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For today's EPIC voyage Frank & Elie are joined by Ngiste Abebe

After discussing the morals of staying in the White House, dumping on David Brooks (henceforth knows as DaBro), the Taking Ship crew is joined by Ngiste Abebe for one epic voyage, more interesting than even Steve Zissou could have dreamed up. The crew talks white nationalism, voter fraud, national security, the importance of learning stuff and that's before they take the time to talk about multilateralism, zero-sum games and the importance of using the whole tool box.

Duration: 08:44:47

Frank & Elie find a VenalPAC champion & realize we're screwed

Back aboard after a long weekend, the Taking Ship crew, find a champion of VenalPAC, discuss the existential threat the Left faces and wraps the voyage up with by defending Gen. McMaster.

Duration: 05:14:22

Frank & Elie's voyage through dumbest timeline America continues

The Taking Ship crew finds itself exploring the high seas of dumbest timeline America. While attempting to avoid the storms, squalls and stupidity, Frank and Elie discuss Jeff Flake's seduction techniques, how the White House and Indiana University are similar and provide an update on TreyBeau and his quest to turn the clocks back half a century. Finally, the leaders of the Corps of Discovery dive into the WI-1st and KY-6th.

Duration: 00:57:21

For the 2nd week in a row nothing has meaning & everything is @ss.

For the 2nd week in a row, the Taking Ship crew hate everything and realize there is no meaning and everything is @ss. In the meantime, the tackle Trey Beaugh, the Mooch, healthcare, Milan and the Democratic rebranding. We remain the owned, trolled and furious.

Duration: 05:23:58

The Crew doesn't talk about Trump's NYT interview, Iran Deal, et al but are joined by Matt Strabone

Hoo Boy...busy week on the good ship Taking Ship. Frank and Elie don't discuss Trump's interview with the Times, the status of the Iran Deal and they certainly don't mock the non-wizardry of McConnell when it comes to healthcare. They do discuss a few recent articles that illustrate how f-ed up the Democratic party is write now and they play 20 questions. PLUS they're joined by Matt Strabone who's running forAssessor / Recorder / County Clerk in San Diego County.

Duration: 09:29:57

Frank & Elie discuss things they didn't want to AND compliment David Brooks

Recognizing that basically everything is ass, the Taking Ship crew spent time discussing Don Jr., President Trump and object permanence. Question whether former Russian spies need to FARA register and pay David Brooks a compliment (...in comparison to Slate) and imagine how they can describe Gallagher with no visuals. Oh yea, they also talk about healthcare, the budget and outsourcing American National Security.

Duration: 03:18:31

Frank & Elie are joined by Xander Meise to talk SCotUS & the Redskins

In a special episode, Frank and Elie are joined by super lawyer Xander Meise for a review of the most recent Supreme Court term and a preview of a few cases to come in the Fall term. Check it out if you want to be super smart. Xander joined Taking Ship for this podcast in her personal capacity. Nothing she says should be interpreted as legal advice or creating an attorney/client relationship. This is not an attorney advertisement and past performance is no guarantee of future performance.

Duration: 05:29:31

Frank & Elie explore all the ways Dems are the New Coke

In a longer than usual episode, the Taking Ship crew shreds the Democratic Party's latest "branding", dives into the latest op-eds about where the party should go and spend too much time explaining the DCCC and basically just go to town on the laughingstock that the left has become. However, our heroes come up with solutions!

Duration: 08:11:21

Frank & Elie talk resistance, healthcare and are joined by Matt Zeller

Once again separated by most of the East Coast, the Taking Ship crew finds the discontented resistance, talks about the joy and futility of clicking “like” and the filth of the President of the United States’ habits. They also revisit the healthcare debate and offer an update on the War on the War on Corruption. Finally, their joined by Army veteran and founder of No One Left Behind (www.nooneleft.org), Matt Zeller to talk SIV, his congressional run and the CIA.

