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The Talk 2 Q Radio Show is a show for adults to get together and rant about whatever the trending topic may be. From men vs. women, black vs. white, old school vs. new school, etc. If you have something to get off your chest, then join our chat room and / or call in and let your opinions be known! The Call-in Number: (347) 202-0215. There is also a chat room where you can interact with other listeners and ask questions to the host and / or guests








2017 #NFL Week 2 Wrap-Up

NFL Week 2 happened and we're still not quite sure what we're seeing out there. This we know: the Raiders are having a blast with Marshawn Lynch out there in Oaktown! Beastmode dancing on the big screen could be something that I could watch on a weekly basis. It's great to see a player totally embraced by the city. I bet that dude could run for mayor right now. Oh, I almost forgot... the Raiders are pretty good! The Steelers improve upon their Week 1 performance and get another W. They...

Duration: 02:02:49

Fight Club!

Should throwing those hands be a last resort? We all have disagreements from time-to-time, but some folks really know how to push your buttons. In those cases, what do you do? Do you sometimes have to jack someone's jaw just to get an understanding? Tonight, we'll discuss when do you have to fight and if there are rules to fighting. When, if ever, can someone jump in, and what is their role? What do you do if your mate/spouse is fighting? Try to help? Call the cops? Attempt to break it up?...

Duration: 01:16:03

2017 #NFL Week 1 Wrap-Up

The Show Legends and I wrap up the first week of the NFL! The ratings were down for the Thursday night opener. Was it due to the Colin Kaepernick boycott or are people just not into Thursday night football? The Chiefs did a number on Brady and the Pats and people are already writing off the 40-year old QB as being "washed up". We'll see. The Boys had little problem carving through the Giants OL. Without OBJ, the Giants couldn't establish any offense whatsoever as Dak and his crew put them...

Duration: 02:01:13

Is Sexting Good for Relationships?

Can sending sexy photos be good for a long-term relationship/marriage? In 2017, everyone pretty much has a cell phone and/or social media. And just about every phone has a camera attached. So, if you're in a long-term relationship/marriage, why not use technology to spice up your relationship a bit? Sending a mate a sexy photo is a good way to spice up the mood and can be viewed as a form of foreplay to a lot of people. But, what are the downsides to exposing yourself on someone else's...

Duration: 01:21:22

ZC: 2017 #NFL Predictions

Who do you have winning it all in February? (Feel free to leave your predictions in the comments.) It's that time of the year again when the Show Legends and I walked out there on that plank and make our predictions for the upcoming NFL season! Who is going to win it all? Who will be MVP? Coach of the Year? Join us as we do what we do every season and put our "expertise" to the test! Zone Coverage returns to T2Q! "Talk sports from the couch!" Show No. 724 of 750. Scheduled for 90-120 mins....

Duration: 01:50:03

Mayweather v. McGregor Wrap-Up #Boxing #UFC

On tonight's show, we'll discuss what we saw in last Saturday's fight between Mayweather and McGregor. In the end, was the fight really worth all of the hype? Is saying "McGregor did better than anyone expected" really the type of summarization that you want from a $100 PPV match? Also on the show, there's NFL news to discuss as we get closer and closer to the official kickoff of Week 1. There are still some injuries popping up here and there, but for the most part, suspensions are playing...

Duration: 01:59:31

What Makes A Person A Sellout?

At what point do you label someone a traitor to their own race? Over the past few years, the words "sellout" and "coon" has been thrown around like free candy in social media. Everywhere you look, you see someone criticizing someone else and hitting them below the belt with one of those terms. Sometimes the term fits the person like a glove, but other times, it's used as aimlessly as the word "hater". I personally think that the terms are very overused and don't apply to half of the...

Duration: 01:26:54

Can You Have A Relationship with The Rebound?

Is the first person that you date after a break up always a fluffer for someone else? Just a filler to take your mind off of your ex before you start preparing your mind to find your next? On tonight's show, we'll ask the question: can you have a relationship with the rebound? Do we take the wrong approach to the person after the ex and end up missing out on a good thing? Sure, we just want a distraction, but what if the distraction is someone who may be for us? We'll discuss that, Get...

Duration: 01:25:03

#NFL Training Camps '17

We'll take a look at how camp has treated our favorite teams and some others. On tonight's show, we'll take a look at the first week of Preseason and some of the strategy involved with the rosters. Will starters play at all? If not, how will coaches protect their star players until Week 3? The Show Legends and I will break down some position battles on our favorite teams. We'll also start focusing on the first four games of the regular season and expectations for those games. Also on the...

Duration: 02:01:00

The Difference Between A Nice Guy & A Good Guy

Who knew that being a nice guy isn't all that? (Tonight won't be the usual Q&A forum that we normally have. It will be more of a round table discussion which means that I will have more input as a speaker. There will not be a tweetchat occurring during the show.) Yes, ladies, after years and years of saying "nice guys" unfairly finish last, I now do a 180 degree spin and say that they absolutely earn that last place spot. There is a difference between a "nice guy" and a "good guy". The...

