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Take Two” literally means, “Take Two” on all your favorite television shows. Alexis and Ellie will take you back to their favorite television shows, go through all the twists and turns and then apply the scripts to their own life experiences. This is one of those shows that the whole family will enjoy; we even encourage you to try this at home as you relive all of your favorite shows and apply it to your own lives. This is a whole lot of fun, times two! It’s “Take Two” right here on the Voice America Kids Channel.




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Take Two


Duration: 00:51:54

Rap Songs, You Tube, Pet Peeves

On this episode the girls cover everything from rap songs, to a back to school budget. Also covered in this episode of Take Two is texting acronyms, planning as trip and good You Tube ideas.

Duration: 01:00:07

Take Two

On this episode of “Take Two,” Alexis and Ellie are letting their noses do the talking as they cover summer scents. They also will cover everything from bathing suits and, fun things to do for summer. Alexis and Ellie will also cover pool party food suggestions which should always include pizza and how to keep up with friends. What would an episode of “Take Two” be without “Fig and Furr,” not to worry, there’s another episode of “Fig and Furr” as these lovable two characters go “Green!”...

Duration: 00:59:35

Take Two


Duration: 01:00:52

Take Two


Duration: 00:59:48

Take Two

On this episode of Take Two it’s all about fashion as Alexis and Ellie take a close look at what’s hip and what’s not in their world. Ellie will be sketching interesting and weird drawings throughout the show and at the same time talking about zebra skirts, prints, skinny jeans, shoes and all the bargains that you can handle. The girls will also build a variety of outfits right in front of your ears. You know Alexis and Ellie, and that means more surprises sprinkled throughout their show,...

Duration: 00:58:43

Take Two

On this episode of Take Two, Alexis and Ellie talk about the newest game called Portal Two and Sims 2, they will also take you shoe shopping as they check out the latest trends. Hey get paper and pencil ready because the girls will talk nail polish and inexpensive ways to spruce up your room. Moms will really love this show because they also talk about cleaning their rooms in a fun way, this show is absolutely mother approved!

Duration: 00:59:18