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Crypto-Economic Solutions for the Sex Industry with Leah Callon-Butler TPP137

In this episode I’m joined by Leah Callon-Butler for a high level exploration of crypto-economic solutions for the sex industry. She shares her impressive professional background leading to her role in co-founding the intimate.io blockchain startup. We commiserate on the state of the sex industry world-wide and she provides powerful prophetic insight into the positive […]


Hand Crafting Wooden Sex Toys with Richard Carver TPP136

In this episode I’m joined by my new personal hero Richard Carver, a master craftsman making love filled high quality wooden sex toys. I discovered his work on social media and was astonished by the stand-alone artisanship of his phallic wood carvings and even more thrilled to learn about his success as a boutique sex […]


Tantric Shamanism and the Future of Porn with Angel De Hoyos Kolek TPP135

In this episode I have the great honor and pleasure of being joined by Angel Miguel De Hoyos Kolek. He is one of the most highly accomplished answers to my prayers as an extensively trained sexual shaman who’s ready to bring the light into the shadows of the adult entertainment industry. It has been an often […]


Crystal Toys for Sexual Healing with Chakrubs Founder Vanessa Cuccia TPP134

In this episode I’m joined by one of the most admirable entrepreneurs in the sexual health and wellness field, Vanessa Cuccia. She guides us through a tear and heart wrenching personal story of transformation, healing, and empowerment through merging crystal healing with sacred sexuality. She shares the hardships and breakthroughs that shaped the development of […]


Natural Family Planning and the Nature of Birth with Erin Rivera Merriman TPP133

In this episode I’m joined again by one of the highest of high priestesses in my life and in the world, Shakta tantrika medicine woman oracle Erin Rivera Merriman. She graciously offers profound green witchy wisdom and insight into to the poorly understood complexities of natural family planning and the nature of birth. Drawing from […]


How to Love Like a God Sacred Sex Ed Program Launch TPP132

In this episode I’ve shared the audio track from the first in a series of sacred sexuality education video programs with the lovely Survival Wombyn model Herb Spiral Iris. Please click here to watch the actual video for free!


Open Source Intimacy with Devika the Techy Tantrika TPP131

In this episode I’m joined by dear friend and tantric comrade Devika the Techy Tantrika. She has been one of the brightest apple’s of my eye for many years and it’s been delightful to share mutual support and encouragement as we’ve bootstrapped our tantric coaching and counseling brands. We’ve always talked shop and helped each […]


Modernizing Sex Goddess Archetypes with Jacqueline Hellyer TPP130

In this episode I’m joined by the highly accomplished Jacqueline Hellyer for an introduction to her vast array of great works and offerings and a discussion about the ways we can and should modernize goddess archetypes. She helps us bring deep ancient wisdom to the present within an educational framework that appeals to the experiences […]


Sacred Sexual Economics with Charles Eisenstein TPP129

In this episode I’m joined by one of my favorite authors, Charles Eisenstein. After studying his books The Ascent of Humanity and Sacred Economics I’ve been deeply moved by the level of insight and analysis he provides. As tantra works to re-weave sacred sexual-spiritual unity, Charles’ work has been re-weaving the material and sacred realms […]


Blockchain Tech for Decentralized Sexuality with Lawrence Lanoff TPP128

In this episode I’m joined again by my dear tantric brother Lawrence Lanoff. He shares his epic romance with cryptocurrency and blockchain technology leading up to his role in the groundbreaking Token AI platform. We discuss the potential for decentralizing sexuality with smart contracts, reputation algorithms, cryptocurrencies, and beyond. With healthy doses of techno-optimism and […]


Cypherpunks, Bitcoin & the Myth of Satoshi Nakamoto by Richard Boase TPP127

In this episode I’m blessed to have a guest spoken word piece by Richard Boase. Since receiving some seed funding in the form bitcoins earlier this year, I have been on a mission of painfully OVER-due diligence to catch up to the cryptocurrency revolution. It wasn’t clear to me until I discovered Richard’s article just […]


Decrypting the Cyberdelic Revolution with Lorenzo Hagerty TPP126

In this episode I’m joined by one of my favorite podcast hosts Lorenzo Hagerty of the Psychedelic Salon podcast. A dear friend turned me on to the podcast back in 2008, I binge listened to catch up and have been on board ever since. Lorenzo’s endearing charm, sharp wit, and scathing critiques of the dominator […]


Demystifying the Mechanisms of Shamanic Healing with Christina Pratt TPP125

In this episode I’m joined my most revered shamanic practitioner and instructor Christina Pratt. I’ve diligently studied her podcast archive and found her to be without out the foremost scholar of all things shamanic. I was delighted to have the opportunity to explore her personal background in more detail, to work through and compare notes […]


Psychedelic Goddess Worship the White Paper TPP124

In this episode I share a piece I wrote that serves as a sort of guerrilla psychedelic research white paper. It is the most direct and concise articulation of my thesis: Demons are invisible to the naked eye but exist as energetic parasites lurking all around us at all times They are attracted by energy […]


Attorney Corey D. Silverstein Discusses some Best Practices for Porn Production TPP123

In this episode I am joined by the highly accomplished adult entertainment industry attorney Corey D. Silverstein for a discussion on some best practices for porn production. I was very impressed by his passion, ferocity, and insight on a legal panel at the XBiz adult industry trade convention earlier this year. We met and spoke […]


The Path of a Bisexual Tantric Rock Star with Robert Ozn TPP122

In this episode I’m joined by the vibrant and charming Robert Ozn. He is one of my dearest bisexual allies in the modern tantra movement. We have similar visions of an inclusive non-binary pansexual tantric future where infinite diversity can be expressed and cherished within the fellowship of sex positive spiritual seekers. We learn about […]


Partimony the Tantric Re-Birthday TPP121

In this episode I feature a recent spoken word piece I recorded to document a peak erotic experience in the form of a tantradelic birthday party/ceremony that was organized for a dear beloved priestess. I introduce the piece with commentary that provides some background and offers a greater context for its political-ideological significance.


How to Cure Pornophobia with Chanel Preston of the Adult Performer Advocacy Committee TPP120

In this episode I have the great honor to speak with Chanel Preston the chair person of the non-profit Adult Performer Advocacy Committee. I saw her presentation at the XBiz show and was moved to become a member and to get involved. APAC is leading the revolutionary efforts to enlighten pornophobes to the artistic and […]


Tantric Sex Coaching in Japan with Megami Mariko Passion TPP119

In this episode I’m joined by a dear friend and fellow sexual spiritual activist Megami Mariko Passion. We met a while back in L.A. through the tantra meet up community and have shared a lot of strength and solidarity as wounded healers and light workers who’ve earned our angel wings by doing the dirty work that […]


Sexual Healing for Sexual Healers with Reverend Goddess Charmaine TPP118

In this episode I have the pleasure and honor of exploring the deep and profound insights and experience of Reverend Goddess Charmaine of http://thesensuousmystic.com/. I was turned on to her work several years ago by a dear friend and while catching up on her online radio show archives I discovered that she boldly and bravely […]


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