Duration: 01:40:30

Fight Weekend! 7.29.17 #UFC #Boxing

Violence galore this weekend! In the Octagon, 38 year old Daniel Cormier will once again meet up with the 30 year old Jon "Bones" Jones for the Heavyweight Title this weekend. Jones won a decision convincingly in 2015 and looks to finish off Cormier's career with a knockout on Saturday. UFC 214 looks to turn around what has been a ho-hum year in Pay Per View matches. In the Square Circle, two 140-pounders go at it in what should be a very interesting fight. Undefeated Mikey Garcia (36-0-0,...

Duration: 01:05:09

Let's Talk About #Sex XVII

The popular series returns to T2Q! It's been since 12/29/15 since the last installment, but Let's Talk About Sex, Vol. XVII is finally here! We always have a great time discussing the horizontal mambo on this show and this time will be no different. Normally, there's a certain theme to the sex shows, but this time will be a little more open. This episode will focus not just on improving relationships, but also some fun things to spice up sex for some of you willing to do new things. We'll...

Duration: 01:48:28

#NFL Chat and More

So much non-sports related news going on in the NFL. Michael Vick making comments about Colin Kaepernick needing to cut his hair. Ezekiel Elliot essentially getting on police radar by any means possible. What in the wide world of sports is happening in the NFL? Are players not realizing how much they are impacting their team's success by walking the line on game suspensions? What about the amount of money they're losing from suspensions as well? We'll discuss Kirk Cousins and his contract...

Duration: 01:04:07

Summer vs. Winter: Which Extreme Season Do You Prefer?

Which one of the two most extreme seasons do you prefer? I grew up in Mississippi. So, I've dealt with the southern sun all of my life. I've had no problems dealing with 95+ degree temperatures. I had youth on my side; plus it was the time of the year you saw more skin on the ladies! I've never lived long term in a northern city, but I've dealt with a blizzard or two for a few days. Winter can also be unpleasant if you live towards the top of the U.S. You can be trapped on the road or even...

Duration: 01:28:49

Q-on-1 w/Steven Turnwald

I have a chat with the author of the book "Safe Haven of Jesus", Mr. Steven Turnwald. We discuss what inspired him to write the book and why it's so important to him (and for us). You can learn more about Steven and the book on his Facebook page by clicking here. He also has a website that you can follow at "I dedicate this book to God and the saints living here now and those in heaven. Through their faith, they grew my faith from a “mustard seed” to an ever-growing...

Duration: 00:15:03

Mayweather / McGregor Press Conference #UFC #Boxing

The Show Legends and I will discuss the always entertaining Conor McGregor and his performance at the Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor press conference. The two act as if they truly dislike each other, but they actually need one another. Floyd needs this fight so that he can afford to pay his 2015 taxes. Conor needs this fight just to get the biggest pay day of his career. However, is this much ado about nothing or could we get a real fight out of this? Can Conor go the distance with...

Duration: 00:26:39

Has Society Outgrown Morals?

Is society evolving too fast for morals? So much has changed in society in the last 50 years. That sounds like a long time, but in the grand scheme of things, it really isn't. 50 years is not even considered a full lifetime. The fact that my 94 year old grandmother once knew slaves is enough to show that we're not very far removed from this country's origin. But, what once took a century or decades to change or evolve is now happening overnight, it seems. So many things that were once...

Duration: 01:47:31

How Can Confidence Help You?

Can you teach someone confidence? Raise your hand if you're sure. How many of us are sure? How many of us walk through life with the required amount of confident to be successful? Confidence doesn't come naturally to everyone. It's something that some people pick up later in life, while others never obtain it. There are perceived benefits to being confident. For example: for men, confidence is a form of attraction towards the ladies. It can be the difference between walking up to her to...

Duration: 01:33:00

Ward/Kovalev II Wrap-Up

The Show Legends and I finally get around to breaking down the second Andre Ward and Sergei Kovalev fight. It was a very hyped fight and I feel as if it lived up to the hype. However, it did not end without controversy. Was the stoppage of the fight warranted? Should Kovalev have received a standing 8 count instead of being ruled as TKO'd? We'll discuss that and more as Zone Coverage returns to T2Q! "Talk sports from the couch!" Show No. 707 of 750. Scheduled for 60-75 mins.

Duration: 01:52:43

Q-on-1 with @MrGrimezReal : The Poet Warrior #SpokenWord

Mr. Grimez is back! He's making his 3rd appearance on T2Q to discuss his newly-released project, Rogue Against Animation! The project contains 9 tracks, including one all of my listeners should know, Battle Mask. We will talk about what inspired the project and some of the tracks on it. For those who missed the first two interviews with Mr. Grimez, we'll get into how he got started and he will reveal how his onstage outfits evolved. We will also get into the Art of The Music event that's...

Duration: 00:28:43

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