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Talk Music Talk is a music interview show hosted by author/musician boice-Terrel Allen featuring long-form conversations with musicians, authors and others connected to music.

Talk Music Talk is a music interview show hosted by author/musician boice-Terrel Allen featuring long-form conversations with musicians, authors and others connected to music.
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New York City, NY


Talk Music Talk is a music interview show hosted by author/musician boice-Terrel Allen featuring long-form conversations with musicians, authors and others connected to music.






TMT 157: Marrón

Over the course of ten years and five albums with the Mexican alt-rock band Ventilader, frontman Marrón has switched gears with his solo debut, etc. Co-produced by Van Rivers (Fever Ray, Blonde Redhead and !!!) after relocating to Brooklyn, the singer-songwriter’s album is awash with synths and sounds built for movement. [This episode features “Paladar” and “10 Años” from etc. in their entirety.] Visit Marrón online: STREAM/SUBSCRIBE ON SPOTIFY:...

Duration: 00:58:49


Born in Britain to musical Japanese parents, GOCCO continues the lineage with her new song "New Century Meat" and its accompanying video. Her music is as vivid as her Technicolor personal style. The Brooklyn-based singer, songwriter and visual artist is currently prepping her forthcoming EP of avant-pop. [This episode includes "New Century Meat" in its entirety.] Visit GOCCO online: SUBSCRIBE ON SOUNDCLOUD: TMT APP FOR iPHONE:...

Duration: 00:51:41

TMT 155: Jenn Pelly

Grandly heralded bands with more praise than sales under their belt could do no worse than to have their work documented by music journalists like Jenn Pelly. With her beautifully-crafted debut book on The Raincoats' self-titled 1979 post-punk classic, Jenn guides us through both a history of the all-female band and the influential album's place in music history. Also Pitchfork's Associate Reviews Editor, the Brooklyn writer's book-length essay is the 126th volume of the 33 1/3 series on a...

Duration: 00:46:22

TMT 154: Travis Johnson (Grooms)

A new Grooms album ever two years is the perfect clockwork for indie rock devotees. As the lead vocalist and guitarist, Travis Johnson heads up the Brooklyn-based band whose debut came out in 2009 when they were a part of the now-defunct Death by Audio DIY scene in Williamsburg. Grooms newly-released fifth album, Exit Index (Western Vinyl), continues to refine their pairing of sturdy vocal melodies and textured music production. [This episode features "Magistrate Seeks Romance" from Exit...

Duration: 00:54:07

TMT 153: Sarah Elizabeth Charles

We need more fearless artists like Sarah Elizabeth Charles inhabiting the world. On Free of Form, the vocalist and composer's third incredible album in a row, she continues to question the expectations of jazz, soul and her own singular talent. It's an exhilarating expansion of her creativity. Sarah co-produced the album with trumpeter Christian Atunde Adjuah Scott who also plays on four songs. Free of Form is the inaugural release on Christian's Stretch Music imprint. Sarah previously...

Duration: 01:05:36

TMT 152: Eric Morse

Eric Morse’s second children’s book, What is Hip-Hop? (produced by journalist Nelson George) is a vibrant picture book on the rich culture and celebrates not only rap music but also breakdancing and graffiti art, from the Bronx block parties to the present day. Imagine that a picture book with a target audience of 4-7 year olds could be an opportunity for parents to discuss issues like race and feminism through the lens of hip-hop. With 3-D clay illustrations by Anny Yi, Eric’s follow-up to...

Duration: 01:10:02

TMT 151: Amy Andersson

Maestra Amy Andersson has toured throughout fourteen countries with an expertise that flourishes in a variety of settings. This versatility has allowed her to conduct operatic, symphonic, Broadway music and video operatic repertoire. As of this year, Maestra Andersson has founded her own ensemble, Orchestra Moderne NYC. Its premiere program, The Journey to America: From Repression to Freedom (Part 1), celebrates the legacy of immigration to America. The ensemble’s inaugural performance will...

Duration: 00:48:20

TMT 150: Public Speaking (Jason Anthony Harris)

The 150th episode of Talk Music Talk: Grace Upon Grace (Floordoor Records/Already Dead Tapes) marks the return of Public Speaking, the solo project of Jason Anthony Harris. The new album is Jason’s response to our current political climate and the “vulnerability to demagoguery in…fractured, desperate times” without slipping into didacticism. The Brooklyn-based musician’s earthy baritone washes over his piano and startling processed sounds and provides about as much comfort as a fly in the...

Duration: 01:51:19

TMT 149: Soft Glas (Revisiting João Gonzalez)

The latest release from Soft Glas, the solo project of João Gonzalez, is a centered meditation on receiving the comfort of loved ones and looking back to appreciate the joy in present moments. Premiering João’s lead vocals, Orange Earth is the second full-length album from the Brooklyn-based producer/multi-instrumentalist and is released in conjunction with his short film, The Undiminished Sky. Created with filmmaker Aaron Vazquez, The Undiminished Sky is a sumptuous visual representation of...

