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A celebration of nerd and geek culture with a punk rock spin. New episodes EVERY Monday.

A celebration of nerd and geek culture with a punk rock spin. New episodes EVERY Monday.
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A celebration of nerd and geek culture with a punk rock spin. New episodes EVERY Monday.






Ep. 89 – Video Games Live and St. Paddy’s hangovers

We recap the experience of seeing the "Video Games Live" music event. Fred is super hungover following St Patrick's day, but we muster through and get some traction. We discuss being the generation between Gen X and the Millenials, we grew up in an analog world and grew alongside the digital world. Check out Video Games Live on Kickstarter. Support Tales of the Con on Patreon https://patreon.com/talesofthecon


Ep. 88 – SJWs vs Star Wars, and the hidden meaning of Beethoven’s music

We get real silly for episode 88... Topics include: Monster Hunter World, SJW's and snowflakes are in a tizzy about the new live action Star Wars series from Jon Favreau, and the true meaning of classical music. Professor Mariano begs the question; "Was BEEthoven into scat?" Support us on Patreon https://patreon.com/talesofthecon


Ep. 87 – Scooting is the new crossfit

We are back from our hiatus with a brand new episode for Monday, March 5th 2018. We discuss Monster Hunter World, give a report of Kikori Con, and talk about the newest fitness craze sweeping America. Forget crossfit, theres something even better! Bro, do you even scoot? Support the show by subscribing on Patreon. https://patreon.com/talesofthecon


Ep. 86 – Anime Tiddies on NPR

Alex the Human join Fred and Chris for one of the silliest episodes we've had in a while. The podcast will be on hiatus for the month of Feburary while we work on some other content. The podcast will be back to the regular weekly schedule in March. In the meantime keep an eye on our YouTube channel and our site TalesOfTheCon.com for fresh new content. Support the show on Patreon. https://patreon.com/talesofthecon Only a buck!


EP. 85 – Suicide Squad 2: Electric Booglaoo

Fred may have had too much caffeine and Chris certainly didn't have enough. The boys discuss if anyone actually wants a sequel to Suicide Squad, and other topics. Support the show: https://patreon.com/talesofthecon


Ep. 84 – “Successfully Offensive”

A few of the topics we discuss in today's episode: How a failed marriage can lead to your own version of the Paper Street Soap Company. Music we can't stand anymore, overrated bands, and the best movies you can watch a million times. In a world of professional outrage, should you strive to be successfully offensive? http://patreon.com/talesofthecon


Ep. 83 – 2017 Wrap Up

We wrap up 2017 by discussing just about everything. The best things from the year and our plans for the next. The Chief's ninja skills come into question, and we only complain about The Last Jedi a little bit...


Ep. 82 – The Last Jedi breakdown and review SpoilerCast

Happy New Year! The Tales of the Con crew go hard on Star Wars The Last Jedi. We breakdown the movie and give our spoiler-filled review. Where does it rank with the rest of the films? Is it all bad? What did the movie get right? Our Patreon subscribers already got to hear this episode... Visit http://patreon.com/talesofthecon for details.


Ep. 81 – Fried mac-n-cheese and the end of net neutrality

Among other topics; the crew discusses current events and failed food experiments. (Our Patreon subscribers already got to listen to this episode. Visit http://patreon.com/talesofthecon for details. ) Our Star Wars The Last Jedi breakdown and review is also available for everyone on our Patreon right now! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


Ep. 80 – The Zombie apocalypse, but you’re a biker with a baby inside you.

Dick jokes galore as The Offender mixes two upcoming games with hilarious results. Also; Early access game report, cooking shows, and do we finally convince Fred to get Overwatch?


Ep. 79 – Battlechasers, Avengers, and DC drops the ball again.

Chris sits with our man Zach to talk about video games, Trucks, and comic book movies. We get down on what its like to run a start-up and our net neutrality fears. We watch the Avengers: Infinity War trailer and discuss Justice league and why DC just can't come close to Marvel's cinematic offerings. Tales of the Con relies on fan support. You can sign up on Patreon.com/talesofthecon or donate to the site. Anything is appreciated and helps more than you know! Thank you.


