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Talk Time with Trish helps to improve communications for men and women. It's about all kinds of relationships; personal and professional. How we manage in relationships is based on communication. The key to manage effectively in relationships, is effective communication.




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Through the Lens of the American Worker

How do our relationships with supervisors and management influence how happy we are at work? What should we do when we have a supervisor who is disrespectful or downright mean?

Duration: 00:55:29

Special Encore Presentation: Workplace Warzones: Staying out of the Line of

Have you ever had a nightmare of a boss? -- or a co-worker that you can’t stand? Join Dr. Trish Forante as she discusses communication issues in the workplace with guest and co-host, Dr. Lisa Stewart. Dr. Stewart will share some of her experiences as an Employee Assistance Program consultant. She will provide valuable insight into common workplace problems along with tools and communication techniques that are critical to our long-term success on the job. Learn how to de-escalate conflicts...

Duration: 00:54:16

Prescription Drug Abuse: Society’s Newest Epidemic

Most people have had pain medication prescribed to them by a physician at some point in their lives. The recovery from knee and back surgery, for example, can be long and painful. What are the dangers of taking these prescribed pain medications? How can we avoid the damage caused by addiction to these medications that are supposed to be helping us? What can both doctors and patients do to become more aware of the dangers? Join Dr. Lisa Stewart as she talks with Ira Levy, an addictions...

Duration: 00:56:50

Sex: How to Get More

How can you make your woman happy and also get what you need? According to author Jodi Ambrose, it’s not impossible, and it doesn’t cost more than a couple of bucks here and there. There are no trips to Italy or expensive jewelry required. Join Dr. Lisa Stewart as she talks with Jodi about her book Sex: How to Get More. In this handbook designed for the male audience, men are offered insight into how women think so that they can speak and behave in ways that will very likely enhance the...

Duration: 00:54:59

"WHAT HAPPENS IF I… How to Make Action/Reaction Work For You, Instead of Ag

In her book, What Happens If I..., Betsy Otter Thompson covers many different topics from what happens if I do what I love and the money doesn’t come, to what happens if I can’t stay monogamous. The purpose of the book is to make the reader aware of action/reaction and how these physics play out in our everyday lives. Tune in this Friday, at 9am Pacific / 12noon EST, as Trish Forante talks with Betsy Otter Thompson, a writer with a passion for communicating spiritual concepts.

Duration: 00:51:36

Happy Children, Happy Home

Life is stressed, for everyone. Children need a simple, caring and natural environment to be happy in their lives. How can we teach our children to be intrinsically respectful towards others while they honor their own needs as well? Peaceful conflict resolution is found in Crystal Clear Communication, the way to authentic connection. “Happy Children, Happy Home ©” is the title of one of Carla Van Walsum’s workshops, where she provides tools to parents for being their brightest self and...

Duration: 00:57:41

Autism…now what? Living a Quality Life –Part 2

Part 1 of our discussion about autism addressed some of the feelings, concerns, and decisions that families experience when faced with a diagnosis. In Part 2, Patty Smith talks with Lisa Stewart about the importance of a team approach in every aspect of living with ASD. The key is to choose a path that matches the needs of the person with ASD, and the needs of the family. Whether you are a parent, professional, family member, friend, or neighbor you have the ability to positively impact...

Duration: 00:58:01

If you don’t love being alone with you, how can you expect anyone else to?

How do we get beyond attracting TOADS - Totally Opportunistic Abusive Defensive Spouses? So many women today are looking for love outside of themselves. They spend hours, months and years looking for that PERFECT partner. Instead, they keep attracting more of the same relationships. We have to BE the love, we wish to have. How do we become the love we wish to have? By totally getting to know ourselves. Then, we become magnets for wonderful men. Tune in this Friday, at 12noon EST, as Lisa...

Duration: 00:51:54

Sweethearts & Heroes

"95% of all bully's...get away with it!" About 40 years after Christopher Columbus discovered America, the word "Bully" was born. Ironically, it originally meant "Sweetheart". "Sweethearts & Heroes" is a one of a kind Anti-Bullying organization. We don't have a bullying problem in America. What we have is a lack of Sweethearts & Heroes. This group is working to create 16th century "Sweethearts". Tune in as Trish Forante talks with Sweethearts & Heroes co-founder, Thomas Murray and...

Duration: 00:23:56

Life Mastery...Can it be so Simple?

