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Talk Back Episode 136 - NFL wildcard weekend, divisional preview, & Talk Worthy

This week on Talk Back your hosts Eric Nesbit & Justin Gay review the weekend that was in the NFL wildcard round of the playoffs, and then discuss what could happen this week in the divisional matchups. Will it be smooth sailing for the Patriots and Steelers in the AFC? Are the Eagles in trouble against the Falcons? Who will win the huge matchup between the Vikings and the Saints? In segment two they tackle Talk Worthy current events, including the expose about the power players in New...

Duration: 01:02:23

Talk Back Episode 135 - NFL week 17 action & our Super Bowl Predictions

This week on Talk Back hosts Eric Nesbit & Justin Gay cover all of the action from week 17 in the NFL, then follow it up in segment two with playoff analysis and Super Bowl predictions. The show concludes with a lightning round dedicated to the NCAAF playoff games featuring Georgia vs. Oklahoma, and Alabama vs. Clemson, along with a question about the prospects for Saquon Barkley in the 2018 NFL draft. Follow the show on Instagram and Twitter at @TalkBackFanTalk, and interact with the hosts...

Duration: 01:04:04

Talk Back Episode 134 - NFL recap, LeBron vs. Warriors, Thunder surging, & more

The Christmas break is over, and many NFL teams got what they asked for by earning a playoff spot with their results in week 16, so Eric & Justin break down the playoff picture as it stands with just one week remaining in the regular season. Segment two is all NBA, with discussions about the LeBron versus Warriors rivalry, the Thunder seemingly getting some things figured out, and whether the Raptors have enough to gain the top seed in the East. The show concludes with lightning round...

Duration: 00:58:23

Talk Back Episode 133 - Hot topics in the NFL, the Black Mamba, & Marlins demise

In this episode of Talk Back, hosts Eric Nesbit & Justin Gay lead the listeners through the AFC and NFC playoff picture in the NFL, and also address huge topics effecting the league, such as the ambiguous catch rule, player safety as it relates to targeting hits on defenseless players, and the Carolina Panthers' owner being caught up in the MeToo movement. The show concludes with the lightning round, where they address Kobe Bryant's retirment and historical place in the league, as well as...

Duration: 01:13:31

Talk Back Episode 132 - Huge NFL update & Talk Worthy current events

Your Talk Back hosts are back from their travels and bringing you a huge NFL episosde, featuring the division races and playoff pictures in both conferences. In segment two they tackle the Talk Worthy current events in the world of sports, such as LaVar Ball pulling his kids from UCLA and sending them to Lithuania, whether the Houston Rockets are a threat to the Golden State Warriors in the NBA Western Conference, how the #MeToo movement effects athletes and sports, and the powerhouse...

Duration: 01:28:28

Talk Back Episode 131 - NFL week 14 teaser

Episode 31 is a pre-recorded teaser for the NFL week 14 intriguing matchups, as both hosts are on the road this week. What will the playoff picture be in the AFC West by the time week 15 rolls around, and which team out of the Falcons, Panthers, Seahawks, Saints, and Rams will be in control of their own destiny to finish out the season? A full episode with all of the answers will air on December 14th when Eric Nesbit & Justin Gay return to the mics. Stay up to date with them on Twitter at...

Duration: 00:09:20

Talk Back Episode 130 - Huge NFL recap, playoff pictures, & CFBPlayoffs

Episode 30 is a huge recap and reaction to week 12 in the NFL, featuring updated analysis of the playoff situations for each conference, and what games in week 13 could play a part in determining the ultimate outcome of the teams that will be in, and the teams that will be left out. In the lightning round, Justin wants to know if the NCAA has hedged their bets with the latest college football playoff rankings, and Eric asks if the Cavaliers are back in the driver's seat in the Eastern...

Duration: 01:09:31

Talk Back Episode 129 - Week 11 NFL recap, Talk Worthy, and Trump vs. LaVar

In this week's edition of Talk Back hosts Eric Nesbit & Justin Gay recap a big week 11 in the NFL where fans are starting to see separation between the division leaders and teams on the fringes, and the playoff picture is becoming a lot more clear. In segment two they move to Talk Worthy, discussing the current events in the world of sports that have grabbed the attention of many on social media, including the Twitter fued between President Trump and LaVar Ball, before the show concludes...

Duration: 01:19:47

Talk Back Episode 128 - NFL week 10 wrap-up and NASCAR championship predictions

On this week's episode hosts Eric Nesbit and Justin Gay are fresh off their BYE week and head full speed into the week 10 action from the NFL, including a look at the teams that are in serious trouble of missing the playoffs, and which NFC team can rise up to challenge the Eagles. In segment two they discuss the upcoming NASCAR championship race and predict which driver will raise the trophy, as well as break down the drama between Denny Hamlin and Chase Elliott that eliminated both drivers...

Duration: 01:09:20

Talk Back Episode 127 - BYE week teaser

It's halftime in season 1, so the Talk Back hosts, Eric Nesbit & Justin Gay, or on a BYE this week. There was a natural break in the sports action with the World Series being concluded, NASCAR in the middle of the 3rd playoff stage, an uneventful week in the NBA, and a week 9 in the NFL that didn't produce too many exciting surprises, outside of Dallas beating KC and Washington beating Seattle. Talk Back returns next week at 10am EST to discuss the playoff picture in the NFL, analyze the 4...