Ep. 78 – Concert report, THOTs, and Net Neutrality.

A few of the topics we touch on in this episode: Alex the Human reports on her recent concert experience. Returning THOTs from years gone by. Battlefront 2 update, and our take on the soon-to-be-gone Net Neutrality. TalesOfTheCon.com is entirely fan-funded. Consider joining us on Patreon, or donating via Paypal, or other options such as Bitcoin.


Ep. 77 – The Battlefront 2 fiasco and gamers taking a stand.

David in Legal joins us in studio to discuss gaming news and other topics. We start off the show by getting down and dirty about the Battlefront 2 pay-to-win lootbox bullshit bonanza. We reminisce about all the games and studios that EA has ruined over the years. Tales of the Con is 100% fan-funded. We now accept Cryptocurrency. We take Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum in addition to Paypal and our Patreon page. We make it easy for you to help us out! Visit our site Talesofthecon.com for...


Ep. 76 – Phoenix FanFest 2017 Wrapup

Fred and Chris discuss our experience with the Phoenix FanFest event for 2017. Tales of the Con is 100% fan-funded. We now accept Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum in addition to Paypal and our Patreon page. We make it easy for you to help us out! Visit our site Talesofthecon.com for details.


Ep. 75 – Was the internet a mistake?

We recap our time at the PIY2017 Podcast it yourself event. Fred and The Offender went to an art exhibit and shook things up. The Offender asks us about the most disturbing things we've ever seen online. Was the internet a mistake overall?.. Sign up on our Patreon to support the show. patreon.com/talesofthecon We want to start an advice segment. Email us: podcast @ talesofthecon . com and ask us anything. (This episode was recorded and released to Patreon 11-6-2017, available to the public...


Ep. 74 – The death of the moshpit

In today's episode Fred is recovering from his birthday. We talk about the headaches of PC games and drivers. We also talk about getting older and what not to do at a concert in 2017. Old punks never die, they just stand in the back... (Recorded 10-28-2017, Released to Patreon 10-30-2017, Available to the public 11-06-2017) Tales of the Con has no ads or product placement. You can help support the show: http://patreon.com/talesofthecon for details.


Ep. 73 – The Chief’s birthday

Topics in today's episode include: Its Fred's birthday. Chris just built a gaming PC, and now Fred has jumped back on board with PC gaming. We talk about MOBAs and some of the games we've missed. Grumpy old men yelling at kids, and some of our favorite voice actors. (Recorded 10-22-2017, Released to Patreon 10-23-2017, Available to the public 10-30-2017) Support the show: http://patreon.com/talesofthecon for details.


Ep. 72 – floccinaucinihilipilification

Topics include: ComicCon hotel shenanigans, More evidence of BattleFront 2's pay-to-win system, Weeaboo penguins, and interdimensional sexcapades. Tales of the Con and our Podcast are fully independent thanks to fan support via Patreon. There are no baked-in ads or product placement. Go to http://patreon.com/talesofthecon for details.


Ep. 71 – Early access games and the developer-player relationship.

MrHancock1395 joins us to discuss Battlefront 2: Broken Promises edition. How much do developers owe early adopters or the general playerbase of their games? What if you pay for a title that gets cancelled? Some games (i.e. Vanilla WoW) just cease to exist regardless of the fact you've paid for it. We also challenge our guest on his love of Anime. Tales of the Con and our Podcast are fully independent thanks to fan support via Patreon. There are no baked-in ads or product placement. Go to...


Ep. 70 – RedDead2, Vinyl Music, and Cringey teenage moments.

We get hyped about the new trailer for Red Dead Redemption 2 and talk about spagetti westerns. We discuss music, the resurgence of Vinyl, and what music from the past doesn't hold up. We also talk about cringey moments from our teenage years. (Recorded 09-30-2017, Released on Patreon 10-1-2017) Support us on Patreon and help keep Tales of the Con Ad-Free! http://patreon.com/talesofthecon for details.


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