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Ghost Hoaxing in the Goldfields

In this our fourth episode, we're looking into David's speciality - ghost hoaxing in Australia. Ghost hoaxing or 'playing the ghost' was an oddly popular 1800s prank for dressing up as a ghost and terrifying strangers. All inspired by a series of cases in England, the inventive minds of Australian colonists brought strange twists to this bizarre hobby/crime. Join us as we pull back the superstition and find out what inspired the ghost hoaxers of the Goldfields, and hear first hand accounts...


Episode Three: Quacks, Opiates & Fake Cures

Back in the days when you could get lost walking from the diggings to the hospital, healthcare in Ballarat was a risky business. From self-taught acupuncturists who lost their needles in their patients to dodgy doctors who used batteries to treat snake bite, we uncover the rough world of medicine in the goldfields.


Episode Two: "All the Mischief Ah Coon is Capable of Doing"

Episode Two explores the rich history of the Chinese on the Ballarat Goldfields. We discover the disturbing story of the unscrupulous government appointed headman and translator for the Chinese community, Hugh Ah Coon. We'll be interviewing academics Anne Beggs-Sunter & Liz Denny to help us unpack just what life on the Goldfields was like for the Chinese communities. We'll learn how the Chinese were both integrated and held apart, tolerated and reviled. And we'll find out about the...