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Tantra is often misunderstood because of its relationship to sexual energy. This show dispels much of the hype and provides a comfortable and safe haven through listening. Learn about the history and theory, meet experts and every day people who have used Tantra and get a weekly “take away” such as a breathing exercise. Tantra is better than chicken soup for ailing relationships!




Tantra Cafe – More on Happiness and Special Valentine’s Day Coaching

Laurie discusses happiness! More about the subject of happiness. Intimacy coach Charla Hathaway www.bodyJoy.us joins Laurie to demonstrate some steamy ways to talk with your partner during lovemaking to extend and enhance the lovemaking experience. Very informative and helpful!

Duration: 00:54:20

Tantra Cafe – Laurie Handlers on Happiness and Ryan Rodriguez about Teens a

Laurie discusses happiness! What is happiness really? Then 20 year old Ryan Rodriguez joins her to share how his life was affected by meeting Laurie, having a Tantra Master up close and personal in his life from age 14. A good show for parents on how to talk to teenagers about sex.

Duration: 00:55:56

Tantra Cafe – Laurie Handlers’ Transformation of Tantra Caf and Awkward Int

Laurie discusses her recent transformation, growth, change, and her desire to complete with Tantra Caf www.TantraCafe.com, opening her show up to a broader audience and set of topics. A new program is coming! Then Tpouka Mysnikol joins her on the show to discuss the double meaning topic of Awkward Intercourse. A good show for Read more about this episode...

Duration: 00:48:10

Tantra Cafe – Talking to Your Doctor about Sex and Keeping Romance Alive in

Sex educator Juicy Justine www.juicyjustine.com joins Laurie to discuss questions you should ask your doctor about sex. Then the Transformational Warriors www.TransformationalWarriors.com visit to share about keeping the spark alive in marriage. Simple common sense romance tips.

Duration: 01:00:20

Tantra Cafe – What to Give Up to get Everything & Saving Your Rotten Relati

Shivanada Deva, http://www.sdeva111@gmail.com joins Laurie and talks about the zen of non-attachment, giving up things to get the most amazing happiness, everything you have dreamed of! Then Goddes Lily www.sacredsexdoc.com discusses simple ways for couples in the doldrums to re-spark their relationships and how important it is for them to jumpstart their desire and passion.

Duration: 01:00:43

Tantra Cafe – “Youthing” Your Body

Tyr Throne movement expert www.BodyEvolutionInt.com, talks about his unique approach to bodywork, how people can be empowered to bring youth to their bodies on an hourly basis. Movement is key. He takes us through a simple yet deep exercise. Truly Tantric.

Duration: 01:00:10

Tantra Cafe – Movement, Dance, Breath = Tantra Transforming Power

Zahava Grisshttp://www.lovemakingdances.com/, shares her unique perspective on how Tantra through movement, dance and sound can transform our feelings of power within ourselves as well as the power differential in the world. In her work she perceives Tantra as ending racism.

Duration: 01:04:23

Tantra Cafe – The Possibility of Physical Immortality

James Strole and Bernadeane from People Unlimited, www.peopleunlimitedinc.com, discuss their new way of life, their community in Scottsdale, AZ and the possibility that human life could go on forever.

Duration: 00:57:52

Tantra Cafe – Healing the World Through Tantra and Raising Awareness about

Luba Evans www.tantrawithoutborders.com discusses how practicing Tantra can change people, heal their broken hearts and make a shift in the world. Then Laurie is joined by Kal Holczler http://www.voicesofdignity.com/voicesofdignity/ and Jessica Johnson www.Jeans4Justice.org, two groups standing up against sexual violence.

Duration: 00:56:58

Tantra Cafe – How Do You Tell Your Family You’re a Sexual Healer?

Rev Goddess Charmaine www.sensuousmystic.com, author of The Sensuous Mystic: Uniting Sex and Spirit and her son Armane discuss the family challenges and the resulting beauty of being honest about her sexual healing profession. A poignant and fascinating interview to say the least!

Duration: 00:59:55

Tantra Cafe – Healing Sexual Abuse and Trauma with Tantra and Continuing wi

Jennifer Hartnett suffered sexual abuse from the age of five and was finally able to rid her body of the trauma through attending Tantra classes. She describes her recovery and empowerment. Laurie continues her exploration of men and romance with Edward Mack offering simple rules for men who want to romance women on and off the dance floor.

Duration: 00:59:53

Tantra Cafe – The Art of Kissing

Tantra Teacher Anita DeFrancesco, www.tantrawisdom.com instructs how to kiss and why kissing is so important in some surprising ways.

Duration: 01:01:24

Tantra Cafe – The Romance of Moving to Paradise & Sex Toys…Can They be Tant

Bruce Starr, author of Starting Over In Paradise www.roatanbruce.com shares his dream of moving to an island away from it all as Laurie continues her exploration of men and romance. Then Laurie welcomes Shanna Katz www.ShannaKatz.com back to explore sex toys and whether or not they fit in with the practice of Tantra.

Duration: 01:02:14

Tantra Cafe – What is a Sacred Sexual Healer? Should You Go to One? Should

Triambika Vengochea, Dakini, sexual healer www.EcstaticAwareness.com talks about her own sexual awakening and how she felt called to become a Tantric healer. She openly discusses what it takes to have this avocation and what kinds of people would seek this particular type of personal private Tantric session. She also shares about… Read more about this episode...

Duration: 01:04:47

Tantra Cafe – Redefining Sex for People with Disabilities & More Men and Ro

Shanna Katz, sexuality educator www.ShannaKatz.com shares how people need to redefine sex for disabled from regular missionary position sex to everything else, everything else! Then entertainment creator/consultant Jonathan Pillot picks up the previous week’s conversation about men and romance especially after a relationship has been going for some time Read more about this episode...

Tantra Cafe – Fine Lingerie with Bonnie Vacari and Romance from a Man’s Poi

Bonnie Vacari discusses the effect of fine lingerie from France and Italy on the uninitiated. Then Bill Plikaitis joins Laurie with a funny yet enlightening take on men and modern romance.

Tantra Cafe – Flirting

Robyn Vogel discusses flirting with heart, what it is, how to do it and why. Great for people who swear they don’t know how to flirt.

Tantra Cafe – Vaginal Atrophy and Yoni Healing

Helen Rollins Lord shares her personal experience with menopause, breast cancer and hurtful drying up of her woman’s sacred space and how she cured herself and now helps women of all ages. The Todd Kamensky discusses Tantric Yoni Healing as a Daka trained to assist women and couples in their pursuit of exploded pleasure. Two unique perspectives.

Tantra Cafe – When Your Partner has Asperger’s and More

Dr. Amy Marsh shares her personal experience relating to a lover with Asperger’s Adult High Functioning Autism and how Tantra helped. She then discusses various other conditions that require patience and possibly Tantra.

Tantra Cafe – Is Kinky Perverted or Holy?

Lee Harrington author of Sacred Kink: The Eightfold Paths of BDSM and Beyond distinguishes kinky sex from perversion to spiritual path.
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