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Dr Daaim Shabazz - Triple Exclam!!! - The Life and Games of Emory Tate

In the moving biography, “Triple Exclam!!!”, Dr. Daaim Shabazz captures the life and spirit of Emory Tate. A great black chess player whose legacy lives on in his games and the memories of the people who had the honor to know him. The writing in this book is so great that even if you do not follow chess, you will be captivated by the story of Emory Tate’s life. Dr. Daaim Shabazz has produced a book that is informative, entertaining and beautiful. Interview Highlights: Dr. Shabazz shares a...

Duration: 00:53:32

Anna Redmond - The Golden Arrow - Hippo Reads

A country going through a massive regime change, a shadowy figure who rules the country, two children of an aristocratic family who have two very different visions for the future, this is just part of the fantastic world Anna Redmond builds in her novel "The Golden Arrow". A story of political and religious intrigue set in a wonderfully detailed fantasy world. We discuss how Anna came to write "The Golden Arrow"Anna gives a brief description of the story (No Spoilers) Anna shares how she...

Duration: 00:36:03

Paulette Harper - Episode 23

Paulette Harper joins me to discuss her first full length novel, "Secret Places Revealed" and her inspiring chronical of her path through the roughest time in her life, "That Was Then, This Is Now, This Broken Vessel Restored". Paulette writes books that bring spiritual water to people in life's deserts. Besides being a multi award winning author, workshop facilitator, speaker and ordained Elder, Paulette is also the owner of Write Now Literary Virtual Book Tours where she helps authors...

Duration: 00:38:21

Kenesha Williams - Publisher of Black Girl Magic Lit Magazine - Author of Do for Love - Episode 22

Kenesha Williams is an author, editor and publisher who's every work truly captures the meaning of magic. Kenesha is the publisher of "Black Girl Magic Lit Magazine". A magazine dedicated to showcasing speculative fiction that feature black women as the central character. Like Ms. Williams shares in the interview, the stories in the magazine truly do have "black girls who are magical". Kenesha Williams is also the author of "Do for Love". A magical realism story that features Virginia...

Duration: 00:51:32

Dr. Beth Brombosz - Yoga for Runners - Blogger to Author - Episode 21

Dr. Beth Brombosz has developed two books that provide a complete plan for passionate runners and bloggers to take things to the next level. Both runners and podcasters are people who have an inner drive that propels them to push themselves to new heights and often must face their challenges alone. Runners must push themselves past discomfort and stay motivated even when there is no one else around to motivate them. Bloggers are very similar. While they do not face the same physical...

Duration: 00:35:23

Allyson M Deese - Multi Genre Author - Episode 20

Allyson M Deese is an author who is not confined by a single genre. Allyson has an extensive catalog of books she has written under her name and her two pen names. From romance to inspirational literature, Allyson M Deese delivers clear and relatable literature that always touch’s the heart. Allyson started writing as a poet. From Poetry to Short Story to Novel to Non-fiction, Allyson’s work covers formats. Allyson also writes under the pen name “MiChaune”. She has a new book coming out...

Duration: 00:36:35

Kaitlin Solimine - Empire of Glass

In "Empire of Glass", Kaitlin Solimine draws upon the stories share by her "Chinese father" during her frequent trips to China as an exchange student and Fulbright Fellow. The book follows the lives of Baba and Li-Ming as they survive the dramatic changes that occurred between the 1950s and 1990s in China. A story that captures how a family's love endures through challenges that would break most people. Kaitlin paints her story on the canvas of change that occurred in China during this...

Duration: 00:47:05

Patricia Bridewell - Novelist and Short Story Author

Patricia Bridewell co-authored the book "A Generation of Curses" with Faatima Johnson and has contributed a story to the anthology "Single Mama Dating Drama". Patricia Bridewell's writing grabs a reader's attention from the first paragraph and delivers a relatable story. A Generation of Curses follows the life of Khadesia Hill whose ideal life is disrupted by the ghosts of her past. Set against the back drop of a church that is in the process of changing leadership, Khadesia's past...

Duration: 00:26:42

Keith Fentonmiller - Kasper Mützenmacher’s Cursed Hat

Keith Fentonmiller joins me to share his novel "Kasper Mützenmacher’s Cursed Hat". A fascinating story that starts in pre - World War II Germany and moves to Detroit. Keith combines jazz, magic, mythology and history to create a compelling story that will have you compel to read just one more page. "Kasper Mützenmacher’s Cursed Hat" is the first book in Keith Fentonmiller's Life Indigo series. A book and series that tells a family saga in a new, bold and interesting format. Keith uses a...

Duration: 00:33:44

Maleka and Eric Beal - BetterChoices Healthy Lifestyle Cookbooks - Episode 16

Overcoming obesity and living a healthy life are subjects that Maleka and Eric Beal have mastered and they share their knowledge in the Betterchoices cook book series. Eric and Maleka have a fantastic story to tell about how they overcame their weight challenges and developed an effective way to eat healthy every day and enjoy what you are eating. As a team they lost over one hundred pounds each and have maintained their weight loss for over ten years. Their Betterchoices cookbook series...