Duration: 08:01:14

Live from TruCon17 Frank & Elie talk GA6, AHCA & the Fear/Shame matrix

Recording together in-person for the first time in Taking Ship history, Frank and Elie take advantage of TruCon17 to share their thoughts on GA-6 congressional race, the healthcare battle, Bernie's Little Red Book, McConnell's double dose of gall and the possibility of White Russians being the answer for everything.

Duration: 03:39:15

Frank & Elie get separated on land but go high concept so you get your fix

From high in the Rocky Mountains, Frank does his best Agent Copper impression and records a segment solo. While stranded in Gotham, Elie records his own. In this high concept episode of Taking Ship, the crew talks, emoluments, polling, advice for the White House, the only surefire way to get Trump to resign and an in-depth discussion of roles and responsibilities in politics (and life!).

Duration: 02:19:42

Frank & Elie talk Comey, the meaning of the word "hope" & an analysis of the UK elections

In the aftermath of the British election and James Comey's testimony, the Taking Ship crew dives deep into both, while worrying about John McCain and suggesting the Trump defensive strategy is about as good as a junior varsity team playing the Patriots.

Duration: 05:56:39

Frank & Elie talk Paris Agreement, UK Elections & "Democratic übermensch" with Josh Levin

Frank & Elie dive into the Paris Agreement pull out and its relation to Heavy-C (aka Chris Christie) as well as an update on the UK Elections. Then, joined by superstar democratic strategist Josh Levin, the Taking Ship crew explores the current progressive landscape and looks ahead to 2018.

Duration: 06:40:59

Frank & Elie talk about the calvaclade of Trump's tiny hands, Hannity, Montana & the Pope

Frank & Elie are without a guest this week, but the Taking Ship crew discuss Trump's foreign trip, Sean Hannity's depravity, GOP goons, UK Politics and uber-sexy CBO scores and then sets sail for the middle of the Pacific.

Duration: 03:49:21

Frank & Elie introduce VenalPAC & talk cyber security with Caitlin Howarth

The Taking Ship crew doesn't not talk about Flynn, the latest turn of the wheel of the Trump administration, and introduces the new War on the War on Corruption. Plus, they mourn Roger Ailes. Aside from VenalPAC, Frank & Elie and joined by Caitlin Howarth to talk about the latest global cyber breach.

Duration: 06:40:50

Frank & Elie are joined by Dan Siegel to discuss Israel, Comey and Street Meat

The Taking Ship crew is joined by Dan Siegel to tackle everything from Trump's narcissism and his firing of a perfectly good FBI Director to Israelis, Palestinians, the Iran Deal and Jared as the second coming.

Duration: 09:00:14

Frank & Elie discuss health care, Cinco de Mayo and announce the Taking Shyp Fesitval

With a bad case of anthropophobia, Frank & Elie take ship alone this week to discuss TrumpCare, Cinco de Mayo, Trump on the $20 and Mitch McConnell's legislative cunningness.

Duration: 02:50:12

Frank & Elie celebrate Ed Balls Day with Task & Purpose's Lauren Katzenberg

Ed Balls is a holiday at Taking Ship, and the boys were thrilled to celebrate it with Task & Purpose's Lauren Katzenberg. This week they explore capitalism and the Great Uncoupling as well as military veteran issues and how vets feels about war with Korea.

Duration: 00:48:47

Frank & Elie realize tweed & neck beards are not political assets

Although still separated by an ocean and a seven hour time difference, the Taking Ship crew gallantly gets together to talk about misplacing carrier strike groups, North Korea, Bill O’Reilly and a lengthy conversation about British politics.

Duration: 00:40:14

Frank & Elie's Center For Children Who Can't Communicate Good

With Elie in Israel and Frank safely at home in DC, the Taking Ship duo tackle United Airlines, Sean Spicer and other examples of incompetence.

Duration: 00:46:18

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