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Episode 910: Total Eclipse of the Mind and Sun

How do you describe a solar eclipse on the radio? Listen and find out! On this episode, we begin with the return of the Expedition 52 and looking at the records set by NASA astronaut Peggy Whitson. All this happening ahead of the next crewed launch on September 12. Then it’s onto recent launches, including the Formosat-5 launch aboard a Falcon 9 and the ORS-5 launch on the first ever Minotaur out of Cape Camaveral. We also look at the first major failure of India’s PSLV in tis more than 20...

Duration: 01:12:02

Episode 909: Falcon Launches the #RhettRevolution

Hear the launch and landing of a Falcon 9, the inspiring story of two grieving parents, and the head of the ISS program, all in one jam-packed episode! On this episode of Talking Space, we discuss two recent launches. First we discuss the TDRS-M launch which took off on an Atlas 5. This was the first Atlas 5 launch in almost 4 months for United Launch Alliance, but theirr winning streak still continues. We also briefly mention a recent spacewalk conducted by the Russians, which had an...

Duration: 01:20:34

Episode 908: The Kennedy Launch Shuffle

With the Eastern Range recently quiet, it’s about to get busy…and fast! First, we discuss the successful launch of the Soyuz carrying three more crew members to the ISS, bringing the US side up to 4 crew members for the first time ever. We then discuss a crazy range shift as SpaceX’s CRS-12 mission and the TDRS-M spacecraft set to launch aboard an Atlas V danced around with their launch days. There’s Russian spacewalks and damaged antennas and static discharges to blame, and we’ll help try...

Duration: 00:55:39

Episode 907: Lots to See at ISSRDC

On this very special episode of Talking Space, with a new crew onboard the International Space Station, we go to Washington DC for the 2017 International Space Station Research and Development Conference, or ISSRDC. We learn all about the science happening on station, the future of the ISS, a look at the commercial partners, and some other topics you might not know had to do with ISS. We begin by talking with NASA astronaut and molecular biologist Dr. Kate Rubins about her time on station...

Duration: 01:32:56

Episode 906: NSC, KSC, and What Did Juno See?

On this episode of Talking Space, we recap a busy time for SpaceX, who completed their 3rd launch in less than 2 weeks with the launch of Intelsat 35e. In that time came the return of a SpaceX Dragon capsule from the ISS full of science. We then discuss the crew of the next Soyuz mission to the ISS passing their certification ahead of a launch at the end of the month. We also discuss a veteran astronaut, Julie Payette, who now has a new role in the Canadian government. We also go back to...

Duration: 00:57:17

Episode 905: 2 Launches, 2 Landings, 2 Days

On this episode of Talking Space, we discuss a “double header” launch weekend for SpaceX, although we learn not to use that phrase around a certain panel member. We discuss the effort it took for an east and west coast Falcon 9 launch with two barge landings over one weekend and what it means for the company and the entire industry. We then discuss an Indian launch carrying along an impressive array of CubeSats, and look at what vehicles are taking up these smaller payloads and if there’s...

Duration: 00:58:23

Episode 904: Fire Re-Breathing Dragon Flies

On this very special episode of Talking Space, we primarily focus on the recent launch of CRS-11, which our own Sawyer Rosenstein was at. First, we discuss the announcement of NASA’s 12 new astronauts after the largest application pool in history. We then discuss the recent launches of India’s GSLV 3, Japan’s H-II A, and New Zealand’s Electron. We also discuss the announcement that the US Air Force’s X-37B will be launched aboard a Falcon 9 as opposed to the usual Atlas V. During our...

Duration: 01:06:26

Episode 903: EM-1, Humans-0

On this episode of Talking Space, we discuss how SpaceX’s Falcon 9 delivers again sending the Inmarsat 5-4F Communications satellite into its proper orbit. The company also tested the core stage of its Falcon Heavy booster slated for a hopeful debut this year. A SpaceX employee was also in the news with some interesting words for the competition and what may have been a mild rebuke of NASA Space Launch System. We report on NASA’s 200th Spacewalk in support of ISS operations and in...

Duration: 00:59:41

Episode 901: Rockets and Moons, How NEAF!

This season launches with, well, a look at a few launches. First up is OA-7, the second launch of a commercial cargo flight featuring Orbital ATK’s Cygnus atop a ULA Atlas V rocket. The International Space Station is living up to the last word in the name with the departure and arrival of new crews as well, including the launch of a Soyuz carrying 2 NASA astronauts, first-timer Jack Fisher and storied veteran Peggy Whitson. For the latter, this trip will result in yet another few barriers...

