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Grokking Democracy: A Political World Transformed by Digital Technology

Go to the Spectrum Radio /Grokking Democracy webpage for video. How technology is changing the rules of campaigning and governing in the United States and beyond. The hour-long radio special “Grokking Democracy” examines how elections and governing have changed in today’s digital world. Cohosted by political journalist Jonathan Alter and public radio anchor Lisa Mullins, [...]

Duration: 00:52:01

Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Convocation

The 2014 Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Convocation featured Dr. Freeman Hrabowski,III, president of the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, since 1992. In his talk, entitled “The Role of Youth in the Civil Rights Movement: Reflections on Birmingham,” Dr. Hrabowski will share his perspective on the Civil Rights movement – including the experience of being [...]

Duration: 01:33:40

Conversations About Desalination

Listen aboveto radio version (51 min.) .Or, to the entire conversation: Part 1 | Part 2 By J.D. Hillard | KUSP News A question we heard in a few ways from our Public Insight Network, was why Santa Cruz couldn’t just conserve its way out of its situation. Don Nielsen is a good example: ”I [...]

Duration: 00:51:01

Checking in With Newly Elected Officials

Above interview by J.D. Hillard KUSP’s J.D. Hillard talks with Zach Friend and then Bruce McPherson to discuss community issues such as water conservation, transportation, and other community goals. J.D. asks them about their progress on campaign goals and how they are working to better the community.

Duration: 00:48:42

State of the Re:Union “Ozarks: Full Circle”

The Ozarks have long been an isolated part of the country. Steep mountains break up the landscape into hills and hollows, making each little town into its own microcosm. Here, families have stayed in the same hollows for generations with little influence from the outside world, which means that their daily life is steeped in [...]

Duration: 00:51:26

State of the Re:Union “Southeastern Washington: The Unlikely Perfect Place”

(Note: Replay from Feb. 4, 2013 broadcast) How Technology is Influencing Higher Education| By Stephen Smith | APM - Digital technologies and the Internet are changing how many Americans go to college. From online learning to simulation programs to smart-machine mentors, the 21st-century student will be taught in fundamentally new ways. In this documentary, Stephen [...]

Duration: 00:53:57

State of the Re:Union “Southeastern Washington: The Unlikely Perfect Place”

The Tri-Cities are Richland, Pasco and Kennewick—3 cities clustered near one another in the vast plains and deserts of Washington state, to the east of the Cascade Mountains. It’s a region that seems like it would have little to attract newcomers—it’s largely remote, prone to dust storms, not close to any major city. But, over [...]

Duration: 00:51:47

State of the Re:Union “Vermont: The Small Town State”

Quaint storefronts along Main streets, covered bridges over clear streams, cows from dairy farms dotting green valleys: across the state, these are the iconic images of Vermont. But beyond its pastoral beauty, this is a place that prides itself on its independent spirit. In this hour, we’ll hear a range of stories of the way [...]

Duration: 00:51:46

State of the Re:Union “Wyoming: The New Old West”

People are few and far between in Wyoming. Those that do live here prize tradition, self-reliance, and their connection to the land. So when change comes to the high plains—an oil boom, a minister with new ideas—communities here are tested. And neighbors have to strike a balance between preserving their independent way of life, and [...]

Duration: 00:51:29

State of the Re:Union “The Bronx, NY: Still Rising from the Ashes”

The Bronx has long been seen as a symbol of America’s failings. For many people here, ‘making it’ means escaping the crime and poverty of their borough. But some have refused to flee. This episode shines a light on the hold-outs and the dreamers, people who’ve committed their lives to keeping chaos at bay in [...]

Duration: 00:51:28

California’s Bay Delta Wetland

JD Hillard sits down with State Senator Bill Monning to discuss health care policy, CEQA (California Environmental Quality Act) reform, unlicensed contractors, and the state of California’s education. John Laird, California Secretary for Natural Resources, also joins us to discuss new proposals for the Bay Delta Conservation Plan that aim to create & preserve 50-100 [...]

Duration: 00:51:39

State of the Re:Union “Espaola – The Land Remembers”

Settled by Spanish conquistadors in 1598, the area’s rich cultural past is still evident today in its music, art, and way of life. But changing demographics, along with a shift in the local economy has left many residents without land, water, and a sense of identity. State of the Re:Union travels to the Espaola Valley [...]

Duration: 00:32:06

Twin Cities, Minnesota – World within Two Cities

Listen to the whole episode above. It isn’t exactly Lake Wobegon anymore… Once known as the home of Midwestern Lutherans and Scandanavian farmers, the cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul are now wildly diverse. They have become cities of immigrants, from Tibetans to Somalis, Iraqis to the Khmer people of Cambodia. In this episode, SOTRU [...]

Duration: 00:51:26

State of the Re:Union “Oakridge, OR: A Work in Progress”

By State of the Re:Union At one time, Oakridge was considered “The Heart of the Timber Empire,” but by the late 1970s, things started to come undone… the mills began to automate and the layoffs started. Today, the depressed city is a company town without a company – nearly 60 percent of the population consists [...]

Duration: 00:51:23

State of the Re:Union “Baltimore: Outsiders In”

Baltimore is a city of many neighborhoods, of intense divides—racial, class, and otherwise– not easily overcome. It’s a city bogged down by a reputation for crime, poverty and dysfunction (thanks, in part, to the acclaimed TV show The Wire)—a reputation not entirely undeserved. But all of that often overshadows the passion and dedication many Baltimoreans [...]

Duration: 00:51:24

Monterey Bay Area Legislative Priorities: Cannella, Stone

By J.D. Hillard California State Senator Anthony Cannella represents much of the Salinas Valley as well as Hollister and Central Valley cities Los Banos, Merced and Madera. Mark Stone represents much of the coastal Monterey Bay area in the California State Assembly. Both will be working on imp[roving the state’s realignment program to alleviate impacts [...]

Duration: 00:54:12

State of the Re:Union “Bayard Rustin”

A NEW BLACK HISTORY MONTH SPECIAL FROM STATE OF THE RE:UNION August 28th, 1963 will forever be tied to Martin Luther King Jr.’s hallowed “I Have a Dream Speech.” This historic moment would probably have never come to fruition if it weren’t for a man standing in King’s shadow,Mr. Bayard Rustin. Bayard Rustin was [...]

Duration: 00:52:52

American Radio Works – Keyboard College

How Technology is Influencing Higher Education| By Stephen Smith | APM - Digital technologies and the Internet are changing how many Americans go to college. From online learning to simulation programs to smart-machine mentors, the 21st-century student will be taught in fundamentally new ways. In this documentary, Stephen Smith asks whether these innovations can help [...]

Duration: 00:44:14

Planet Cruz Comedy Hour

The above audio was broadcast on KUSP January 6th 2013. For more information about Planet Cruz and upcoming performances, visit their website.

Duration: 00:58:01

State of the Re:Union “Sacramento”

A company town, where the company is government. In a city where one in four households contain a government employee, the crippling state budget deficit, police layoffs, fire engine brown-outs and park closures could easily signal only the bleakest of futures. This is a town where, through sheer force of will, residents and an enthusiastic [...]

Duration: 00:51:29

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