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Spinning mostly true tales of Texas BBQ, we're fairly new but learning this podcast thing.

Spinning mostly true tales of Texas BBQ, we're fairly new but learning this podcast thing.
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Spinning mostly true tales of Texas BBQ, we're fairly new but learning this podcast thing.




TFP Ep. 43 - Moberg Smokers - Sunny Moberg

Over the last year the name Moberg has burst onto the barbecue scene, but what many don’t know is that the man behind the incredibly popular smokers is no newcomer to the world of pit building. Sonny Moberg has been welding since he was a teenager, and his roots in Texas barbecue stretch back to his grandfather, the founder of Smokey Denmark sausage company. Sonny’s pits, made mostly from decommissioned propane tanks, have received much acclaim from barbecue enthusiasts to acclaimed BBQ...


TFP Ep. 42 - BBQ Road Trip Chat with Chris Wood of Primacy Meat Co

We love eating barbecue, and eating with new friends is even more fun. After online banter with Chris Wood of Primacy Meat Co. we were able to meet up with him at Truth Barbecue and the next day at Valentina’s Tex Mex Barbecue to share stories of the road. Chris was in the middle of an epic Texas barbecue road trip when we sat down next to the freeway and chatted. Listen in as he tells us about his travels. Keep an eye on him as he launches his business in Virginia, follow him on instagram...


TFP Ep. 41 - John Mueller Black Box Barbecue

John Mueller is one of the most controversial men in the barbecue world and he’s carved his niche in the industry doing things in own way. With a hot and fast method of cooking, house made sausage, tasty pork ribs, brisket stew, plus brisket and beef ribs rubbed with a heavy dose of pepper a good visit is rewarded with a unique and flavorful experience. Don’t forget the cheesy squash loaded with ladles of cheese, a rich end to a memorable meal. John sat down with us for a fun and...


TFP Ep. 40 - Roegels Barbecue Co Part 2

Roegels Barbecue Co. (pronounced ray-gulls) received a positive review from the Houston Chronicle’s Alison Cook in April 2015 which increased their customer base overnight but the Roegels crew didn’t take their foot off the gas pedal. A continual evolution of their menu and launching weekly specialty meats such as smoked pastrami helped them earn a spot on the 2017 Texas Monthly Top 50 list and cemented Russell’s place in the Texas barbecue scene. Subscribe and listen every week to our...


TFP Ep. 39 - Roegels Barbecue Co Part 1

Russell Roegels has been cooking barbecue longer than some of our listeners have been alive. Russell worked with Bodacious in East Texas and decided to move down to Houston with little to his name after a decision made while fishing to head up a Bakers Ribs location. Russel and family put in long hours 7 days a week, eventually tweaking their product after experiencing other barbecue at the Houston Barbecue Festival and doing a Texas barbecue road trip. Without media fanfare he launched...


TFP Ep. 38 - Esaul Ramos 2M Smokehouse

Family backyard barbecue memories floated through Esaul’s mind while working as a bus driver, calling him into the world of barbecue. He made the jump from bus driver head first into his first gig working at La Barbecue. After learning the art from John Lewis the dreams of his own business pulled him back to San Antonio where he launched 2M Smokehouse with Joe Melig. Chicharoni macaroni, serrano and Oaxaca cheese sausage, pickled nopales, barbacoa, and speciality cakes are just some of...


TFP Ep. 37 - Pork Rib 101

The one where we talk about ribs: Upon request, we’ve dedicated this episode to cooking pork ribs. Andrew has placed in IBCA sanctioned BBQ cookoffs with his ribs and over the years he’s developed the Doubleback BBQ rib rub that has served well in retail too. From purchase to trimming to cooking, we describe what has worked well for us, listen in and let us know any tips or tricks you use! Check out videos on our instagram page @talesfromthepits and follow us on twitter @bbqpodcast


TFP Ep. 36 - Jim Buchanan - Buck’s Barbeque Co

From family barbecues to nearly opening a brick and mortar before the building was destroyed by Hurricane Harvey, Jim Buchanan has persistently pursued his barbecue dream. Jim developed his taste for Texas barbecue living in Katy Texas beginning with backyard cookouts. The competition circuit was his next endeavor where he did well and met up with Wes Jurena, leading to his work at Pappa Charlies. Jim stepped out on his own and was set to open his own place before the hurricane sidelined...


