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S1E32 - The Gentleman Jack, Part Two

Yeah, I don't know man. Things are kind of spiraling out of control here. I sincerely hope it works out for everyone, but separated in space, with no way to get back to each other if something terrible happens...It's not a good spot to be in. Not to mention how deep into enemy territory Hondo and Issac are. Who thought this plan was a good idea? I know we all agreed to it at the time, but we didn't know it would go down like this. Is that a good enough excuse?


S1E31 - The Gentleman Jack, Part One

Shoba's massively intimidating ship, The Gentleman Jack, is now standing in the way of the Infiniteers and their mission. So really, what choice do they have but to sneak aboard and cause some trouble? Hey, at the very least nobody can say they didn't have the best of intentions when this whole thing started out. But getting out of this one might be a little tough, what with having split the party and all.


S1E30 - Fate in a Fishbowl

Best laid plans, am I right? For both sides in this case. It just goes to show that no matter how much you prepare, or want something to go a certain way, people are going to be dicks about it. There are a few more hoops to jump through before the Infiniteers can even consider getting back on track with their mission. Which is good because honestly, the Wexler's have been trying to get rid of some of these thorns for a while.


S1E29 - Caleb's Corn Clubhouse

I bet there was a time when Issac thought there'd never be another normal day with his sister ever again. No idea what normal is to him, really. But this is probably as close as he's going to get for a while. There is a mission to accomplish after all, just like always. And while Kirin's loyalty to the team is put to the test, if she succeeds, the reward is immeasurable.


S1E28 - Escape Plan Sarah

They say prison changes a person. I suspect that's true, but I'm sure whoever said that did not mean in less than 24 hours. Because seriously, have you seen Hondo? Him, his shaved head, his new tattoo, and the rest of the Infiniteers prepare to escape the prison now that they've found what they came for: Issac's sister. And, with any luck, something else that will help them on their galactic scavenger hunt.


S1E27 - This One's For You, Jamie Lee Curtis

As close as she's ever been, but still so far away. Hey, it's a cliche for good reason. Issac's doing a good job of keeping his cool as they finally arrive on the weirdly named planet where Sarah is being held. And Hondo does a good job of keeping his cool as he finally gets a hair cut. Maybe it's because of the guidance offered by one of the prison guards...or maybe everyone just hates the guy, who knows?


S1E26 - The Ol' Father Son Switcharoo

Like digging around an old box and finding an old letter from a friend that has passed, Issac finds himself faced with the bittersweet reality of seeing his father again. He doesn't really know how to handle that, but he does his best. Meanwhile, Thayne fixes a robot to the best of his ability, and we get a pretty good picture of the Ourang Medan's loveable crew.


S1E25 - Honeypot in Space Vegas

The worst part of being on a team is knowing you can't be selfish. If you don't take their thoughts and opinions into account, you can destroy what made the team work in the first place. On the other hand, living life that way means never getting what you want. I suppose some people try and find compromise. Issac is not one of those people.


Coffee Break 3

What did we think of Call of Cthulhu? Find out in this optional review episode! Everyone gives their two cents on the system, some thoughts on the podcast in general, and you'll also get a look at how we rebuilt our characters for the upcoming system before next week's episode!


S1E24 - Not Quite Nowhere: Root Killer

Part Three of Three. With the Games out of the way, the Infiniteers claim their prize: an audience with the ruler of this multiverses' root. And no matter how that meeting pans out, I think it's clear that this mission is coming to an end. And after that, who knows? But I think they'll be happy just to make it back to the Cafe in once piece...Though two pieces might be good enough, if we're compromising.


S1E23 - Not Quite Nowhere: Kitty Purry

Part Two of Three. Talk about your rocks and hard places, huh? It was a difficult choice to make, but the die was cast and we have to respect the wishes of fate. So, what now? Well, I can tell you there is a game to play. There's no getting around that if the Infiniteers want to make their way toward solving the mystery surrounding where they are and how it came to be. But I'm sure they'll manage, right? It's not like they'll wind up in some crazy series of combat trials or anything...right?


