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Episode 53 - Libraries And Ben Franklin - And SO Many Other Things - Southpaw: A Tale About A Girl's Imagination

Help A Girl Out (that would be me) And Push That PURPLE BUTTON On Your iPhone To SUBSCRIBE Or SUBSCRIBE Via Apple Podcasts (iTunes) Helloo, This is Stephanie...Talk, Tales and Trivia! In this episode I have so much to talk about and many tales! Exciting times are here as I detail a chat I have with my Aunt and talk about libraries and who discovered them (The hint is in the title). I also have some beautiful raves. As I say lately...rants are fun but raves are SO much better. Don't you...

Duration: 00:30:25

Episode 52! Fall Is Here - Oktoberfest Until October 3rd - Hurry Up! Announcements!

SUBSCRIBE, SUBSCRIBE, SUBSCRIBE PUSH THAT LITTLE PURPLE BUTTON ON YOUR IPHONE! Helloo...This is Stephanie...Talk, Tales and Trivia! In this here episode we talk about a lot of things! Yes. There is a little rambling, which happens when I haven't done an episode in a while. But overall, it's all good. I tried to give you all the Fall (Autumn) information from the beautiful weather to a cool drink you might want to try to a little unknown secret about hotels (shhh...nobody's supposed to...

Duration: 00:26:17

Episode 51 - PUNK ROCK! - Quick Overview Of What It's All About

SUBSCRIBE AND DOWNLOAD By Pushing That Purple Button On Your iPhone Helloo...This is Stephanie...Talk, Tales and Trivia... In this episode we're having fun giving you a little overview of what punk rock really is. I know a little bit about punk rock because it was a part of who I was when I was growing up. Yes. I loved the free spirited dress and was curious about the punk lifestyle. I admit I dabbled! What is it? Where did it begin? And where did the punk rockers hang out? And what...

Duration: 00:12:55

Episode 50! - My Tale At Podcast Movement - Plus Other Great Things

SUBSCRIBE! SUBSCRIBE! SUBSCRIBE! :-) In this episode Stephanie talks about her past month and what she did to get ready for Podcast Movement 17. It was pretty exciting and a little terrifying, too. Well, that's an understatement. It was very terrifying because she was making a "Ted Talk Type" tale that she would be doing on stage the day before the official opening of Podcast Movement 17. Stephanie retells the tale she gave about her passion for podcasting using her first year in...

Duration: 00:19:14

This Is Not Episode 50! But It's Coming Soon...

This month we are celebrating our 1st year in podcasting. Very exciting! This is only a quick heads up to our listeners that we are taking a wee bit of a Summer break. During this time Stephanie is preparing for Podcast Movement 17, which has included buying new unusually difficult thing to do for some reason. But...not to despair, dear listeners. Talk, Tales and Trivia will be back at the end of August. We would love to hear how you spent your last bit of summer. You can...

Duration: 00:01:28

Episode 49! - Swimsuit Season And Fidget Spinners! - And A Rant I Can't Hold In.

In this episode Stephanie talks about something no woman really likes to talk about. That's right. "Swimsuit Season". It's even difficult for Stephanie to think about it this summer for more than 5 minutes without locking herself in the bathroom.'s much better inside her 72 degree home...not just's SO much better. Forget the beach. Forget sweating. There's no need for any of these things! The End! *I Mom So Hard - Swimsuit Season Video (Dirty...

Duration: 00:22:41

Episode 48 - The Original 1968 Classic Planet Of The Apes - I Love It And You Will Too!

In this episode, Stephanie talks about the original 1968 movie, The Planet of the Apes. Her favorite of them all. She talks about this wonderful beginning of the The Planet of the Apes franchise because there is so much history behind it. We all can learn so much by watching this one. And then there's the all star cast and clearly dystopian theme...seriously...can it get any better than that? No. It can't. And, enjoy some excellent trivia as you listen to this episode and notice the...

Duration: 00:14:43

Episode 47 - Swedish Books That Became Movies - And More!

In this episode Stephanie really shows her true love of Sweden by highlighting some of the books and movies from Sweden. These are some special gems for sure. You don't want to miss reading these books and then watching the accompanying movies. This is quite a list! Nej? Perhaps grab a hot beverage on a rainy night, snuggle up with a loved one, maybe your cat or dog, and get down to some serious reading or watching! There will be a quiz on all of these next week! Enjoy! Let The Right...

Duration: 00:16:07

Episode 46 - True Crime Everything!- And An Announcement At The End

Well here we are again! Stephanie is talking true crime in this episode and she loves it. There is just so much true crime everything in American pop culture. Something for everyone. Stephanie explores it all plus a small love of something (or someone) that is in the horror genre. Hmmm...we're not going to tell you. You're going to have to listen to the episode. Also, Stephanie has some very exciting news that she wants to share with you all at the very end of this episode. No skipping...

Duration: 00:16:07

Episode 45 - Grieving Norton - The Best Son-Doggie I've Ever Known

In this episode Stephanie talks about the passing of her beautiful dog, Norton. She misses him so much. This is a very short episode because it is fresh in her mind and it just happened this past Saturday morning. We will have a new episode out next week but please remember that we love you and we appreciate you always. Stay tuned. Stephanie and the Talk, Tales and Trivia Gang Rainbow's Bridge website for pet loss: Please visit our Patreon page to...

