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197 Internet Killed the Porno Star – Talking Dirty with Rebecca Love

Did the internet kill the porno star? The web is cutting out the middle-man and making the internet model flourish. Teasers Man in the Middle, Crutches, Skype, Fun Fact, Fan Question, Craiglist Creeper Websites: Pornstar Platinum Eric Jover Sponsored By:


196 What Your Porn Name – Talking Dirty with Rebecca Love

Patreon Fan Club Show was brought to you today by Badoop How do you choose your porn name and why? Teasers Porn Name, Rug Muncher, Top Totty, Death by Porn, Craiglist Creeper, iTunes Review Porn Name Method 1. Take your middle name and the name of your first pet. Put them together for your porn […]


195 Girls Guns and Blood – Talking Dirty with Rebecca Love

We are going to talk about the new movie filmed this month in Texas with an amazing cast and crew. Christine Nguyen (Wynn) will be my co-host on this episode since she was there for the epic production. IMDB Facebook Christine Nguyen


194 Sex in Christmas Movies – Talking Dirty with Rebecca Love

We will go through some favorite holiday movies trivia style. Can you guess the sex scene in the Christmas Classics? Sponsored By:


193 The Weinstein Effect – Talking Dirty with Rebecca Love

Men want money and Power and Women Sell Sex Blurred Lines in the Entertainment Industry Women Sexual Predators TheRichest – YouTube Disclosure 1994 Michael Douglas / Demi Moore


192 Happy Dick Day – Talking Dirty with Rebecca Love

Want to try something different than the same old jerk-off routine? Let’s celebrate the day with a new activity. Here are some jerking off ideas you can literally play with. Teasers Skype, Pizza, OnlyFans Fun Fact, Jerking Off, Fan Question, iTune Review Only $10 for my #1 Fans


191 Fan POV Take Over – Talking Dirty with Rebecca Love

We have a rare fan takeover this week with Warlock. Which he expresses his “point of view” about AdultCon from a fan experience. Teasers: Sketch Comedy Podcast, Snow Bunny, MFC, Gaming, Patreons, Skype, Fan Take Over Warlock Sponsored By: Promo Code: Talk Dirty


190 AdultCon 2017 part 2 – Talking Dirty with Rebecca Love

AdultCon 2017 Epic Fail part 2 Joclyn Stone and Rebecca Love attend AdultCon 2017 in Los Angeles in September. This is part (2) of their amazing adventures in LA but epic fail at the convention. Greatest part they are recording from an AirBnB bar. Yes, they stayed in a real bar with a stage and […]


189 Things You Don’t Know About Me – Talking Dirty with Rebecca Love

Things you didn’t know about me and Jocelyn Stone. This episode gets a little personal and in-depth on who we are. I was inspired to do this show because there was a fan at Adult Con who didn’t know my boobs were fake. This is only the first part of “Things You Didn’t Know About […]


188 Rebecca Love TwitchTV Gaming – Talking Dirty with Rebecca Love

You heard it first here boys. Yes, I going to start learning a game and defend my mediocre skills onto the world. You will get to purchase my gamertag and watch me stream on webcam. I like to change things up when broadcasting so now you will have another avenue to participate in a show […]


187 WTF CraigsList – Talking Dirty with Rebecca Love

Sometimes I browse CraigsList for gigs and work opportunities. Don’t worry I am very diligent when it comes to my screening process. However, here are a few ads that made me go “WTF” and I want to share them with you. Teasers AdultCon, Hall of Shame, Lift Driver, CraigList Ads, Home Invasion, Sex News, Tip […]


185 Heaux App – Talking Dirty with Rebecca Love

Are you a sex worker? Do you long for a community that accepts you just the way you are? This app is for providers of that world and mind set. This app will give you a place to just vent with your peers from phone sex operators to escorts and everything in between. Locker room talk […]


186 Beware of Stalkers – Talking Dirty with Rebecca Love

Stalker a person who harasses another person, as a former lover, a famous person, etc., in an aggressive, often threatening and illegal manner: Teasers PSK, Tip of the Week, Stalker, OnlyFans FunFact, Eyes Wide Open, Fan Question, FanClub, Porn Star Stalker Experiences, Porn Stars Reveal Their Creepiest Stalker Experiences Teagan Presley...


184 Tele Pay USA Phone Sex – Talking Dirty with Rebecca Love

Tele Pay USA (Phone Sex Company) has a lawsuit from a disgruntled employee. They are claiming they don’t even make minimum wage at $4.20 an hour. Teasers MyPhoneChat, BitCoin, Comedy, Minimum Wage, FunFact, Replica Pussy, Fan ShoutOut, Phone Sex Operator Ad, iTunes Review Meagan Renolds – Tele-pay Article Jenna Birmingham – PSO Tutorials...


183 From Straight A’s to XXX * Lifetime Movie * – Talking Dirty with Rebecca Love

The Bell Knox Story on Lifetime TV – We will break it down for you and share our opinions on this well-produced movie. Teasers Karaoke XXX, Bella Knox Story, Gloop, Shout Out, iTunes Review, OnlyFans From Straight A’s to XXX (Lifetime Movie) Bella Knox


182 What Makes a Woman Good in Bed – Talking Dirty with Rebecca Love

Just a fun silly show about what makes women good in bed but this can go both ways. I found the topic on Reddit and thought Joclyn and I could have fun with this pure entertainment-only episode. We took a few people’s opinions about this subject to get your reactions. Teasers Cherry2000, Tip of the […]


181 Sexbots – Talking Dirty with Rebecca Love

I love my adult toys which I have a plethora of. To have a sex doll that is high tech would be the ultimate fantasy. “What do you know Joe?” That quote was taken from the movie “AI”. Do you remember the male sexbot? I would enjoy one of those satisfaction dolls. Sex bots aren’t […]


180 Lovense Interactive Sex Toys For Cam Models – Talking Dirty with Rebecca Love

Wolfman73 got me this fabulous toy off my wishlist and I am in love with it. Lush is an insertable toy which can be used during webcam session from Skype Shows to pay-per-minute webcam sites. Body Chat is an app you will use during your session and give the client control over the device while […]


179 Variety Show – Talking Dirty with Rebecca Love

This show has a little bit of everything. You will get a few good tips with a “douche bag of the week” sprinkled in. Don’t worry I will add the teasers so you know what you are getting this week. Teasers Sub-Reddit, Douchbag of the Week, Plugin, New Toy, TrickPics, YouTube, New App, iTunes Review, […]


178 Twitter Safe Search – Talking Dirty with Rebecca Love

Twitter is trying to be a parent and restrict sensitive content. Unfortunately, the new update is automatic, so you will have to adjust your settings to view naughty content. We will guide you through this “Automatic Safe Search Twitter Hiding Sensitive Content” bullshit. Teasers Twitter, Premium Twitter, Joan Crawford, Jamaican Man Only $10 for my […]


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