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E120: Who should the Giants focus on at the NFL Combine?

The NFL Combine is next week, so we’re here to tell you what specifically the Giants should be zeroing in on and what we’ll be keeping an eye out for as reporters. Should the Giants keep their draft pick at #2 or should they trade it for more picks later on? We also talk about potential steals to look out for in the later rounds.


E119: What the Eagles' Super Bowl win means for the Giants

It’s painful to say, but the Eagles are Super Bowl champions. We discuss what that means for the Giants in the years ahead, Odell Beckham Jr. wanting a contract extension this offseason and the offensive coordinator search.


E118: What you need to know about Pat Shurmur

The Giants have officially hired Pat Shurmur as their head coach and we give our first impressions of him. We also take a look back on his career and review the Giants’ coaching search. What do we think of Jack Del Rio possibly being defensive coordinator? What should be at the top of Shurmur’s priority list?


E117: Introducing the Dave Gettleman era

The Giants season is officially over and we’re on to the Dave Gettleman era. He isn’t wasting any time making changes and made his message clear that no B.S. will be tolerated, which is a good start, but the Giants have a long way to go to get back on their feet.


E116: The Eli Apple saga

Eli Apple has been at the center of a dismal season for the Giants as of late. First, Dan Duggan broke a story on family strife being at the root of his tumultuous season. Shortly after, Landon Collins called him a cancer and we learned of some of Apple’s issues with coaches. Now, after his infamous comment, he’s been suspended. Let’s discuss…


E115: How Eli Manning may complicate coach, GM searches

The Giants’ 34-29 loss to the Eagles made for an exciting game, but not pulling off the upset was for the best as it helps preserve a high draft pick. Eli Manning played great and wants to be a Giant in 2018, but what does that mean for the head coach and GM searches? We also discuss the special teams debacle.


E114: Why isn't Davis Webb starting QB for rest of season?

There's nothing to lose, so why aren't the Giants starting Davis Webb at quarterback for the final three games? Joe Giglio, James Kratch and Dan Duggan try to make sense of starting Eli Manning after his curtain call game. Plus, discussion on Dave Gettleman as a GM candidate, and the messy Eli Apple situation.


E113: Questioning John Mara and the QB situation going forward

In the aftermath of Ben McAdoo and Jerry Reese being fired, we question John Mara’s reasoning behind their dismissals and wonder why he didn’t stop Eli Manning's benching ahead of time. How will interim head coach Steve Spagnuolo handle the QB situation going forward? We also discuss possible GM and head coach candidates.


E112: The Giants’ disgraceful handling of Eli Manning’s benching

James Kratch, Dan Duggan and Joe Giglio react to the stunning news that Eli Manning will be benched for Geno Smith and eventually Davis Webb. Come for the analysis, stay for the hot fire spewed.


E111: A case for why Jerry Reese could be back in 2018

We dissect the Giants' stunning win over the Kansas City Chiefs and what it means moving forward for the rest of the season. Plus, we tell you why Jerry Reese has a good argument to return as GM in 2018 (yes, you read that right).


E110: Why the Giants won’t make any big changes in-season

Unlike the Giants, we showed up this week for another episode. We’re running out of ways to call the team pathetic and embarrassing, but they keep hitting a new rock bottom every game. Ben McAdoo is a dead man walking, so why not just do the inevitable and fire him in-season?


E109: Ben McAdoo needs to be fired!

The Giants gave up 51 points in a blowout loss to the Rams and are a complete embarrassment. Changes are coming to the franchise and people are going to lose their jobs. For Ben McAdoo, it's a matter of when, not if.


E108: Is Jerry Reese serious? Reviewing his head-scratching comments

Giants general manager Jerry Reese addressed the media for the first time since training camp on Tuesday. He started the press conference by taking the blame for the Giants’ failures, but proceeded to blame everyone else. We take a deep dive into the entirety of his comments, focusing on the most ridiculous ones.


E107: Giants shock Broncos, but turnaround is unlikely

The Giants got a desperately-needed win in Denver, but the team isn’t fixed and it’s unlikely they’ll turn the season around. The running game looked good, but the receiving corps is depleted. Despite changes to the offensive line and play calling duties, it will be difficult to maintain the same success they had Sunday night. We also discuss what came out of the owners meeting and look ahead to the Seahawks.


E106: The Giants are pathetic, embarrassing and an all-time flop

There are not enough adjectives to describe just how bad the 2017 New York Giants are. And it's almost impossible to believe just how much the franchise has been flipped upside-down in the span of five weeks. We try to make sense out of what happens from here on out, and whether anyone's job is safe.


E105: How the Giants should approach the rest of the season

After falling to 0-4, the Giants have proven they are just not a good football team. With an unfavorable schedule, can they pull off a respectable season or will they end with a 3-13 record? Should they start playing younger players to prepare for the future and help secure a good draft pick? Ben McAdoo is starting to feel some heat and we discuss his future with the team. We also look ahead to their matchup with the Chargers.


E104: Giants heartbreaking loss to Eagles: What happened?

The Giants have fallen to 0-3 after a demoralizing loss on a last-second 61-yard field goal against the Eagles, and the season is quickly slipping away. Despite making some changes to the game plan and being in a position to win, they still found a way to give the game away. Does Ben McAdoo have control of the team? We also address the controversy surrounding Odell Beckham Jr.


E103: Who’s to blame for Giants’ failures?

The Giants lost to the Lions 24-10 and have looked awful through the first 2 weeks of the season. The offensive line has been atrocious, Eli Manning has played subpar and Ben McAdoo’s coaching has been called into question. Who should be getting most of the blame? Can the offense be fixed? We also look ahead to Week 3 in Philadelphia.


E102: Is the Giants offense fatally flawed?

The NFL season is officially underway and the Giants gave an abysmal performance against the Cowboys. The offense looked terrible largely in part to the offensive line. How much of an impact would Odell Beckham Jr. have made if he played? Has Eli Manning regressed or is the offensive line entirely to blame?


E101: Preview and predictions for Giants 2017 season

The 2017 season is here and the Giants have a promising team, but the NFC should be very competitive. We’re predicting how successful the Giants will be this year, especially in a strong NFC East. How much will the offensive line hold them back? How good can the defense be? Who will win the division? With Ezekiel Elliot playing, how do the Giants matchup against the Cowboys in Week 1?


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