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S13.326 - Defensive Line

13.326 News DLs Stupid Question of the Week



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S13.324 - Defensive Backs

s13.324 Talking Points Coaching Staff NOTE: Titans are $49,563,268 under the cap, with upcoming cuts could reach $60M DBs Current Players/Internal Free AgentsPotential Free Agents Stupid Question of the Week


323 - Welcome To Our New Coaching Overlords

323 Emails/Voicemails Talking Points Hire Coaches Without a Title New Coaching Potentials Potential Player Casualties Stupid Question of the Week


322 - Divisional Round: Titans @ Patriots

322 Emails/Voicemails News Titans @ Patriots Draft Needs Stupid Question of the Week


321 - Wildcard Round: Titans @ Chiefs & Division Round: Titans @ Patriots

321 Emails/Voicemails News Wildcard Round: Titans @ Chiefs Divisional Round: Titans @ Patriots Stupid Question of the Week


320 - Titans vs Jaguars & Wildcard Round Titans @ Chiefs

320 Emails/Voicemail News Titans vs Jaguars Titans @ Chiefs Stupid Question of the Week


319 - Titans vs Rams & Titans vs Jaguars

319 Emails/Voicemails Brice f**kin McCain. (I think we actually played pretty well against a good team. They are just better than us right now) But still. #KeepMccainOffTheField. Beat on the fake punt (luckily it didn’t cost us) Beat on the TD Big PI penalty. Matt in London. (email from game vs. 49ers) This isn't a question, more of a statement, but everybody is completely overreacting. Everyone is blaming Mariota one week and the next week it is the coaches fault. We did not...


318 - Titans @ 49ers Review & Titans vs Rams Preview

318 Emails/Voicemails That loss was excruciating. The conservative play calling on that last drive should be grounds to fire Robiskie tonight. Marcus was playing great. How you don’t either run it straight at them with Henry, or go off play action and let Marcus use his feet is beyond me when it’s third and 2. Instead another Murray shimmy that gets stuffed. Compare that to what the niners did straight after. Even when they were already in FG range they took a shot to the end zone. I...


317 - Titans @ Cardinals Review & Titans @ 49ers Preview

317 Emails/Voicemails Hey guys. After staying up till midnight watching the titans stink it up on Sunday the only positive I could find was that we were SO bad on offence that surely changes will now be made. My greatest fear for this season was us sneaking into the playoffs, looking ok but not great, and not addressing our fundamental problems. We managed to make Blaine Gabbert look a better QB than Marcus this week. That cannot happen. He clearly isn’t playing well at the moment....


316 - Titans vs Texans Review & Titans @ Cardinals Preview

316 Emails/Voicemails Hey Team “In this sport, you gotta make the money first. Then when you get the money, you get the power. Then when you get the power, then you get the touchdown.” Fantastic to get another W, are you guys at all concerned that the Cards are coming off a tough lose and the 49ers are on a winning streak? Titan Up – “Luv ya Blue” Regards, James Talking Points NewsDT DaQuan Jones placed on IR (torn bicep)TE Luke Stocker signedTitans still hold the #3 seed in...


314 - Titans @ Steelers Review & Titans @ Colts Preview

314 Emails/Voicemails Hey guys. The past few weeks I’ve been feeling really negative, despite the winning streak. In my opinion the play calling has been holding our offense back and keeping those games a lot closer than they needed to be. The insistence on giving Murray the majority of snaps despite his lack of productivity which is made even worse by how often we follow the same pattern in our drives. Run, run, pass on third and long. We aren’t putting Marcus in the best position to...


313 - Titans vs Bengals Review & Titans @ Steelers Preview

313 Emails/Voicemails Hey Guys, I started this email with 8.30mins remaining in the 4th 13-17 I understand building towards end of season and being in best form with a game or two remaining but this offense is terrible. They can’t increase on any small lead they have and take every opportunity available to blow the game. We been very lucky to play some poor teams lately that can’t take advantage. My question to you is how do you stay positive about the team's prospects this week and...


312 - Titans vs Ravens Review & Titans vs Bengals Preview

312 Emails/Voicemails I was listening to an interview with Eddie George before the game and they were talking about how teams stacked the line and the Titans still controlled the game and ran and got yards in the late 90’s and early 2000’s . Have things changed so much that this isn’t possible anymore in the NFL? Don’t get me wrong I’m intrigued by Mariota’s passing game and if that’s how we win games, I’ll take a win anyway we get them. I just miss that old school dominance! Stephen ...


311 - Titans vs Ravens

311 Emails/Voicemails I would like to thank you Michael for getting on the other guys for pronouncing Mariota correctly. The return of Cyprien will more than likely benefit the run game defense. Do you anticipate his return hurting our pass defense or not? From my knowledge he is a better run defender than pass. Also, do you see the Titans trading for anyone before the trade deadline? EX Titans News: Did anyone catch Tre McBride on the Bears Sunday against the Saints? He managed to...


310 - Ttians @ Browns Review & Midseason Breakdown

310 Emails/Voicemails I'm not sure our Offensive Coordinator will last through the season if our offense doesn't improve. I can't imagine a head coaching change mid-season as I think Mularkey is making improvements enough to warrant him staying. If the Titans should make a OC change who would take over play calling duties? Davis is returning to practice... I can't imagine our offense drastically improving upon his return...considering the current play calling. Also think it is...


309 - Titans vs Colts Review and Titans @ Browns Preview

309 Emails/Voicemails Hi Guys Do you think we will finish with a better record than last year if Marcus doesn't return soon ? Cassel has had better days and won't deliver 6 / 8 wins and seriously is Weedon is the best option out there? We beat the Seahawks running an effective Pass Run Option with Marcus and the Offense is built on his treat of running the ball. Just feel the front office hasn't made a football decision for the club and the progression we had made over the last 2...


308 - Titans @ Dolphins Review and Titans vs Colts Preview

308 Emails/Voicemails none Talking Points NewsTracking 1,000 Yard RusherDeMarco Murray: yds; 273 PACE: 873.6 ydsDerrick Henry: 187 yds; PACE 598.4 ydsTracking: 1,000 Yard ReceiverRishard Matthews: 284 yds; PACE 908.8 ydsDelanie Walker: 244 yds; PACE: 780.8 ydsTracking: 15 SacksDerrick Morgan: 3.0 sacks; PACE 9.6Jurrell Casey 2.0 sacks; PACE 6.4Lewan returned to limited practice (knee)Corey Davis and Jonathan Cyprien already ruled out (hamstring)Mariota (limited)Titans @...


307 - Titans @Texans Review & Titans @ Dolphins Preview

307 Emails/Voicemails Hi What a let down against the Texans, the sad part is that I'm not really surprised that we lost, it’s been the pattern for a long time that every time we beat a good team, we would turn around and stink against the Jaguars or another bad team. Just like a couple of years ago when we opened the season with a win over Pittsburgh and then it went downhill from there. I'm surprised we lost by that much though. What do you think we need to change to change that...


306 - Titans vs Seahawks Review & Titans @ Texans Preview

306 Emails/Voicemails none Talking Points NewsTitans and Seahawks don’t come out for the anthemAnthem singer kneelsTitans #5 on the NFL.com power rankingsHow much longer can the Titans wait for Kevin Dodd?Delanie Walker misses practice with hamstring injuryTitans O-Line consider #1 in the NFLTitans vs SeahawksDeMarco Murray played (boy did he - 14 car 115 yds 1 td)Mariota/Titans use pass to set up run (20 comp 32 att 225 yds 2 td)FB Jalston Fowler hustleRussell Wilson has a career day...


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