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Episode 63 - The Return of Big G’s Singing Voice

It’ been a whacky few days over at take it to 2. The ladies have been in television heaven what with Game of Thrones season 7 in full swing and the return of Celebrity Big Brother UK. Between hot guys fighting with their swords (double entendre 100% right there) and all the British accents flying about, Double D and Big G are certainly putting their DVR’s to good use. Big G refuses to speculate out loud what she thinks is going to happen in Westeros, but she’s not disappointed by what the...


Our First “Quickie” 🎉- The Difference between a Kink and a Fetish 💯

This first “Quickie” episode starts with an 🌋 of nonsense. See what we did there? Not where you thought we were going? Right? Double D gets Big G to ☎️ in from Comic-Con and discuss a fan’s question concerning kink vs fetish. To judge or not to judge that is the question… Erin is the voice of non judgemntal reason while Angela… well, sounds very “vanilla” and certainly uses ‘No” more than a two year old. Be warned this episode is NSFW, keep your head phones on. 🙈🙉🙊


Ep 62 - The Scent of Youth 👃

The gals are back with a bang this week chatting mystery substances and the need for NCIS. How to fix a badmouthing coworker?…Let the ladies of tit2 iron them out. Pretty sure we all realize now that no one should have Double D’s name in their mouth. Move along haters, move along. Is there a scent of youth? There sure is…it’s called being 18.


Episode 61 - The Finger ☝🏻 is Mightier Then the Sword 🔪

Buckle up kiddies the ladies of tit2 are back chatting Kathy Griffin, dear old Katie Hopkins getting the heave-ho, documentaries, contracts and nerd culture. Of course, all 🔥 breaks loose when fantasy success comes up and the existence of Time Lords. 🕗🙏🏿 We’re baaack 🤡 !


Episode 57 - Quacks Like a Duck

***TRIGGER WARNING*** So many topics… all which can get the girls of tit2 in trouble. Don’t judge, they know not what they say… 🤣 Well…most of the time. 😬


Episode 56 - My Hands, My Vagina

Two ladies in the woods…. It’s how every horror film starts. Including this show.


Episode 55 - The Hand That Wipes Me

Our advice? Listen till the end. The Ladies of Tit2


Episode 48 - Marry, Kill or Trump? 💒🔫😡

Our show description by emoji…. 👸👸🏼 🗣😡💩✌🏿🙏🏻🎬🎉👴🏾🍆🎬🐬😍🍪🏕🐊


Episode 43 - 14 Years Ago Today - Let’s Get Back to Regular Programming Assholes

Today is September 11th and pretty much all is quiet in New York City. Except of course when Take it to 2 is in the house… The tit2 gals spend time today chatting about “where they were” when the World Trade Center buildings were attacked. Completely shocked by how emotional they still get by their memories, it’s nice to hear that the ladies don’t have ice in their veins… Okay, that part seems to be in dispute and overly dramatic. Big G brings up the new South African find… Star Man and...


Episode 39 - The Birth of Zaftig Girl

Dear listeners… ZAFTIG: of a woman : slightly fat in an attractive way : having a full, rounded figure The ladies are so very sorry (actually Big G is sorry, Double D is not). They were drinking…and so very serious. Please stop them before we get to good at this podcasting shit. Word. tit2


Episode 38 - “I got no jokes”

Happy April Fool’s Day from one fool to another! The return of GoT has got Big G wound up and ready for some Hound action. Her countdown means that everyday until the season premiere is a day worth celebrating. Double D is more excited about the final episodes of Mad Men. She has no countdown, but she is excited when sports become the topic of discussion. Pretty sure Big G only brought them up to make her happy. Sweet right? Country music is the hot topic this week. Double D can’t...


Episode 37 - The Domestication of Big G and Double D or Who Wants a Hospital Blow Job?

Questions abound as the ladies are chatting about all things domestic. Sell by or use by dates? Team Crock Pot or Team Electric Skillet? To give or not to give a hospital blow job? Who’s side should you take in weird marriage disputes? All such incredibly important questions, yet no answers. Of course they quickly move onto the SAE scandal and BOSSIP’s website coverage of the top ten countries by penis size. Ever wonder where the USA stands? The ladies aren’t surprised…5.1 inches at #8....


Episode 36 - 50 Shades of “isms” (sex and race)

We’re baaaaack! Sorry listeners for our break in episodes. We had a serious case of the Ebola virgin pregnancy flu. Plus Big G broke her coccyx, so there’s that. It’s Oscars time and when one thinks of exemplary films and acting, there’s no escaping discussing 50 Shades of Grey. Out of ten, it wasn’t the negative ten that we were thinking but it certainly wasn’t a positive number. We’d vote for Jamie Dornan to keep the beard and his accent if he was gonna spank us, but what would we...


Episode 34 - I’m An Asshole, You’re An Asshole

Does it count as an apology if you don’t actually say sorry? Because that might be as close as you’re going to get from Double D. Big G continues to apologize for saying things that we all know she’s not really sorry for and Double D recognizes that perhaps she’s hurt feelings, but let’s be honest, she’s an asshole. We two assholes talk about our love for Jaiden Micheal and want you to know that he’s creative and you can suck it if you’re not supportive of him. We defend the creative...