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Host Daniel Schmidt uses his unique blend of humor and creativity to give you the best stories and sports takes from Columbia to St. Louis and beyond.

Host Daniel Schmidt uses his unique blend of humor and creativity to give you the best stories and sports takes from Columbia to St. Louis and beyond.
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Host Daniel Schmidt uses his unique blend of humor and creativity to give you the best stories and sports takes from Columbia to St. Louis and beyond.






Episode 33

The Return of the King. I am #back, and I recap where I have been, mostly rubbing elbows with Webster celebrities and watching amateur wrestling with St. Louis hoosiers (4:00-21:00). I celebrate my gambling win on Mizzou over 6.5 wins in Sharps, as well as marvel at 9 straight weeks of correctly (read incorrectly) picking winners (23:20-32:40). In 6 Columns this week I reveal the undisputed 6 best Christmas song (NO MARIAH CAREY) (33:05-40:40). I close with Asking Schmidt covering topics...

Duration: 01:07:38

Eulogy for MPJ's Freshman Year

A reaction to the most devastating news in the history of Mizzou athletics.

Duration: 00:20:21

Episode 32

Mizzou basketball returns back to Earth after getting eviscerated in Utah (1:15-24:15). The Raiders are the lock of the week (25:00-28:00). I celebrate a glorious weekend in Columbia (28:00-37:00) and Asking Schmidt closes us out during which I predominantly talk about sucking at gambling (37:00-1:00:00).

Duration: 01:02:14

Episode 31

COLLEGE BASKETBALL IS BACK! Matt Cox of the Three Man Weave Podcast joins me (3:20-50:45) to break down Mizzou and SLU's seasons, and whether or not Grayson Allen has ruined "Everytime We Touch" for generations to come. In Sharps, I randomly & blindly select the Dolphins +9 as my lock of the week. In Asking Schmidt I receive and all time voicemail from Jay Blossom and give him an all time response (1:05:00-1:14:00)

Duration: 01:15:38

Episode 30

Three decades of podcasting in the books. Two new segments helped kickstart another milestone episode for TSP. "Best Fan in Baseball" (3:20-14:10) breaks down the World Series and why it's hard for Cardinals fans to still care about baseball. "6 Columns" (14:20-21:40) ranks the top 6 Halloween candies and they are not up for debate. "Sharps" (21:50-31:40) discusses the anonymous bettor who made $10 million off the WS. Additionally the lock of the week is a GUARANTEED winner this week. In...

Duration: 01:09:04

Episode 29

Bill Self is a coward. Combo TFTW and The Saviors. I suck at gambling. Hilarious Beef of the Week, targeting bad Snapchat habits. Brand new segment highlighting some of Satan Kroenke's biggest haters.

Duration: 01:03:40

Episode 28

THE RETURN OF THE BORDER WAR (KIND OF). In honor of Mizzou and kU playing each other again, Aaron Reiss of the Kansas City Star joins me to talk all things Mizzou hoops. I also talk about the legendary speech I gave at the Windler wedding over the weekend, and why being in the wedding party is simply the best.

Duration: 01:11:59

Episode 27

Episode 27 features the inevitable pitfalls of a block party in TFTW. I try and talk about the state of soccer in the U.S. in Scorched Earth. Whether I did a good job of that or not is up to you. I also discuss the power struggle between the president and the NFL, and celebrate my first lock of the week hitting in Sharps.

Duration: 01:03:02

Episode 26

I'm back from my trip to East Lansing where the SEC once again established its dominance over the B1G. There are surprising developments going on in and around the Mizzou basketball program that I cover in The Saviors. In Sharps, I talk about coping with being on the receiving end of the biggest cover of the year, and the Seahawks are a lifesavings guarantee to beat the Rams this week. Asking Schmidt is an inferno so listen at your own risk.

Duration: 00:49:29

Episode 25

Episode 25 features a totally revamped format courtesy of executive producer Michael Weaver. I talk flag protests and ponder why people care so much. In a new segment called "Amateur Hour" I discuss Rick Pitino and the most widespread NCAA scandal of all time. Tales From The Weekend features a 24 year old asking for underwear for his birthday. I also talk comedy television shows, bad bets & how to recover, what the NCAA scandal means for Mizzou & potential recruits (see Ramey, Courtney)...

Duration: 01:04:01

Episode 24

Tales from the Weekend kicks off this week's episode where I go in depth about one of the most perfect weddings anyone has ever seen. In Barry and the Boys, Mizzou football has brought back the darkness. We are all making money in Sharps this week where I give my picks and trap games for this Sunday. I go Scorched Earth on Bill Plaschke and the double standard for Rams fans in LA vs. Rams fans in STL. Lastly, in Asking Schmidt I discuss a woman eviscerating my soul at the wedding this past...

Duration: 01:09:56

Episode 23

Tales from the Weekend, Satan and Friends, Sharps, and Barry and the Boys are the segments that lead into the first ever dual Asking Schmidt! Questions were split from Facebook and the Talking Schmidt voicemail box. And, the koozies are in! Enjoy one of my best pods yet.

Duration: 01:01:26

Episode 22

The Fight was dumb but entertaining, much like this season of Thrones. Both topics lead off this week's episode. In Tales From The Weekend I talk hangover cures #McDonaldsMethod. I FINALLY give the Little League World Series the Scorched Earth segment it deserves, and Ann Coulter provided the heat for this week's Furnace.

Duration: 00:58:59

Episode 21

Late breaking, special edition episode 21. I break down the the impossibilities of Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 6 in a very random, rambling way. In Tales From The Weekend, Chicago is a very expensive and the Uber drivers are idiots. Very entertaining Asking Schmidt as usual.

Duration: 00:37:58

Episode 20

The milestone Episode 20 is finally here! I reflect back on my experiences in the podcast industry. I also briefly get on my soapbox in regards to Charlottesville. Segments include, Tales from the Weekend, TV Timeout, Sharps, The Furnace, and a comprehensive breakdown of MPJ vs. Marvin Bagley.

Duration: 00:52:58

Episode 19

New segment "TV Timeout" is introduced where I discuss the Bachelorette finale along with an all time great GoT episode. Jontay Porter's trolling of Mizzou's fanbase is covered in The Saviors. Additional segments include Beef of the Week, The Furnace, Charred Earth (as opposed to Scorched Earth) and Asking Schmidt.

Duration: 00:46:18

Episode 18

This week's episode talks Thrones, bar fights, the constant daily struggle of men trying to say hello to one another, how it's STL vs. everyone when it comes to Imo's and the greatest SLUH athletic class of all time.

Duration: 00:35:35

Episode 17

I fought off yet another illness to produce a quality podcast. Segments include Voldemort and Friends, Beef of The Week, The Furnace, and my brand new Mizzou football segment, Barry and the Boys.

Duration: 00:56:16

Episode 16

This week's special edition Talking Schmidt features a brand new segment called "The Furnace." Additionally this week's episode has Sharps, The Saviors, Voldemort and Friends, a revisited Scorched Earth on David Ross's latest bullshit, and the funniest Asking Schmidt to date.

Duration: 00:50:35

Episode 15

The haircut seen round the world is discussed on Tales From the Weekend. I give a shout out to Aaron Judge for brining steroids back to baseball. Beef of the Week featured the NYT piece on Mizzou, and I give my Mizzou football season prediction in Sharps.

Duration: 00:47:22

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