S1E22 - Not Quite Nowhere: Double Trouble

Part One of Three. Hang on, folks. This could get a little confusing. There's the multiverse, right? A place where all possibilities exist for every action ever taken (or not taken). And at the root of this universe, outside all those branching decisions, is the Cafe. But what if I told you that was just one tree of many, and that our heroes have jumped to another multiverse entirely? What could possibly be there? And more importantly, would it try to kill them? Tune in to find out.


S1E21 - The King of Canada

Ah yes, the sidequest. I remember it well. Much joy and celebration...or was it sadness and science? It does not matter. We attempt to get the answers we need to better understand how the multiverse works, because let's be honest here, we're playing with fire. But like, a big one with a bunch of gasoline. One wrong move and it could all go up. Are we making the right moves? That's the question. Meanwhile, what's up with the Cafe? It definitely still has some secrets to hide. Let's reveal a...


S1E20 - Two Old Men and Some Camels

I've never been to Egypt myself, but I hear it's a nice place. But to an much more real extent, I've never been to 1920s Egypt within this particular universe. It does seem nice. It's got culture, unique affordable transport, fun outfits, but I just don't know if I could ever get past the horrible creatures of immense terror that inhabit the darkest corners of the place.The Infiniteers will most likely fare better. Probably. I give them at least 78 percent chance at better.


S1E19 - Portal Party

Yes, some creepy dude crashed the party. And yeah, a bunch of monsters starting attacking everyone. Sure, one could say that the Infiniteers are facing a more powerful enemy than they're capable of handling. But uh...Oh boy, I was trying to sound optimistic there. But true heroes shine even in the face of a no win scenario. So I guess we'll find out if these guys are true heroes or not. Bright side, however this goes down, they can still make anyone crack a smile.


S1E18 - The Playthings of Shadows

Arkham has somehow managed to pull them back in, and on this day that means more than any other. See, in the Call of Cthulhu world, it's finally Halloween. Pranks, mischief, spooks, treats, and tricks all await the Infiniteers on this festive occasion. Will they be able to handle it all, or will the lurking insanity that's been just out of sight this whole time finally catch up with them? I just don't know. Well, okay I do. But that would be telling.


S1E17 - The Bunker Hills Have Eyes Motel

How do you fight a giant bug monster? No seriously, I'm asking. Cause from my perspective it just seems impossible. Oh right, there's actually two of them. My mistake. Where do the bugs even come from, though? Do you think there's really that many all around you, even right now? It freaks me out just to think of them. Hopefully these things go down quick, without too much collateral damage, where they can never creep anyone out ever again.


S1E16 - Go Ask Alice

Do you like murder, intrigue, and long drives out to the country? Then this episode is definitely for you! With only one real lead to go on, the Infiniteers head outside Arkham for the first time since their arrival in this world. Yes, surprisingly there is an entire world outside the oppression and gloom contained within the city limits. Unfortunately, what they find at their destination is like, prime Arkham material. I'm talking pure, concentrated, full pulp Arkham. Have fun with that!


S1E15 - A 1920s Mulan Scenario

The trap is set, the pieces are in place, the only question left is will this actually work? But the truth is that it doesn't matter, having the confidence to take a stand against evil should be its own reward, even if things don't pan out as you expected. And they certainly don't, here. Justice is its own reward, they say. But they also say it's the thought that counts. I could go on listing pointless idioms all day, really. But know this: you should definitely listen to this episode.


S1E14 - Sorry About Your Watermelon

After all this time, will the Infiniteers ever be together again? Yes. Yes they will. That was a spoiler, but I had to reveal it so I could reveal this: once they are, it's far from the best day ever. For example, what kind of lie is audacious enough to convince a mother to turn a blind eye to her son's recent insane behavior? How difficult can it be to unite a team toward a common goal? And why did I not name this episode "Charles the Librarian Finds a Book"? Well, I can only answer that...


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