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Mi'kmaq water protectors blocking fossil fuel infrastructure in Nova Scotia

In episode #261 of Talking Radical Radio (March 20, 2018), Scott Neigh interviews Dorene Bernard and Rebecca Moore. Dorene is a Mi'kmaq woman of the Otter Clan from Sipekne'katik First Nation and a residential school survivor, and she describes herself as a grassroots grandmother, a water walker, and a water protector. Rebecca Moore is a Mi'kmaq woman from Pictou Landing First Nation and a water protector. They talk about the treaty camp and other grassroots Mi'kmaq resistance that is...


Thirty-five years of peace activism in Calgary

Episode #261 of Talking Radical Radio (March 13, 2018) features an interview with Trudy Govier, who has been a peace activist in Calgary, Alberta, since the early 1980s. She was one of the founders in 1982 of the group known now as the Ploughshares Calgary Society, and today she is still involved. She talks with Scott Neigh about how the world and peace activism have changed in the last three and a half decades, and about the ways in which the Ploughshares Calgary Society is still...


Fighting the school-to-prison pipeline in Toronto

In episode #260 of Talking Radical Radio (March 6, 2018), Scott Neigh interviews Alison Fisher and Melanie Carrington. Alison is a teacher in the Toronto District School Board. Melanie is a social worker and the mother of a son who is currently in elementary school in Toronto. Both are also graduate students and members of Education Not Incarceration. They speak about the successful campaign waged by ENI and other groups to end the School Resource Officer (SRO) Program and get armed,...


Defending marine ecosystems and fisheries from fossil fuel development

In episode #259 of Talking Radical Radio (February 27, 2018), Scott Neigh interviews Gretchen Fitzgerald and John Davis. Gretchen is the national program director for the Sierra Club Canada Foundation. John is the director of the Clean Ocean Action Committee, a consortium of organizations based in the east coast fishing industry. Both are part of the Offshore Alliance, a coalition working to oppose regulatory changes that they argue would put the marine environment and the fishery at risk...


Environmental justice and the law in Canada

In episode #258 of Talking Radical Radio (February 20, 2018), Scott Neigh interviews Nathalie Chalifour and Angela Lee. They are scholars in the Faculty of Law at the University of Ottawa whose work focuses on exploring how the law can be used to advance the cause of environmental justice in the Canadian context. They talk about that work, including some of its specific relevance to climate change and to the food system, and about some of the ways that legal work and scholarly work can be...


An Indigenous approach for responding to gender violence

Joyce Fossella is from the Lillooet Nation. Val Joseph is from the Kwakwaka'wakw Nation. Both work as part of the Warriors Against Violence Society, an organization in Vancouver that responds to gender-based violence using a holistic approach that is grounded in Indigenous cultures and in the context of the ongoing reality of colonial violence and trauma from the broader society that impacts Indigenous people. They speak with Scott Neigh about their experiences, about the connections...


Educating for justice at the intersections of sexual health and mental health

In episode #256 of Talking Radical Radio (February 6, 2018), Scott Neigh speaks with Ashling Ligate and Frédérique Chabot. Ligate is a registered nurse in an acute care unit of a psychiatric hospital and Chabot is the director of health promotion for Action Canada for Sexual Health and Rights. They speak about the intersections of sexual health and mental health, about the "Mind Your 'Business'" Sexual and Reproductive Health Week campaign, and about the ways in which working with...


Defending minimum wage victories from big business backlash

In episode #255 of Talking Radical Radio (January 30, 2018), Scott Neigh interviews Pam Frache. She is the Ontario coordinator of the Fight for $15 and Fairness campaign. They won major victories around minimum wage increases and reforms to labour law in 2017. And this year, with a provincial election looming, they are facing a major backlash from big business. Frache talks about the overall trajectory of the campaign, about the backlash, and about fighting to defend what they won last...


Towards an anti-capitalist and anti-colonial environmentalism

In episode #254 of Talking Radical Radio, Scott Neigh interviews Chelsea Fougere and Sam Krawec. They are members of Solidarity Halifax, a membership-based, nonsectarian, pluralist, democratic, and anti-capitalist organization based in Halifax, Nova Scotia. And today they talk about their work on its Ecojustice Committee, which aims to bring anti-capitalists and environmentalists together, and to create a space for people to engage in analysis and action that works towards building an...


A new grassroots student organization emerging from solidarity with striking faculty

In episode #253 of Talking Radical Radio (January 16, 2018), Scott Neigh interviews James Fauvelle and Mohammad Ali Aumeer. They are both students at community colleges in Ontario. During the five-week strike by college faculty in late 2017, they got involved in organizing student solidarity with the strikers. And from that work they and other students have founded a new grassroots organization that aims to mobilize students for equitable, accessible education and more demoratic and...


