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Talk is Talk is a podcast where nothing is out of bounds, the guys discuss current events and give their opinion on them. You will feel like your sitting in the living room with your friends.

Talk is Talk is a podcast where nothing is out of bounds, the guys discuss current events and give their opinion on them. You will feel like your sitting in the living room with your friends.
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Talk is Talk is a podcast where nothing is out of bounds, the guys discuss current events and give their opinion on them. You will feel like your sitting in the living room with your friends.








Dirty Discussions...

When two of the fastest growing podcasts in the game meet you know it’s going to be a wild one. It was no way Talk is Talk could leave Atl without checking in with the sexy ladies of @cocktalespodcast. @kikisaidso came thru and held it down while her co-host was out of town. @kikisaidso has a message for all the guys out there let it be known what your intentions are and you just might get somewhere with her. We also get into a discussion about buying condoms and having raw...


Once you go white you aight

This week Talk is Talk invites @thoroughbredfdzvp and @symone_swirlz to hang out with the guys as they try and tackle interracial dating. The ladies gives us the inside scoop on what attracted them to black men and they also shed light on the heat they catch for dating black men. While we have @thoroughbredfdzvp and @symone_swirlz in studio we get a few Valentines Day ideas from them. Aye it went down in a major way Talk is Talk style Black Men, White Women, Heavy Liquor makes for an...


Love Languages

Came out dat North & that bag on me now ain’t no better feeling than to watch your mama smile. We got family in the studio once again as we sit down with @mamakcamp for this one. She shares with us what it’s like raising Mr. Ain’t Nothing to ✂️ dat B!%^H off K Camp. Ladies listen up this one episode you don’t want to miss as @mamakcamp breaks down reclaiming your happiness and getting rid of baggage that you never heal from. We also get a 101 in the 5 Love Languages and how important it is...


Higher Learning

Back for his second tour on Talk is Talk we have @blazincutz Calvin Mack this week. Get ready to get your pen and pad out because Calvin Mack goes from his preaching mode to his teaching mode as he explains how the black man is and always has been the Go To Man of America. Mack also let’s it be known we were set up from the word go with gov’t cheese. Mack leaves you with a lot to think about this time around. Subscribe Rate Review Email: IG: talkistalkpodcast


The Brandon Barnes episode

Talk is Talk hits the road this and we pulls up in the Atl to politic with the man everyone loves to hate Growing Up Hip Hop Atl @iambrandonbarnes. We discuss current events such as the Monique and Netflix boycott as he give his opinion on it. @imbrandonbarnes speaks about being on Growing Up Hip Hop and how things not what they seem. @iambrandonbarnes let’s us know he’s looking for talent for Melodics Way.... IG: talkistalkpodcast


STB University

Staunton Bridge stand up!!! The faces of Hard records @b_from_hardrecords & @redd_capp slide thru the studio this week to kick it with Talk is Talk. We chop it up about the new age sex dolls as well as revisit this epidemic Pillow Talking once again. Who cheat more men or women?? @b_from_hardrecords & @redd_capp sheds sum light on how old is too old to jump of the porch. When fam is in the building you already know what to expect. Email: IG:talkistalkpodcast


Paper Tag Season

On Talk is Talk this week it’s all about the money ain’t a damn thing funny. @onlyittybitty and @danimillz_ from DT Tax Consulting stop by to give us some solid tax time advice, we also get their opinions on the H&M fall out and Ginuwine. It’s talk is talk so you know it’s plenty of laughs but also very informative and full of jewels!!! Subscribe Rate Review Host Cee Nard Hailmary Email IG Talkistalkpodcast


Let that man cheat in peace

This week Talk is Talk is joined by Dontae Rhodes and @cancer6ixx we dive into a quick current event about Mary J Blige before the show takes off. Dontae fresh out of Facebook jail let’s us in on what landed him on ice and the blowback. @cancer6ixx drops some jewels for the ladies to live by and die by when you catch your man cheating. @cancer6ixx & Dante shares some Side Piece Chronicles with us as well. Subscribe Rate Review Host Cee Nard Hailmary Email IG...


Happy New Year

Happy New Year Family!!!! @sharme2013 & @torri1978 joins Talk is Talk to kick things off in 2018. In this episode we discuss our New Years resolutions and side chicks lol. @sharme2013 wants to know wzup with all the pillow talking that take place and @torri1978 lets us in on how after a 19 year relationship she went from the main to somewhat of a side piece and how she was able to overcome it all and move on. S/O to everybody once again for the support Email: IG:...