Duration: 00:51:26

TMT 148: Lori Majewski

You have to admire someone whose journalism career owes a debt to Duran Duran. In 1987, for a college assignment, Lori Majewski started a Duranzine about her all-time favorite group. The publication once held a circulation of 5000 international Duranies. Her love of writing was sparked. Career highlights since those early days include co-founding Teen People plus various editor stints at US Weekly and Entertainment Weekly. In 2014, Lori co-authored (with Jonathan Bernstein) an oral history...

Duration: 00:48:47

TMT 147: A. Savage (Parquet Courts)

A. Savage's solo debut, Thawing Dawn, is the 20th release on his own label, Dull Tools. After five full-lengths (and two EP’s) with Parquet Courts, the Brooklyn-based band Savage founded in 2010, Thawing Dawn is the glorious result of a “songwriting bootcamp” as he puts it. Savage still sings and plays guitar in the band, they're returning to the studio this year, but his abundant productivity yielded a collection of songs that didn't quite fit the group. Thawing Dawn is an album in every...

Duration: 00:56:30

TMT 146: Victor Vieira-Branco

Brazilian vibraphonist Victor Vieira-Branco wants to dirty up the percussion instrument. Perhaps an inspired connection from the São Paulo composer's love of punk music and its spirit. Earlier this year his group, Trio Repelente, released Ao Vivo Pra Ninguém, an intense study of jazz, post-rock and the kitchen sink all coalescing in shambolic harmony. Victor is also a member of the ensemble, Baoba Stereo Club. [This episode features "Shifty" and "Azul" from Ao Vivo Pra Ninguém in their...

Duration: 00:42:47

TMT 145: L'Rain

The cover of multi-instrumentalist and tape-manipulator L'Rain's debut album simultaneously represents the memory of her mother and the music partly inspired by her. Taja Cheek's solo project is a phonetic respelling of her mother's name. The album image bears an eponymous cursive tattoo on the Brooklyn songwriter's forearm. Taja's genre is noise enveloped with melody, or sometimes the other way around, but always warmed by her vocals. [This episode features "A Toes (Shelf Inside Your...

Duration: 00:32:20

TMT 144: Katie Von Schleicher

It takes a confident artist to title their album Shitty Hits. Singer/songwriter Katie Von Schleicher couldn't care less if you're in on the joke or not because, quite simply, her second release contains eleven reasons to the contrary. Think '70s Laurel Canyon on a cloudy day. For this Brooklyn-based artist, it's classic heart-on-your-sleeve songwriting that's justifying raves from the likes of NPR and Interview magazine. [This episode features "The Image" and "Midsummer" from Shitty Hits in...

Duration: 00:57:19

TMT 143 Finnegan Shanahan/Rite of Summer Music Festival

Whether on record or in a live setting, composer/multi-instrumentalist/vocalist Finnegan Shanahan's The Two Halves is hauntingly ambitious. The album, based on a Hudson River Railroad map (circa 1852), was released last year and has been performed with Contemporaneous, an ensemble Finnegan helped establish when he attended Bard College. New York's Rite of Summer music festival will feature the latest performance of The Two Halves during its 2017 season on Governors Island. This episode...

Duration: 01:27:37

TMT 142: Mars Dixon (Aye Nako)

The best creatives often design from a place of not seeing themselves represented in certain spaces. In the case of Mars Dixon, seven years ago he formed the band Aye Nako because he wanted to see a stage populated with people of color, queer people or even trans people like himself performing punk music that shouts from the margins. The Brooklyn-based group recently put out their third release, Silver Haze. It's a vital collection of spiky, melodic songs where Mars splits guitar and vocal...

Duration: 00:56:51

TMT 141: Akinyemi

It seems highly unlikely to stumble into excellence. There is a pathway to it regardless of an elusive success or ambitious destinations. The procedures to excellence are what yield artists like rapper Akinyemi. The Queens native is consistently honing his craft through a practice of reading, studying great hip-hop records and even sharpening his singing voice with vocal coaching. The 21-year-old is simultaneously wrapping up his final year of college as a computer science major while he...

Duration: 00:38:34

TMT 140: Jazzy Ash

While everyone is familiar with the term "indie", we just might need more performers like Jazzy Ash to make "kindie" a household word. Independent artists who make music for kids. Over the course of four albums, Ash has been building a thriving audience with originals and covers that appeal to both parents and their offspring. Swing Set is the latest release for the Southern California-native and her band the Leaping Lizards. The new album features Ash singing a selection of songs from the...

Duration: 00:38:22

TMT 139: Nick Pope

For singer-songwriter Nick Pope, musical inspiration is often found in memories. Revisiting those moments, those events with perhaps a little more clarity that is only accessible through distance. His perfect new album, Howl and Flood, is a study in sustaining a mood and arrives on the heels of last year's compilation of EP's, the genre-hopping Souvenirs and Astronauts. Howl & Flood's consistency in sound is no less exciting in its execution, it merely highlights Nick's restless...

Duration: 00:58:12

TMT 138: Beau Borek

There's this thing that singer-songwriter Beau Borek does whenever he reaches for his falsetto. His voice catches for a moment and it breaks your heart each and every time. Which is apropos since his debut release, Different Generations, is about familial loss and relationships and how the experiences can shape you. Although the lyrics are highly personal, Beau has discovered a way to translate an intimacy that affects us all. Listening to Different Generations feels more like a redemptive...

Duration: 00:40:36

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