Duration: 00:40:48

Shequeta Smith - The Rayven Choi Comic Series - Episode 15

Shequeta Smith Author, Filmmaker & Founder of Shero Comics Shequeta joins us to discuss her comic book "Rayven Choi". Shequeta Smith's journey from NC State University student to screen writer to comic book creator to founder of Sherocomics is a fascinating and inspiring story. Shequeta shares how her personal experience as a study abroad student in Korea change her view of the world and inspired her to pursue her dream to become a writer. Her writing skills turned towards screenwriting...

Duration: 00:51:37

Maurice Broaddus - Builder of Worlds - Talking With Authors - Episode 14

Today on, "Talking With Authors", we speak to the innovative author Maurice Broaddus about his new book "Buffalo Soldier", his short story collection "The Voices of Martyrs" and his love for world building. We learn the origins of the world he built for "Buffalo Soldier". A world where half of North America remains under colonial control, Jamaica has fought off colonization and is now a leading technological power and the western portion of the North American continent is under Native...

Duration: 00:37:37

LaShaunda Hoffman - Talking With Authors - Episode 13

LaShaunda Hoffman stops by "Talking with Authors" to share her book, "Building Online Relationships: One Reader At A Time". LaShaunda has been involved with books and the promotion of books for over seventeen years. LaShaunda created and managed the web site "Shades of Romance" (SORMAG) to create a space for lovers of romance literature focused on the African American community. Her site became very popular and brought an audience together with writers. LaShaunda takes the knowledge she...

Duration: 00:47:07

Cheryl Marks Young - Love Your Life - Talking with Authors - Episode 12

"Love Your Life" by Cheryl Marks Young Personal coach, Cheryl Marks Young, has helped countless people define and reach their goals and now Cheryl has authored a book, "Love Your Life", that guides the reader through the process of achieving their dreams. By following the process Cheryl has developed over several years, the reader can take control of their life, change their outlook, and achieve happiness, even when that includes finding the perfect job or mate. Cheryl joins us on...

Duration: 00:28:37

Nikolas Larum - Author of the "Gypsy Spy" - Talking with Authors - Episode 11

Author Nikolas Larum joins me to discuss his latest book “The Gypsy Spy.” His epic novel chronicles the early life of Carlos de Leon. Larum takes the reader on a suspenseful and thrilling ride around the world as 12-year-old Carlos experiences tragedy and challenges that would break an adult. Nikolas Larum draws on his life experiences in Spain and the American Ozarks to provide a sweeping backdrop to this story of the choice between revenge and redemption. The novel also provides insight...

Duration: 00:40:10

Jaynee Sasso - Talking with Authors - Episode 10

Jaynee Sasso is an author, entrepreneur, inspirational and keynote speaker and transition coach. Jaynee joins us today to discuss her books and to share her wisdom. Jaynee’s book “5 Strategies to Leverage Times of Change and Uncertainty” is a life line for people in transition who are feeling overwhelmed and out of control. Her strategies are tested methods that have worked in her own life and have save her from challenges that would have overcome most people. Jaynee Sasso speaks from a...

Duration: 00:37:21

Darryl Harvey - Talking with Authors - Episode 9

Today on Talking with Authors we have the pleasure to speak to Darryl Harvey. An accomplished Poet and writer, Darryl has a created a new series of children’s book. His Sunflower Series of children’s books promotes self-esteem, education, sharing and positive family relationships. His multiethnic characters share adventures while learning valuable life lessons. From learning that you can do anything to how to handle a bully, Darryl Harvey’s books will bring joy and wisdom to any...

Duration: 00:33:17

Terrie L Branch - Talking With Authors - Episode 8

Author and entrepreneur, Terrie L Branch is an accomplished business person and a prolific author. Terrie joins us today in an interview conducted by fellow writer Rekaya Gibson (Episode 5). Terrie’s books cover many different genres. From self-help to fiction, Terrie L Branch is dedicated to reaching her readers and leaving them entertained and a little wiser. Terrie shares her history as a hair stylus and the additional businesses she owns. Just listening to the number of business...

Duration: 00:19:00

Angela Spears - Dream Living Journal - Talking With Authors - Episode 7

Angela Spears, the creator and founder of Dream Living, is an International Coaching Federation, ACC Certified Life & Executive Coach, Talent Management, Leadership and Organizational Development expert. She is also an Author, Keynote Speaker, and friend whose purpose in life is to help others achieve phenomenal life results leading to ultimately fulfilling their dreams. Angela joins us to discuss her Dream Living Journal and how it integrates into her coaching process. Angela shares her...

Duration: 00:29:09

Ni'cola Mitchell - Talking With Authors - Episode 6

Today on "Talking With Authors" we speak with the dynamic Ni'cola Mitchell. Ni’cola Mitchell, Founder of Girls Who Brunch Tour, Best-Selling Author and recently featured in Black Enterprise 2015 as one of the 5-Follow Worthy Bloggers to Watch. She entered the literary scene with one main objective: To Stimulate Your Mind, One Word at a Time. Through her independent publishing company NCM Publishing, Mitchell published numerous titles which have been featured on various best-selling lists...

Duration: 00:36:44

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