Merry Xmas

Fa La La La La!!! Talk is Talk gets in the Christmas spirit and brings in family @tildonwashpon to discuss the meaning of Christmas. The guys go down memory lane and talk about some of their best and worst Christmas experiences. We also try to figure out how to let your side piece know she’s has to sit this Christmas dinner out. SUBSCRIBE RATE REVIEW Talk is Talk would like to wish all our listeners a Happy Holidays Email: IG @talkistalkpodcast



This week @864Gordo pulls up on Talk is Talk to show love, having one of the coldest pen in the rap game the guys get his opinion on the state of hip hop. We also tear apart other topics Talk is Talk style one being how to break the news to your homeboy he falling for a hoe. @864Gordo uncovers who’s the lover boy in Talk is Talk this will shock you. You already know we can’t leave you without a good Hailmary tale... Subscribe Rate Review Talk is Talk host Cee Hailmary Nard Email:...



This week T.I.T. sits down with the lovely @krisberrybun and she keeps it real from the start and unapologetic about it. She talks about everything from being alone during the holidays, and what she would do if someone had the audacity to give her a coach bag for X-mas. She put the shallow ladies on game, letting them know why "ugly dudes" is where its at... Sit back relax and buckle up cause this is a real roller coaster ride. Please Rate and Review IG: Talkistalkpodcast Twitter:...


All jokes aside

This week the T.I.T. boys sit down with standup comedian @Shake_H20 and the laughs start from the beginning. We touched on many different subjects from Hollywood sexual allegations to Hailmary's long history of beef with DJ's. Plus @shake_H20 tells us a golden story of a stud wanting his old lady and thought he was gone have to move some furniture!!! Rate and Review IG:Talkistalkpodcast


Dropping Jewels

This week Talk is Talk is holding down the studio with a couple of G's @stupiddopestar and OG Flute, you couldn't get more Jewels from the Diamond District. We cover a broad range of topics, from 21 Savage vs OG's statement to the right and wrong way to end a tenured relationship. @stupiddopestar talks about taking a hiatus from the rap game and OG Flute talks about life after a eleven year bid! IG: Talkistalkpodcast Twitter: Talkistalk1 Please Rate and Review


Love should have brought you home

Talk is Talk brings in up and coming indie artist @evelynleteshia and one of the premier party promoters @dsevents to get their opinions on relationships issues, local voting, Liangelo Ball and a host of other topics. While breaking down a couple of songs on @evelynleteshia album she lets us know how a volitile relationship fueled a few songs. @dsevents drop jewels throughout the show also and make sure your in the building for The Little Black Dress event Nov 24 at Zen Email:...


Spaghetti Sauce

Ain’t nobody safe!!! Talk is Talk checks in with noximusprime44 and uptownbarber2011 for a raw convo about cheating women, trust issues, & karma. @noximusprime44 kicks things off with a tale of how slick a woman can be when she want to see her side piece, not to be out done by @hailmary jaw dropping story about a wild night after the club years ago. The guys shoots holes in Steve Harvey 90 days rule, this is one episode that will have you side eyeing your mate Talk is Talk Host: Hailmary...


Bangin and Slangin

We don’t know where to begin with this episode Talk is Talk brings in 2 high energy guest this week @love_shukur and Nard sister @britt.posey to discuss a few topics, starting off with Tyrese social media meltdown. The guys ask the ladies how long do they hold out if a guys is kicking out $. There were plenty of dark liquor moments once again in this episode and a lot of subjects broken down. SUBSCRIBE RATE REVIEW TALK IS TALK Host : Hailmary Nard Cee IG: talkistalkpodcast Email...


Strippers Vs. Bartenders

This week Talk is Talk brings in the sexy @imsasha8391 to get to the bottom of a serious matter Strip Club Beef. @imsasha8391 gives her point of view on strippers vs bartenders vs bottle girls can we all just get along... The guys reveal how much they have threw away in the strip club back in the day SMH... @imsasha8391 shares her tummy tuck experience and recap the Project Pat concert... SUBSCRIBE RATE REVIEW Talk is Talk host: Cee Nard Hailmary Email IG...


Lovin a Loser...

This week Talk is Talk kicks back with OG Calvin Mack (@blazinkutz) for an eye opening conversation about what happen to all the real shit. @blazinkutz drops jewels from start to finish in this episode, if you tall enough you will catch'em. @blazinkutz gives insight on dealing with everything from fake food at the grocery store to fake realationships to lovin a loser and even uncovering we might have a fake president... TALK IS TALK HOST: Cee Nard Hailmary IG: talkistalkpodcast Twitter:...



This week Talk Is Talk chops it up with @Mr. Standout AKA Mr. Unbeaten For Them Racks. @Mr. Standout lets the guys know how he can make a living off of beating your favorite baller, D1, or Mr. Basketball in your own hood for that bag. We also dive into a little conversation on who is really sitting on a Mil ticket. SUBSCRIBE RATE REVIEW Talk Is Talk host: Hailmary Nard Cee Twitter: Talkistalk1 IG:talkistalkpodcast


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