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We’re your source for Doctor Who discussion, story reviews, and even occasional Who news! This may look like an ordinary podcast, but this one’s bigger on the inside, and it can travel anywhere through time and space. Pack your sonic screwdrivers and your Jelly Babies. Grab your hats, scarves, and tighten your bowties. Get ready to run with your hosts, Jason Hunt and Paul Gann, as they as they stow away on the TARDIS! You’re the companion on this wibbly wobbly timey wimey adventure! This is Talking Timelords!




Talking Timelords Ep. 80: Doctor News

Due to extenuating circumstances Jason is flying solo on this episode. Jason has collected a collection of news from the Doctor Who universe and gives you the report! We've got new Doctor Who animation, new info on the Christmas Special, and a former character is not as dead as we once thought...

Duration: 00:27:30

Talking Timelords Ep. 79: Series 10 Recap

We have returned! After an unexpected detour into the time vortex Jason and Paul are back to recap Series 10 of Doctor Who. They aren't alone however, Aaron and Adam from Bad Wolf Radio stop by to make this recap one to remember! Secure your sonic screwdrivers and prepare for takeoff, this is a wild one!

Duration: 01:23:02

Talking Timelords Ep. 78: Masterful Dreams

Jason and Paul return for an extended discussion all about The Master! After the Series 10 finale there were a lot of unanswered questions involving The Master and Missy, we try and answer those questions. Is Missy really dead? Is this the last of The Master? Can the character ever come back? What the heck was Russell T. Davies thinking?!?!

Duration: 00:42:25

Talking Timelords Ep. 77: The 13th Doctor!

The announcement has happened! The 13th Doctor has been revealed! Jason and Paul jump into the fray to discuss the introduction of Jodie Whittaker as the 13th Doctor. We now have our first female Doctor which adds a whole new dimension to the conversation. Strap in and get ready for a wibbley wobbley ride!

Duration: 01:02:20

Talking Timelords Ep. 76: Because it’s Kind

After some recovery time and technical issues Jason and Paul are finally talking about the Series 10 2 part finale! "World Enough and Time" and "The Doctor Falls" is Peter Capaldi's penultimate story as the 12th Doctor. Does it live up to what your hosts want from a send off finale? Be on the look out for exposition, comic relief, creepy disguises, and Cybermen!

Duration: 01:28:36

Talking Timelords Ep. 75: Last of the 9th

Jason and Paul spent a few seconds too long in the mysterious time portal but are finally back to discuss the episode "The Eaters of Light." The Doctor, Bill, and Nardole have gone back in time to discover what really happened to the 9th Roman Legion, but something alien is waiting for them! Get ready to grow up, fight monsters, make popcorn, and avoid death by Scotland!

Duration: 01:01:35

Talking Timelords Ep. 74: God Save the Queen!

Jason and Paul join the 12th Doctor on the red planet during the 1800s for the episode "The Empress of Mars." The Doctor and Bill find Victorian British troops in the last place they should be...on another planet! Get ready for Ice Warriors, Catchlove, and Alpha Centauri. Also, what the heck is going on with Missy?!?!

Duration: 00:57:59

Talking Timelords Ep. 73: Pyramid of Lies

Jason and Paul manage to return from the time vortex to discuss two episodes this time: "Pyramid at the End of the World" and "The Lie of the Land." We're pulling double duty to finish up the Monk's Trilogy this time! But was it worth it? We've got mysterious pyramids, creepy monks, a pure companion, and the mother of all fake outs!

Duration: 01:19:58

Talking Timelords Ep. 72: Come Along Pond

We've got a bonus episode for you this time! Jason had the opportunity to go to Phoenix Comicon 2017 and attended Karen Gillen's panel! Jason brings you the audio where Karen fields questions from the audience. From Amy Pond to Nebula, Karen answers all...but wait for her Brittany Spears impression!

Duration: 00:57:21

Talking Timelords Ep. 71: Veritas

After getting caught in a time eddy Jason and Paul are finally back to review the episode "Extremis." How does one who is blind read an ancient text to discover a deadly secret? Well find out as the 12th Doctor tackles mysterious monks, frightened priests and portals to other places. But what is a simulation, and what is truth?

Duration: 01:17:14

Talking Timelords Ep. 70: Stupid Suits!

Jason and Paul continue to run with the 12th Doctor as they review the new episode "Oxygen." This episode is a nice little space adventure that has major consequences moving forward. There's pay to breathe, malfunctioning space suits, snarky Nardole, and much more! You don't want to miss this!

Duration: 00:56:47

Talking Timelords Ep. 69: Scooby Who’s Haunted House

Jason and Paul get their heeby-jeebies on as they discuss the latest episode of Doctor Who, "Knock, Knock." Not only do we have creepy space bugs in the wall but Hurcule Poirot turned evil on us! Get ready to run for your lives and hope your tool of choice does better on wood than a sonic screwdriver!

Duration: 01:03:06

Talking Timelords Ep. 68: The Lochless Monster

Jason and Paul are back for "Thin Ice," the third episode of Series 10! The 12th Doctor and Bill stumble into an ice fair where there is more than calorie laden fair food that lurks beneath the surface. Get ready for mysterious monsters, discussions on death, and meat pies in your hats!

Duration: 00:51:17

Talking Timelords Ep. 67: Angry Eyebrows & Emoji-Bots

Jason and Paul are back to review the episode "Smile," the second episode of Series 10! What happens when social media communication and the ultimate pursuit of happiness goes wrong? This episode. Keep smiling while you enjoy your fishy jello and back away slowly...this episode could be dangerous.

Duration: 01:13:02

Talking Timelords Ep. 66: A Star in Her Eye

It is finally here! The first episode of Series 10 of Doctor Who has arrived! Jason and Paul sit down to review "The Pilot," starring 12th Doctor Peter Capaldi and new companion Bill Potts. There is a lot to discuss so we get into the nitty gritty of it all. So come along, just check your reflection first.

Duration: 01:05:04

Talking Timelords Ep. 65: What’s Next?

We are less than a week away from the premier of Series 10 of Doctor Who! Jason and Paul review the latest trailer and take a look at what we know about Series 10 so far. Its going to be a fun ride so jump in the TARDIS and let's go!

Duration: 01:05:55

Talking Timelords Ep. 64: Who’s Next?

Jason and Paul are gearing up for the Series 10 of Doctor Who! The internet is buzzing about Peter Capaldi leaving after this series so we do what everyone else is doing; FAN CASTING!!! From old timers, new timers; the predictable and unpredictable we count down our top picks to replace Peter in Series 11!

Duration: 01:30:26

Talking Timelords Ep. 63: The Daemons

We're back! Jason and Paul return with yet another Master story review. This time we discuss "The Daemons" featuring John Pertwee as the Third Doctor. We have a lot of fun with this one. Get ready for supernatural forces, science fact, science fiction, and Fergie?

Duration: 01:05:43

Talking Timelords Ep. 62: Colony in Space

After a real life break Jason and Paul finally get this episode up for your listening pleasure! "Colony in Space" features the Third Doctor facing off against the Master yet again; but this time colonists and miners get caught in the crossfire. Get ready for sabotage, subterfuge, and a weapon that could destroy the cosmos!

Duration: 01:28:07

Talking Timelords Ep. 61: The Claws of Axos

Jason and Paul return to the Master with "The Claws of Axos!" The Third Doctor and UNIT must band together to stop yet another attempt to destroy the world. Get ready for organic spaceships, energy plants, and more groovy psychedelia than you can shake a sonic screwdriver at!

Duration: 01:20:59

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