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E35: Emotions as Commodities - Hochschild (Part 2)

In the second part of the Episode we continue with discussing implications of Hochschild's seminal work on management of emotions. What do football players, military officers and uber drivers have in common? Tune in to find out!

Duration: 00:32:46

E35: Emotions as Commodities - Hochschild

Please join us as the podcasters tackle a seminal work on the uses of emotion as part of one’s job, and the social and psychological implications this has on one’s role as a producer of products or provider of services. The Managed Heart,” by Dr. Arlie Hochschild, introduced the concept of emotional labour as a counterpart to the physical and mental labour performed in the scope of one’s duties. You will never look at the phrase “service with a smile” the same way again!

Duration: 00:39:33

E34: Summary of Trist and Bamforth

Join Tom as he provides a detailed summary of the discussion we held in Episode 34 on Trist and Bamforth’s work on the effects and consequences that introduction of new organizational technology may have on individual employees. This is a very important piece of research that ties into a number of foundational themes we discussed in other episodes and thus a must read (or listen!). Enjoy!

Duration: 00:15:41

E34: Organizational Change - Trist and Bamforth (Part 2)

Join us as we finish discussing technological change in the coal-mining industry and how it tore apart the social structure of the workers who were supposed to have benefitted from the change. Tune in as we talk about the story behind the article and explore its lessons in the context of contemporary technological changes and the roles of managers to consider the social impacts of transformational change in their organizations.

Duration: 00:30:28

E34: Organizational Change - Trist and Bamfort (Part 1)

Please join us as we discuss Eric Trist’s and Ken Bamfort’s 1951 article, “Some Social and Psychological Consequences of the Longwall Method of Coal-Getting,” published in the journal Human Relations. The article explores how a technological change in the coal-mining industry tore apart the social structure of the workers who were supposed to have benefitted from the change. The podcasters talk about the story behind the article and explore its lessons in the context of contemporary...

Duration: 00:52:17

E33: Summary

Tune in to this Summary of Episode 33 for an overview of Roethlisberger's "The Foreman" and for a summary of our discusssion!

Duration: 00:14:18

E33: The Foreman - Master and Victim of Doubletalk (Part 2)

Please join us for Part 2 of this fascinating discussion of Roethlisberger's classic 1945 work on the challenges and environment faced by the foreman in the organization. In this part we go through the rest of the article and discuss the four 'visions' proposed by the author!

Duration: 00:44:22

E33: The Foreman - Master and Victim of Doubletalk (Part 1)

Please join us as we open Season 4 with a discussion about Fritz J. Roethlisberger’s classic Harvard Business Review article “The FOREMAN: Master and Victim of Double Talk.” Written in 1945, the article details the challenges that industry foremen faced under intense pressures to perform despite significant technological and social changes that whittled away at their autonomy. The result? Increasing dissatisfaction, insecurity, and a reliance on ‘double talk’ – talking out of both sides...

Duration: 00:48:29

E32: OLKC Special - Organizational Stupidity

Join Ralph as he sits down with Professors Mats Alvesson (also guest on E28) and Bjorn Erik Mork during the OLKC 2017 Conference in Valladolid, Spain to discuss Mats's keynote speech (and book!) on organizational stupidity. As always is the case with episodes such as these, expect more than a few anecdotes, insightful comments, and interesting stories! Thank you OLKC organising committee and Mats and Bjorn for making this episode possible.

Duration: 01:13:40

E31: PROS Special - Process view and the symposium

Don't miss this conversation that Dmitrijs and Ella had with Professors Hari Tsoukas and Ann Langley at the wonderful PROS 2017 Conference! In the second special from this symposium, we talk about process view in general and PROS, as an academic congregation, in particular. At the end of the episode, Hari and Ann say a few words about the next conference, it's theme and the motivation behind it.

Duration: 00:42:20

Winner of June Prize Draw!

Please join us in Congratulating Jarryd Daymond of University of Sydney, winner of inaugural TAOP Prize Draw and proud owner of a very special signed copy of Mats Alvesson's and Andre Spicer's book 'Stupidity Paradox'! If you'd like to follow in Jarryd's historical footsteps, look out for future prize draws on the podcast and our social media accounts!

Duration: 00:03:24

E31: PROS Special - Introduction to Institutional Theory

Please join us for the first of two fascinating special episodes recorded from the International Process Symposium 2017. In the first instalment, Dmitrijs and Ella sit down to talk to Professors Trish Reay (University of Alberta) and Tammar Zilber (Hebrew University of Jerusalem) about institutional theory.

Duration: 00:46:16

E30: Corporate Culturalism (Part 2)

Please join us for the final instalment of Episode 30 and Season 3 where we discuss the relationship between George Orwell's classic 1984 and Corporate Culturalism as discussed by Hugh Willmott and Peter Fleming in their JMS Classics. Specifically, we talk about such things as newspeak and technology, as well as the inherent paradox of independence/autonomy critiqued in the articles!

Duration: 00:32:42