TFP Ep. 34 - BBQ Camp

Foodways Texas and the meat science department at Tezas A&M host multiple barbecue education events each year. Two of these are held in partnership with Foodways Texas; Barbecue Summer Camp and Camp Brisket. Creative Sausage Making and Beef 101 are options available directly through A&M. Recorded at The Hop Stop which is celebrating its 2 year anniversary on January 27th, Andrew and Bryan discuss our experience at Barbecue Summer Camp and Camp Brisket as well as provide some information...


TFP Ep, 32 - Reid Guess Interview - Guess Family Barbecue

Reid guess has worked hard to get to where he’s at today including cleaning vent hoods, graduating from Le Cordon Bleu, working in the fine dining world, and launching his own trailer. It’s been a family endeavor; he’s built his own pits with the help of his father, including the 19 foot long behemoth he wrangles into cooking some great smoked meats, and his nephew Aaron grinds out some great and unique sausage. Sides are produced only with wood fueled heat - and don’t skip the...


TFP Ep. 31 - HOUBBQ Throwdown, Brotherton’s Black Iron Barbecue Gift Card giveaway, and more

Hear as we annnounce our latest prize giveaway, a $50 gift card to Brotherton’s Black Iron Barbecue We do a recap of the HOUBBQ Austin vs Houston BBQ Throwdown Andrew manned the pits for a Doubleback BBQ catering gig Both Andrew and Bryan make separate trips to Truth Barbecue Bryan made a run to Austin that included brisket stew from John Mueller Black Box Barbecue and a visit to a backyard popup held by Brett’s BBQ We wound up the week with a stop at Southern Q BBQ in Houston


TFP Ep. 30 - 5 stop HOU BBQ run - Mispronounced BBQ names

Listen in as we recap a 5 stop barbecue run where we hit up Pinkerton’s Barbecue, Victorian’s Barbecue, Feges BBQ, Buck’s Barbeque Co., and wound up at Tin Roof Barbecue for their grand re-opening after a recent fire. We met up with John Brotherton and Marvin Briley of Brotherton Black Iron Barbecue and Russell and Misty Reogels of Roegel’s Barbecue Co at three of the stops and ran across a number of BBQ trail friends. We tell you where you can find some tasty cheesey squash in...


TFP Ep. 29 - Dylan Taylor Interview

Chance encounters at Franklin Barbecue and la Barbecue set the stage for Dylan Taylor’s shift from pursuing a music degree to jumping headfirst into the barbecue world at Terry Black’s Barbecue as a meat cutter. Dylan later worked for la Barbecue and helped train staff at Lewis Barbecue in Charleston before landing his current gig at Truth Barbecue. In between all that Dylan and friends have gone on epic barbecue-centric road trips and he describes his experiences sampling the different...


TFP Ep. 28 - Truth BBQ Pt 2 Interview with Leonard Botello

We continue our talk with Leonard Botello talking about the new Houston location of Truth Barbecue, Buckethead, A tip on how to skip the line and get cake, trying to sneak into Houston, our city vs city rivalry with Jimmy Ho, and BBQ desserts


TFP Ep. 27 - Truth BBQ Interview with Leonard Botello

Listen in as we discuss the early days of Truth BBQ, what is “Central Texas BBQ”, status of the Brenham location, and some news on the new Houston location in part one of our two part interview with Leonard Botello IV


TFP Ep. 25 - Part 2 John Brotherton Interview

Listen in as John Brotherton makes the leap back into full time barbecue with Brotherton’s Black Iron Barbecue. This episode includes Barbecue Camp, Bewley pits, brisket Banh Mi, and much more


TFP Ep. 24 - John Brotherton Black Iron Barbecue Interview Pt 1

Starting with his trailer, Hall of Flame Barbecue, John Brotherton has had his finger on the pulse of the barbecue world. Listen in to part one of our interview as John describes his early barbecue adventures that included a visit from Daniel Vaughn, a return to an office job, and stops at all 50 barbecue joints from the 2013 Texas Monthly list before his eventual return back to a full time barbecue business.


TFP Ep. 23 - The Woodlands BBQ Fest interview

The fall BBQ event season is in full swing! Listen in as Stuart Lapp discusses The Woodlands BBQ Festival and beneficiary Pulmonary Hypertension Association More information on the festival at: https://www.thewoodlandsbbq.com/


TFP Ep. 22 Bodacious Pit Tour

Head back into the pit room at Bodacious Bar-B-Q in our first audio pit tour. Jordan Jackson and Scott Turner walk us through their four very unique pits


TFP Ep, 21 - We finished the Texas Monthly Top 50!

We finally finished getting our barbecue passports filled up and collected our prizes. Listen in as Andrew and I discuss some of our least favorite road trips, surprises, and more memorable pleasant experiences from our Top 50 journey


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