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#15: Greenzo & Somebody to Love (w/ Erin Mallory Long)

We loved getting to spend time with Erin Mallory Long (@erinmallorylong) and talk all about "Greenzo" (S2E5) and "Somebody to Love" (S2E6). We discuss Tipper Gore, Lifetime movies, Capulets and Romulens, Pop Tarts, TI (not affiliated with the calculators), the Harlem Globetrotters, and maybe even some 30 Rock! Also, who doesn't love a game of "Marry/Boff/Kill" combing 30 Rock and Friends? P.S. Stick around to the end, important announcement! Follow us everywhere: @talk30tomepod

Duration: 01:52:08

#14: The Collection & Rosemary's Baby (w/ Will Blanchard & Dana Lillie)

Page Off! Page Off! Page Off! We are thrilled to welcome back former East Coast NBC Page Will Blanchard (@willblanchard)! And you can't have a Page Off with only one Page, so we are excited to also be joined by former West Coast NBC Page Dana Lillie (@lilliedana)! In this episode we discuss "The Collection" (S2E3) and "Rosemary's Baby" (S2E3) and we talk all about cookie jars, Steve Buschemi, Carrie Fisher, and we have an East Coast vs West Coast Page Off! Follow us everywhere: @talk30tomepod

Duration: 01:22:38

#13: SeinfeldVision & Jack Gets in the Game

Not everyone can rock a $4,000 ham napkin, but Liz Lemon gets it done! Join Kimmie and Kelsey as they disagree on mostly everything while talking about "SeinfeldVision" (S2S1) and "Jack Gets in the Game" (S2E2)! Also in this episode: Jerry Seinfeld is here. Will Arnett is back. Jack is hiding his “cardiac event”. And Tracy and Kenneth’s relationship reaches a new level. Follow us everywhere: @talk30tomepod

Duration: 01:21:23

#11: Cleveland & Hiatus (w/ Katie Day)

In the finale episode of season 1, we are thrilled to have on the ridiculously talented graphic designer and huge 30 Rock fan, @katiedayla - you're familiar with her work (hint: night cheese)! Download today to listen to us discuss "Cleveland" (S1E20) and "Hiatus" (S1E21) and to hear Kimmie accidentally state that Sean Hayes is a bigger guest star than her beloved Isabella Rossellini. Follow us everywhere at @talk30tomepod

Duration: 01:27:12

#10: Fireworks & Corporate Crush

Two important things happen in today’s episodes: we learn that Flower Guy’s name is Floyd and Will Arnett has finally arrived in the form of Devon Banks! *hallelujah chorus*. Listen to Kimmie and Kelsey laugh their way through “Fireworks” (S1E18) and “Corporate Crush” (S1E19) to figure out why a picture of The Jefferson’s just needed The Jetson family’s faces added. Follow us at @talk30tomepod

Duration: 01:14:25

#9: The Source Awards & The Fighting Irish (w/ Alma Cook)

When you invite the incredibly talented Alma Cook (@hearalma) to talk about 30 Rock, sometimes she brings her ukulele and performs an acoustic version of "Muffin Top" that would make Jenna Maroney's nose bleed (S4 reference.. we'll get there). Download today to listen to us discuss "The Source Awards" (S1E16) and "The Fighting Irish" (S1E17), then stick around for a little dessert! Follow us everywhere: @talk30tomepod

Duration: 01:29:42

#8: The C Word & Hardball

In the 9th episode of Talk 30 to Me, Kimmie and Kelsey are tired! But they still manage to pull it together for a discussion about the important issues: name calling, Isabella Rossellini (again), branding, UFO cops, Netflix screenshots, telemarketers, and uvulas while talking about "The C Word" (S1E14) and "Hardball" (S1E15). Find us everywhere: @talk30tomepod

Duration: 01:12:17

#7: Black Tie & Up All Night (w/ Katherine Leon)

When talking about S1E12 ("Black Tie") and S1E13 ("Up All Night") that has guest stars like ISABELLA ROSSELLINI and JASON SUDEIKIS we just had to have our own amazing guest - the ever entertaining Katherine Leon! We loved getting to force her to watch 30 Rock for the first time! Follow us everywhere: @talk30tomepod

Duration: 01:29:48

#5: The Breakup & The Baby Show

Squatters rights. Sexy Sax Man. Dennis Duffy. Baby kidnappings. Condoleezza Rice. Trump. It's a full episode of Talk 30 to Me as Kimmie and Kelsey talk through "The Breakup" (S1E8) and "The Baby Show" (S1E9) of 30 Rock, Sorry for the souondbreak in the middle! Skip ahead about 5 minutes and it'll start back up! Follow us everywhere at @talk30tome

Duration: 01:22:44


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