Duration: 01:20:55

Episode 812: Hello Rocket

This week we’re (mostly) back to our regular programming, kicking off with two of our favorite subjects – the launches and landings of International Space Station crews, and it’s a busy season of shift changes via Kazakhstan. Since our last regular episode, we saw the conclusions of Expeditions 48 and 49 with some beautiful landings and the beginning of Expedition 50, with an additional 3 crewmembers scheduled to launch next week. Peggy Whitson, legendary astronaut, commander, and current...

Duration: 00:54:04

Episode 806: Objects In Motion

On our own return to flight episode, we discuss several upcoming events ; NASA’s Osiris Rex, a sample return mission to the asteroid Bennu is scheduled for launch on 8 September 2016. The team looks at the mission objectives and the unique configuration of the United Launch Alliance (ULA) AtlasV carrying the spacecraft. SpaceX too is making news with two upcoming commercial launches out of Cape Canaveral Air Force Station. OrbitalATK is also returning it’s Antares booster to flight next...

Duration: 01:10:50

Episode 710: Orion in Waiting

We kick off the show with congratulations, an upcoming celestial event, and follow ups to two previous stories. First an update to rocket engine manufacturer Aerojet Rocketdyne’s attempt to purchase launch provider United Launch Alliance. We report on the preliminary results from the Ardbeg distillery experiment that flew to the International Space Station. We send congratulations to NASA’s five new flight directors including a name that the aud [...]

Duration: 00:53:59

Episode 709:Make a Memory

We start off our sixth anniversary show with an update on the recent Soyuz missions and NASA astronaut Scott Kelly and Russian cosmonaut Mikhail Kornienko’s one year mission

Duration: 00:58:54

Episode 708: Contrasts

HTV5 launched recently supporting International Space Station resupply, successfully docking on 24 August, 2015. To learn more about the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency HTV Program see Future ISS resupply will also be supported by Orbital ATK via ULA’s ATLAS V carrying the Cygnus capsule to Station. Dates have not been set yet for those launches. Kat brings us some news about the Mars One Project and a public debate at the recently concluded Mars...

Duration: 00:57:57

Episode 707: First Harvest

So what is that white stuff that NASA’s Dawn spacecraft found in Occator Crater on Ceres? What about that four mile high mountain or “pyramid”? We sort the wheat from the chaff. The International Space Station (ISS) Expedition 44 crew partook of the first edible harvest from the NASA’s VEGGIE ex [...]

Duration: 00:57:58

Episode 706: Lost and Found

On this episode of Talking Space we begin with the preliminary conclusions released bySpaceX regarding the loss of CRS-7, leading into a discussion of the succession of resupply issues over the past year and how it might impact today’s commercial space race for future NASA contracts. Heading over to the purely commercial side of things we speculate on the National Transportation Safety Board’s public hearing on Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShip Two crash from last fall (which took place the...

Duration: 00:58:49

Episode 704: A Lack of Progress

On this episode we bookend the whole conversation with the launch and loss of Progress 59 and the implications for the International Space Station and future resupply missions. Then we celebrate the 25thanniversary of the Hubble Space Telescope with some historic highlights and personal perspectives of the mission, along with a discussion about the upcoming end of the program and whether Hubble could or even should be extended, inspired bythe op-ed by Donald F. Robertsonfeatured on Space...

Duration: 00:57:50

Episode 703: Don’t Shoot the MESSENGER

This week we look at the impending demise ofNASA’s MESSENGER spacecraftafter being on orbit since 18 March, 2011. We also examine theSpaceX Cargo Resupply Mission Number 6

Duration: 01:01:27

Episode 701: Return to Flight

In our “Return to Flight” episode we discuss NASA’s Magnetospheric Multiscale Mission and it’s implications for learning more about how space weather impacts life here on Earth. With the new International Space Station Commercial Cargo Contracts coming, two new players have come on the scene but with very familiar names. Sierra Nevada Space Systems

Duration: 01:02:06

Episode 620: Catching a Comet

On this episode of Talking Space:Rosettaand the way thePhilaelander had captured the imagination of the public. Even though the lander has gone into “sleep mode’, its batteirs starved for power,reports of Philae’s passing may be greatly exaggerated.

Duration: 00:57:59

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