Duration: 00:04:48

Talk Back Episode 126 - NFL week 8 recap and Talk Worthy feat. NCAAF and the NBA

There was a lot going on in the world of sports that hosts Eric Nesbit & Justin Gay had to get through on episode 26, from the trading deadline in the NFL to the first college football playoff rankings, to the Cavaliers off to a horrible start in the NBA. The NASCAR world was abuzz with the situation between Denny Hamlin and Chase Elliott, and World Series game 7 was happening live as the podcast was being recorded. Check in to Talk Back for two fans' perspectives on all of these happenings...

Duration: 01:17:41

Talk Back Episode 125 - Week 7 NFL reaction & Talk Worthy NBA, NASCAR, and NCAAF

Episode 25 of Talk Back kicks off with reactions from the hosts to the week 7 action in the NFL, followed by their opinions on the intriguing matchups for the week 8 schedule. In segment two, hosts Eric Nesbit & Justin Gay have a Talk Worthy discussion about the first few games of the NBA season, the NASCAR playoffs dwindling to 8 cars remaining, and Penn State's hopes for staying undefeated and having Saquon Barkley win the Heisman award. The show concludes with the lightning round...

Duration: 01:03:44

Talk Back Episode 124 - NBA opening night, NFL week 6 reactions, NASCAR, & ESPN

In episode 24 of Talk Back it's opening night of the NBA that steals the show, with huge matchups for each of the teams in the previous NBA Finals contest, as the Celtics come in to play the Cavaliers, and the Rockets challenge the Warriors in San Francisco. Both games ended up being close, but it was news of Gordon Hayward's injury that changed the flow of the conversation that night. In segment two Justin leads the week 6 NFL discussion as the hosts keep up with the ever changing landscape...

Duration: 01:15:46

Talk Back Episode 123 - NFL week 5 wrap-up & a preview of the 2017-18 NBA season

On this week's episode hosts Eric Nesbit & Justin Gay tackle all of the action from week 5 in the NFL, recapping some of the more intriguing matchups, and talking about some of the teams that are in big trouble when looking at their record and what lies ahead on the schedule. In segment two of the podcast, they discuss the NBA 2017-18 season that's fast approaching, including whether or not there's any team in the league that can derail the Warriors and Cavaliers from meeting once again in...

Duration: 01:11:57

Talk Back Episode 122 - NFL week 4 recap, NASCAR playoffs, and NCAAM scandal

In this week's episode of Talk Back hosts Eric Nesbit & Justin Gay recap week 4 action in the NFL and give perspective on where things stand after the first 25% of the season. They look ahead to the intriguing matchups of week 5, before moving on to Talk Worth current events in segment two, where they discuss the NASCAR playoffs, the ugly scandal coming into the news from NCAA men's basketball, and the changes to the Heisman race. The show concludes with lightning round questions surrounding...

Duration: 01:19:21

Talk Back Episode 121 - The danger of the sports/politics collide and NFL week 3

Episode 21 proves to be an important show as it relates to current events in the sports climate. This week, hosts Eric Nesbit & Justin Gay tackle the real problem with the National Anthem protests and explain why the media and the divisive nature within each "side" aren't doing enough to invoke positive change on the actual issues. In segment two they wrap up the action from week 3 in the NFL and give their take on the intriguing matchups headed into week 4. The show concludes with the...

Duration: 01:06:00

Talk Back Episode 120 - Reaction to Wk2 in the NFL & Talk Worthy current events

On episode 20 of Talk Back hosts Eric Nesbit & Justin Gay go through some of the biggest news in the NFL from week two, including teams that are worse than projected, better than anticipated, and which injuries and matchups will effect the games in week three. Segment two features another Talk Worthy segment, where current events from NASCAR, college football, and the MLB playoff scenarios are discussed in more detail. The show concludes with the traditional Lightning Round with each host...

Duration: 01:14:29

Talk Back Episode 119 - NFL week 1 breakdown & NASCAR playoffs begin

In this week's episode hosts Eric Nesbit and Justin Gay lead listeners through reactions and highlights from week 1 in the NFL, including major injuries and fantasy football impact. Segment two heads to the track for a wrap-up of the NASCAR regular season and a look ahead at the playoffs beginning this weekend, as well as big news from driver and sponsor changes heading into 2018. In the lightning round they answer questions about the Warriors' new sponsor patch, and what the Dodgers'...

Duration: 01:13:38

Talk Back Episode 118 - Week 1 in the NFL & Talk Worthy current events

The Talk Back hosts are ready for NFL week 1, and after all of the preview shows over the last eight weeks it's finally time to get down to business with a last-minute update on news from around the league and a look at the top 5 most intriguing matchups this weekend. In segment two Eric & Justin go through Talk Worthy current events, including the NFL's suspension of Zeke Elliott, what JJ Watt has done for Hurricane Harvey relief, why the Ravens didn't hire Kaepernick, opening week in...

Duration: 01:12:02

Talk Back Episode 117 - NFL NFC West preview & a tweet that went horribly wrong

In episode 17 of Talk Back, hosts Eric Nesbit & Justin Gay finish the NFL divisional preview series by digging through the NFC West and determining if anybody can beat the Seahawks to win the division. Segment two is another edition of Talk Worthy, a rundown of current events, this week featuring NFL injury updates, problems in the Cavs and Celtics deal, the boxing spectacle between Mayweather & McGregor, and a sarcastic tweet by Eric about DFS golf that got way out of hand last week....

Duration: 01:15:43

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