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Whom You Support & Who Will Win - TN Elections 2016

Whom you support and who might win? Which is good for Tamil Nadu.. absolute majority or coalition government ? This time, it’s guest podcasting. Contributors are, Apsara, media person from Chennai. Anand, sales professional from Chennai. Wandering Minds a student from South Tamil Nadu Bragadeesh Prasanna, author and Tamil newspaper columnist (His debut novel, 300 Days is just released in Amazon- https://www.amazon.com/300-Days-Bragadeesh-Prasanna-ebook/dp/B01F4WG7B4 ) Duke Duraraj from...

Duration: 00:11:25

TN Election Campaign - Jayalalitha Jayaraman

My take on Jayalalitha election campaign in this 2016 Tamil Nadu Legislative Elections. View expressed here are my own. Note: I don't endorse any political party.

Duration: 00:06:24