Duration: 00:05:16

Episode 44 - Give Me That Bacon! - Seriously. I Want It...Now.

In this episode Stephanie discovers the world of bacon! Seriously. She loves her bacon. Mounds and mounds of bacon. For Stephanie, it can't get much better than having loads of bacon on her plate. Stephanie talks about her special love for this all-time very favorite meat that most American's love just as much as her. We also did some research discovering a few online stores that sell all the special bacon delicacies just in case family and friends don't know what to get Stephanie for...

Duration: 00:17:55

Episode 43 - Dystopian Everything! - It's Bleak. It's Depressing - We Love It

In this episode Stephanie talks about the "Dystopian Everything" craze that is currently in American pop culture. There is a lot to read, watch and listen to. Here's the thing. Stephanie loves dystopian everything but is it a good thing? She ponders this and weighs in on this topic of the week. Of course it's a good thing. Perhaps in small doses for the faint of heart. Is it more depressing than it is good? Stephanie thinks if you take it nice and slow and don't overindulge you'll be...

Duration: 00:19:40

Episode 42 - It's All About The Acknowledgement - A Holiday, A Vehicle, A Wave And A Greeting

In this episode Stephanie talks about acknowledging some important things this American patriotic Memorial Day weekend: *Acknowledging all the American men and women who served in the armed forces and died for our country. *Acknowledging the Jeep Wrangler as an American favorite summertime vehicle. This weekend we challenge you to count just how many Jeep Wranglers come out for the Memorial Day weekend. AND THIS: *Acknowledging how a person is feeling when you see them and saying the...

Duration: 00:20:20

Episode 41 - It's All Fun And Games -

In this here episode, Stephanie talks about having fun and games. It's all very exciting. The "thinking about having fun while playing games" part. But is it really fun? "Wednesday Game Night" is an actual thing and it's becoming popular once again (Everything is cyclical. Remember that). Of course, game night means board games, card games and kids' games that have been, perhaps, forgotten and need to be dusted of the shelf for a second run. Stephanie also mentions that it's all fun and...

Duration: 00:23:36

Episode 40! - These Are A Few Of My Favorite (Pop Culture) Things

This is our 40th episode and Stephanie is happy and excited. In this one Stephanie goes through some of her favorite pop culture items. These favorite things are: favorite drink, favorite book, favorite short story, favorite movie, favorite music, favorite past time, favorite morning activity and her very own and very personal, personal favorite...we'll leave that one to your own imagination (get that mind of yours out of the gutter). It's NOT that personal. And then there's Talk, Tales...

Duration: 00:15:36

Episode 39 - East Coast vs West Coast - Dressing For California - And A Rave

On this episode, Stephanie has some legit questions about what to pack for her trip to California. But one recent night, not able to sleep, she goes online for a quest to find out the differences between the left and right coasts. Yes. The differences are glaring and polar opposites but she can adjust just fine. After all, how different can humans really be? Hmmm? She reads what she can and finds out some things but in the end... Well, you'll just have to listen to find out. For this...

Duration: 00:12:21

Episode 38 - Travel Adventures - Stephanie's Unscripted First Rant - Yikes!

On this episode, Stephanie talks about the ups AND (mostly) downs of her travel experiences. Oh, she loves the idea of's just the act of getting where she's going that makes her not want to travel. Stephanie does have an upcoming trip. She's determined to do it the right way this time because she knows what to expect. Now, let us quickly just tell you about our new segment. It's called "Rant's Or Raves - Unscripted". This is big because Stephanie challenges her inner fear...

Duration: 00:20:57

Episode 37 - Easter Basket, Church, Brunch - In That Order? Hmmm...

In this episode, Stephanie talks about Easter and how she feels about Easter Sunday brunch and the candy consumption leading up to this HUGE candy holiday. Yep. Stephanie loves Easter and discovers in this episode some Easter history she didn't even know (but really should have). Better late than never! By now you know what to do. Get that favorite beverage of choice, grab a handful of jelly beans and sit back, relax and listen to this Easter episode. Also, if you are so inclined, do...

Duration: 00:10:08

Episode 36 - Spring Cleaning - Yep. I Hate It!

In this episode Stephanie is off on a tangent of sorts. Perhaps that's to harsh but she is not shy about letting anyone within earshot know how she feels about spring cleaning. She hates it. Thankfully there is a solution. Martha Stewart has the solution by way of a spring cleaning checklist. Will Stephanie follow the spring cleaning checklist? This "spring cleaning thing" is long, hard, dirty work. Maybe too much long, hard, dirty work for just one person (or any person)! Stephanie does...

Duration: 00:14:30

Episode 35 - The Kids In The Neighborhood - Growing Up 70's Style

In this episode, Stephanie takes a trip back to the 1970' her old neighborhood, figuratively speaking. The good 'ol times of years gone by when growing up was innocent. Skinned knees and dirty faces were all the rage. It wasn't glamorous but it wasn't meant to be! Playing was hard work and she loved it! It was expected. Some things we never forget and the 1970's is a big part of Stephanie's life. Her informative years. Perhaps, you too, have tales that you want to share with a...

Duration: 00:11:02

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