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Talk Fool Radio EP.20!!Jack Shirley

BIG DAY HERE AT TFR....HAPPY 20TH EPISODE!!!!! What better fool to be on the 20th episode than our boy Jack Shirley. He's recorded I think literally 6 million tight bands. He's out of the bay area and has completely helped form the scene for years. Before that I talk about my crazy experience attempting to fix my own phone and how important my little phone vacation was. Aight dawgs a huge special thanks to Jack and all the producers who helped the 20th episode become Real. The Atomic...

Duration: 01:26:23

Talk Fool Radio EP. 19 Andy Oconnor

Sup my TFR sisters and brothers. Today I go off on a little bit of a rant sorry, too much coffee. I talk automation and universal basic income in response to our dawg Mohammed's email. Then we get right to it with a sick ass interview with my good dawg Andy O'connor. He is a great dude, great writer, great friend and he has some really amazing shit to say. Thanks for all the patience i love you all. PRODUCERS: Nate Burger Mohammed Abbasi Thanks so much to todays producers for helping to...

Duration: 01:36:13

Talk Fool Radio EP.18 LIZ PELLY

Hey my non clowns!! I love all of you I hope all of your holidays were amazing incredible full of love and shit like that. Today's guest is a very awesome, smart, hard working, and important individual. Liz Pelly has her hands in many things including The Media and the team over at Silent Barn. Besides her writing she is also a very important part of the New York DIY scene. LIKE US, she values the spread of information over all. THE MEDIA: PRODUCERS: Michael...

Duration: 01:27:17


YOOOOO sup my dawgs?? Im on the damn Road again and this episode is coming to you from the bayou!! Leave me in the swamp dawg thats where I was meant to be. Today I talk about augmented reality and why I've been obsessed with it lately. I definitely go on a little rant about how tight it is sorry. Then I prove why our producers are the tightest on THIS planet. Then we get into our interview with our favorite Wicked Jester Joseph Rowland from one of my favorite bands PALLBEARER and his...

Duration: 01:35:15

Talk Fool Radio EP. 13 CREEPERS

Sup all you Damn wonderful glorious humans. Lot of love in todays episode. I explain the joys of an east coast autumn and I go on a liiiiiittle itty bitty rant about the election and the debate. NOT about which candidate is better than the other BUT how you shouldn't let ANYONE (including our beautiful current president) tell you who to vote for. YOU HAVE THE POWER YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. Then we talk to my wonderful brothers in Creepers who are a single shining lighthouse in the vast sea of...

Duration: 01:06:08

Talk Fool Radio BRIAN COOK

Sup!! Today is the shit. I talk about seeing some whale sharks, the ever incredible THURSDAY, and I accidentally go on a little rant about being an artist and living the struggle. I know I know Im sorry. I had the pleasure of sitting down and talking to the most accomplished and amazing fool in the universe Brian Cook and its a well of knowledge I really enjoyed tapping. Thanks for all the support and remember fool, subscribe and download. OH and merch is on the way. Brian Cook: Russian...

Duration: 01:46:39


From my team to yours HAPPY HOLIDAYS!! On todays episode we talk to the Sacred King of punishing riffs (and Profoud Lore) Chris Bruni about the behind the scenes responsibilities of running a tight record label. He was nice enough to lace us with some unreleased material for the new episode and let me tell you, its hard as fuck!! I inform you of some new happenings in the TalkFool world such as the new website and we have some merch on the way!! Thanks to team (you) for...

Duration: 02:30:57


Episode 5 motherfucker!! Hate to be the bearer of bomb news but today we talk to Yasi Salek about being ugly kids, having a million different jobs, and how haters may hate but we still fuck wit 3eb. I talk about my skepticism when it comes to big Snowden and go off about Nuclear.......Fucking.......Fusion. I also say i don't want it to be 2 hours long anymore and theennnn go for 2 and a half lol. The music on todays episode was curated by the damn homie Marc Gonya aka Granite Mask!! Be...

Duration: 02:25:55


Sup non clowns Episode #4!! Today we talk with this wonderful fool Bryan Proteau, the artistic mind behind Clovenhoov and Natvres Mortes illustrations. We talk about Tool, bad tattoos, and walking through the cemetery. I accidentally go hard on a teenager then turn around and uplift the damn children. thank you for dealing wit a couple small hiccups I'm away from the studio and miss my kitty. Enjoy and please keep breathing!! SLAPS: Rasberry...

Duration: 01:55:44


Sup Team!! 3rd fucking episode!! Today we talk to Youth Code about primitive synth work, Not punishing the bands you love, and how much we Love Pantera lol. My kitty says what up and a spider attacks the shit out of me....not tight. Interview is great!! sorry for cutting off the goodbye on accident but all good No trip SLAPS: -Them are us -Too Eudaemonia -Granite Mask -Turk...

Duration: 01:55:11


Sup fool!! 2nd episode of TalkFoolRadio. We talk to our boy Tony Molina about In Disgust, tight ass guitar tone, and why its cool to pay touring bands. This fool real as fuck and some of this knowledge is priceless. Thank you dawgs for the great response to the first episode lets keep this shit going!! SONGS: Delroy Edwards-Now u in my trunk-slowed down funk vol.3 Skander-Dirge 1...

Duration: 01:33:15