T&Z had a field day today with more ammunition on Trump, Trump, Jr and the lies and racist propaganda they continue to spew. We also learned that “papa” George H W Bush is voting for Hillary Clinton, further emphasizing how critical being presidential is. Do not take the news lightly. T&Z also reacted to the media waking up to the reality of what they have created since @realDonaldTrump came into the political arena and are trying to play catch-up. Is it too late? Time will tell. Be sure...

Duration: 00:17:27

Trump's Lying Surrogates, Trump's non-Apology, and Hillary's Birther Woes

Today’s emotional rendering of the stupidity of what @realDonaldTrump did over the past few days included a possibility that the reason media surrogates have become the quintessential liars they are is because they just MAY be drugged, as any other reason seems to have escaped T & Z. If you have a better theory, let us know. Did Trump once again call for violence against Hillary Clinton? It sure sounded bold enough to believe that. We also delve into the media, especially Joy Reid of...

Duration: 00:17:06

Harry Reid Calls Trump a Leech and More From the Campaign

We all know the saying “When do you know when a politician is lying? When their lips are moving”, well good old @realDonaldTrump has become the poster child for that saying, and is redefining the very essence of what truth, prosperity and the American way is, to most of us. Once again, because of him, the birther story is once demanding mostly media attention. Why? T&Z really have no freaking idea!!! Trump is still dodging his taxes and the Hillary e-mail story is still hanging on, but...

Duration: 00:16:22

Female Journalists Are Calling BS On Team Trump

Kellyann Conway: Trump's campaign manager gets her ass handed to her on CNN live. Joy Reid: MSNBC morning host rips into and schools Trump surrogate Boris Epshteyn. Reid tears into Boris about cross talk and the correct way to answer an interview question. Flint: Trump takes a trip to Flint, hoping it's a photo op and gets taken to the wood shed by a pastor. www.tandztalk.com info@tandztalk.com

Duration: 02:07:45

Medical Records, Military Courts, and Moderators According to Trump

Donald Trump has some strong and delusional views on things like what a debate moderator does, whether the military has a court system, how the fed and finances work, and of course whether something as common as pneumonia should keep someone out of public office. www.tandztalk.com info@tandztalk.com

Duration: 00:17:09

Hillary's stroke, seizures, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, and other alt-right BS

We're back after a brief sabbatical that involved work, moving, illnesses and so much more of all the fun things life can throw at you. In this episode we talk about 9/11, Hillary's stroke, seizures, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, and the fact that she's in a wheelchair most of the day. The fabricated illnesses afflicting Clinton are boundless, as is the GOP's lack of intellectual pride. And then some more stupid things about Trump, because what show would be complete without...

Duration: 00:17:51

When Trump's Tiny Little Fingers Are On The Button

The thought of Trump having access to the nuclear codes is terrifying to nearly anyone who knows anything about what it means to launch nuclear weapons. One man who worked underground, with that possibility, had a few words to say. Of course, we also discussed a slew of other things. www.tandztalk.com info@tandztalk.com

Duration: 00:17:55

Is Trump Planning to Quit?

That's the rumor. At least that's the rumor on the internet and within the GOP, but there's no indication from the Trump camp that any quitting is imminent. It seems more like he's just taking it up a notch. While the closest advisers are nowhere to be seen, The Donald is out there, way out there. Ivanka, Donald, Jr., Manafort have not been heard from for a few days. Are they on the run, distancing themselves, or did he cast them out? We talk about all that and more in this...

Duration: 00:16:43

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