Tenant organizing in Canada's most expensive city

In episode #252 of Talking Radical Radio (January 9, 2017), Scott Neigh interviews Kell Gerlings and Neil Vokey about the work of the Vancouver Tenants Union. Kell is an organizer with an anti-poverty group called Raise the Rates and is a member of the steering committee of the Vancouver Tenants Union, while Neil is an independent filmmaker and one of the founding members of the group. They talk about the harsh realities facing tenants in Vancouver and about what the tenants union is doing...


Decolonizing the arts in Canada

In episode #251 of Talking Radical Radio (January 2, 2018), Scott Neigh interviews Clayton Windatt. He is, in his own words, a "Metis non-status Indian," and he lives in Sturgeon Falls in northern Ontario. He is the executive director of an organization called the Aboriginal Curatorial Collective (ACC). Their members are Indigenous curators and artists – generally those whose focus is contemporary art – from across Canada, and to an extent in the United States, and their mandate is both to...


REBROADCAST: Unsettling Canada 150 on Parliament Hill

This week's episode of Talking Radical Radio ends the year with a rebroadcast of an episode originally broadcast in July 2017. It offers a behind-the-scenes look at the bold Reoccupation that went to the very heart of the Canadian settler colonial project -- Parliament Hill itself -- and used ceremony to challenge and unsettle Canada's 150th anniversary celebrations. Freddy Stoneypoint, Summer-Harmony Twenish, Trycia Bazinet, Hamda Deria, and Elsa Hoover were among the organizers of and...


Challenging injustice in Canada's no-fly list

In episode #250 of Talking Radical Radio (December 19, 2017), Scott Neigh interviews Karen Ahmed and Zamir Khan. Each of them has a child whose name is identical to a name that appears on Canada's no-fly list, and who therefore face hassles and stigmatizing scrutiny every time they fly. Karen and Zamir are also core members of the group No Fly List Kids, which is pushing the government to make the changes necessary to stop the no-fly list system from unjustly interfering in so many lives....


Bringing social movement priorities into party politics

In episode #249 of Talking Radical Radio, Scott Neigh interviews Samantha from the organization Courage. In recent years, the combining of movement and party politics have had a profound impact on the electoral landscapes in the US and the UK, and Courage is working to similarly push mainstream party politics to the left in Canada. For a more detailed description of the episode, go here:


Building a student movement to end campus sexual violence

In episode #248 of Talking Radical Radio (December 5, 2017), Scott Neigh interviews Jade Cooligan Pang. She is an undergraduate student taking Political Science and Human Rights at Carleton University in Ottawa, and she is one of the central organizers of Our Turn, a new national student-based initiative to work against sexual violence on college and university campuses. For a more detailed description of this episode, go here:


Direct action against development in Winnipeg

In episode #247 of Talking Radical Radio (November 28, 2017), Scott Neigh interviews Jasmine Thomas. She was a core participant in the Rooster Town Blockade at the Parker Wetlands in Winnipeg this past summer, which for two months successfully defended an ecologically sensitive site in the south end of the city from development. Though the occupation ended in September, the group continues to pursue both legal and political means to stop the development, while also fundraising to cover the...


Learning from political prisoners and "awakening resistance" in Canada

In episode #246 of Talking Radical Radio (November 21, 2017), Scott Neigh interviews Helen and Bill. Helen is a long-time anti-authoritarian organizer and a member of the collective that produces the Certain Days: Freedom for Political Prisoners Calendar. Bill is a migrant justice organizer with the group Solidarity Across Borders. Both are based in Montreal. They talk about the 2018 Certain Days calendar's theme of "Awakening Resistance" and about what a range of movements in Canada can...


Celebrating films about the experiences and struggles of workers

In episode #245 of Talking Radical Radio (November 14, 2017), Scott Neigh interviews Navjeet Sidhu and Scott MacDonald. They are board members of the Canadian Labour International Film Festival, an event that brings films about work, workers, and working-class struggle to cities and towns across the country every November. For a more detailed description of this episode, go here:


TRR ep. #244 (Nov. 7, 2017): Cross-country solidarity with Muskrat Falls land protectors in Labrador

In episode #244 of Talking Radical Radio (November 7, 2017), Scott Neigh interviews Kelly Morrissey and Emily Philpott about the work of the Ontario Muskrat Solidarity Committee. They are building support in Ontario and elsewhere in the country for the mostly-Indigenous land protectors in Labrador who oppose the Muskrat Falls hydroelectric dam project. For a more detailed description of the episode, see here: ‎


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