We hear it all the time..."Live to your fullest potential; Reach your goals; Achieve success!" But why is it so hard? Why does it take so long? It doesn't have to be! Remember the beginning of the Internet? With this tool a world of information became available to us...literally overnight. We're now able to immediately access knowledge, with a few keystrokes. Can you imagine tapping our brains, our own Internet, the same way? The limits would be endless! You can! Tune in as Trish Forante...

Duration: 00:23:01

What Do Women Want?

"All men are dogs! They're uncaring, unemotional and self-absorbed. They prefer to play with their toys than spend time with their girl. If you loved me, you should know to...and I shouldn't have to tell you!" With this view of the maze of female emotions and behaviors, men must negotiate so that he stays out of the “Dog House”. In this program, Trish Forante talks with Kenneth Barker, LMHC and Doctoral Candidate, on the rift between desires of the female and the males’ difficulty to...

Duration: 00:20:47

Autism…now what? Living a Quality Life

Imagine your child being diagnosed with a perplexing disorder. Then imagine seeking treatment and finding only a few experienced doctors...and they all disagree on the recommended treatment! This was what one mother experienced, when her 3 year old son was diagnosed with Autism. Looking for help in the healthcare field, it was her son who had the answers. Tune in as Patricia Smith tells about her heart wrenching journey that ends in a miracle.

Duration: 00:19:52

Why Isn't My Relationship Perfect?

Feeling like your relationship is in a stuck place? Not happy where it is, but don't know how to make it better? Listen to our guest, Matt Ghezzi talk about getting unstuck. Matt's a relationship expert who uses a unique technique to have a more conscious relationship. Tune in Friday at 12noon EST

Duration: 00:23:24

The Lighter Side of Life

When we were children, life was all about having fun. So, what happened? As adults, did we forget? Tune in as Lisa Stewart talks to John Reininger about planning for a happier life. Attitude is important, but making plans is what brings the joy to life!

Duration: 00:22:45

Special Encore Presentation: The Unspoken Language of Men

Males have been raised to perform and not express emotions. Consequently, their thoughts have gone unheard. “Unspoken Language,” is a story of the social, psychological, as well as anthropological history of male behavior, personality and expression of emotion. Trish Forante talks to it's author, Dr. Ron Mercer, co-director of The Center for Creative Living, about how men are governed by ancient predispositions and how it impacts their lives and relationships today.

Duration: 00:21:12

The Ups and Downs of Relationships

Relationships: The Good...the Bad...the Ugly. Mate selection. Dating mistakes. Personal baggage. Marriage pitfalls. Parenting. In-laws. Avoiding relationship rut. Did I miss anything? Need an instruction manual? Tune and and take notes as Trish Forante talks with Joel Lerner, about the Ups and Downs of Relationships. Loving, caring, long term relationships are, not only possible, they exist. Joel Lerner, his wife and children are living proof. Joel credits his to 3 simple keys. Listen to...

Duration: 00:23:05

Talk Time with Trish

The marriage didn't work out. You're stressed to the max. But now, you face a nasty divorce. More dis-empowerment created by an adversarial process. How much more fighting can you take? How much more can you afford to lose? Want to avoid the "winner take all" mentality? It may be the end of your marriage, but it doesn't have to be the end of you. There is a Peaceful resolution. Trish Forante talks with John Mulhall, Marital and Family Law Attorney, about resolving conflicts WITHOUT...

Duration: 00:23:26

The Unspoken Language of Men

Males have been raised to perform and not express emotions. Consequently, their thoughts have gone unheard. “Unspoken Language,” is a story of the social, psychological, as well as anthropological history of male behavior, personality and expression of emotion. Trish Forante talks to it's author, Dr. Ron Mercer, co-director of The Center for Creative Living, about how men are governed by ancient predispositions and how it impacts their lives and relationships today.

Duration: 00:21:12


The divorce rate is staggering. For those who stay in their relationships, many say they're miserable. But it doesn't have to be that way. Dr. Virginia Crist believes the "honeymoon period" doesn't have to end. Dr. Crist talks to Lisa Stewart about people who want to love and be loved. Based on 28 years of experience, make sure to listen her 5 Tips for Loving Couples! Dr. Virginia Crist, Ph.D., LMFT, is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in private practice. She sees individuals and...

Duration: 00:22:46

Choosing to Heal and Grow Through Loss

Loss is part of living. The death of a loved one (pets included), the unexpected change in health, professional or personal relationship...will change life as it previously existed. After a loss, it is essential to rebalance and renew life. One does not simply “get over it”. During this episode, John Reininger will talk about how to heal and grow by integrating the loss into a personal life story.

Duration: 00:23:52

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