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TGMS Future Stars #14: BinaryFunction

UK-based producer and DJ, @BinaryFunction, is no novice to the scene. Feet on the ground, still he is a dreamer and so passionate about music one can't imagine. The mix he made is 99% work from @SiameseRecords 👉 Please support: show some ❤ and repost or leave a nice comment when you like this track. We had a chat with this great talent a while ago. Read it here in case you've missed it: http://www.tanzgemeinschaft.com/interview-binaryfunction-6493 With all the baggage he is carrying, we...


TGMS Future Stars #13 - Kastreverse

Next up in our Future Stars series is Russian talent Kastreverse. Piano student for 9 years and picked up electronic music at a later age in 2016. 👉 Please support: show some 🧡 and repost when you like this mix. He's at Umaker - a famous DJ school in Moscow preparing for his first production in the near future. The music he prefers lies within the deep house and melodic techno spectrum characterized for recreation and for dreamers. Enjoy! Connect: www.instagram.com/kastreverse...


TGMS presents Gadi Mitrani

Not so long ago we had the honour to showcase one of the tracks of his EP. Today Gadi Mitrani is here with a sublime mix. One to get lost in the music. One to go on a journey that feels endless. 👉 Please support: show some 🧡 and repost when you like this mix This one feels like a summer all year long. So play it loud, take off your shoes and socks, start dancing, close your eyes and enjoy. Connect: @gadimitrani


TGMS Future Stars #12: Indieveed

Episode n°12 in our Future Stars series comes from Ukraine-based talent Indieveed. 👉 Please support: show some 🧡 and repost when you like this mix. He is not afraid to experiment, one of his great characteristics. On top, he creates his own individual sounds. He is definitely a representative of the younger Ukrainian electronic underground generation. Cool to have him here at @Tanzgemeinschaft. Some of his latest achievements are releases on labels like Jeahmon, DRUMA and Traum. Connect:...


TGMS Techno Resident - Monophaze #18 - 02

End of Feb and here we go with the second mix of our resident Monophaze for this year. There is more to come but first, enjoy this one. Yet again he selected some really great tracks for this edition. So play it out loud. Tracklist: 01. Marcel Dettman - Outback 02. Ilario Alicante - The eye of the Virgo 03. Mike Parker- Through Cylinders 04. Petar Dundov, Gregor Tresher - Stellarious 05. Lewis Fautzi - Stagger 06. Nastia Reigel - Transformed 07. Jeff Rushin - Decline into caos 08. Monoloc...


TGMS presents David Penn

He surely is an icon the Spanish electronic Music scene. And to us, his fame reaches far beyond the Spanish borders. 👉 Please support: show some 🧡 and repost when you like this mix. With over 20 years of experience in the music industry, not less than 200 productions and hits like Kadoc ‘The Nightrain’, Deux ‘Sun Rising Up’, ‘Fight Again’ and the massive remix of Candi Staton’s “Hallelujah Anyway”, it is needless to say we are talking about a veteran:...


TGMS Future Stars #11: Thales Boutroumlis

Next up in our Future Stars series is Cologne-based talent Thales Boutroumlis. 👉 Please support: show some 🧡 and repost when you like this mix. He dropped us a mix with some of his favourite tracks, bringing a perfect blend of warm beats & woody sounds associated with the warmer months. Enjoy! Connect: @thales-boutroumlis www.facebook.com/Boutroumlis.Thales


TGMS presents De Kunstenaar - A journey into the unknow (live recording)

This man knows how to juggle with music. A man for all markets. Name a style or genre and he pulls a mix out of his hat. Awesome. 👉 Please support: show some 🧡 and repost when you like this mix. Today Dutch DJ De Kunstenaar (The Artists) is here with a new set of beat collections for Tanzgemeinschaft. It's a live recording from the night before this publication. Enjoy. Connect: @ekunstenaar


TGMS presents Lex Green

We got ourselves a very nice offer the other day. Swiss-based, Lex Green, sent us a mix. He is a true veteran who got in touch with electronic music in the 90's. 👉 Please support: show some ❤ and repost when you like this mix Visiting Ibiza back in 1999 was his inspiration to start as a DJ/producer. The unique atmosphere and lifestyle on the white island is what attracts him the most and shows in his electronic music mixes. Versatile as he is, he made appearances in clubs like Angels...


TGMS Future Stars #10: Bombata & The Fox

A couple of years ago a young Berlin-based duo started the ‘Bombata & The Fox’ project. Since then they have become part of Berlin’s nightlife, gaining experience playing to growing crowds, festivals, and at Zug der Liebe. 👉 Please support: show some 🧡 and repost when you like this mix. They are residents at WellDone!, Stereophonic and Gun Powder, displaying their ability to shift between many genres - from house all the way through to proper techno. It’s this variation and diversity...


TGMS Future Stars #09 - Lucas Helbling

Our next Future Star comes from the eco-city Freiburg in Germany. Lucas Helbling started Djing/producing not so long ago. Last year, in 2017 to be precise. Organising an event called 'Schall im All' with his own label 'Eulonaut' together with two friends. So he was not new to the scene as he is one of the local promoters in the 'Drifters' club in his city. 👉 Please support: show some 🧡 and repost when you like this mix. He made the club his own stage to perform and is expanding his...


TGMS Future Stars #08: Bergesch

Let's start by saying this mix will set the house on 🔥! Press play and let the rhythm take control. Brazilian DJ/producer @Bergesch takes credit for edition #08 in our Future Stars series. And he knows how to pick his tracks! His selection, which contains some of his own productions, is red hot material existing out of mainly melodic & atmospheric deep house music. 👉 Please support: show some 🧡 and repost when you like this mix. Tune into the other tracks in the series:...


TGMS Future Stars #07: Pat Siaz

Our next guest in our Future Stars series is based on Cyprus. Pat Siaz (Panayiotis Patsias), a Sound Engineer that started DJing since 2002 and playing mostly a variation of different genres of house music. 👉 Please support: show some ❤ and repost when you like this mix. Short Q&A on: Connect: @panayiotis-patsias


TGMS Future Stars #06: Zalat

Next up in our Future Stars series is Karim Zalat. He is not new, here at Tanzgemeinschaft as he made us a stunning previous mix last year. We are glad he is offered to prepare us a new musical journey. 👉 Please support: show some ❤ and repost when you like this mix. His weapons remain the same as last time: deep melodic, house & progressive and a lot of energy. So tune in and enjoy. Connect: @karim-zalat www.facebook.com/karim.zalat.3 Tune into his previous mix:...


TGMS Techno Resident - Monophaze #18 - 01

2017 is already far behind us and 2018 already being up to speed, we proudly announce our continuation with our resident techno artist Monophaze. Last year he delivered fantastic work on a monthly basis and he decided to continue his work in 2018. Hooray. Check out his previous mixes on: https://soundcloud.com/tanzgemeinschaft/sets/tgms-in-house-sessions Do check out the interview we had with Monophaze at the end of 2017:...


TGMS Future Stars #03: GeräuschKulisse

Here we go with a third installment in our Future Stars series. This sublime mix comes from German talent GeräuschKulisse who is doing more than his best to make stunning mixes and music. We'd like to thank him for this great edition filled with fantastic work. Show some ❤ and repost when you like our this mix. Support this Future Star. A short background on GeräuschKulisse can be found in the Q&A on: https://www.tanzgemeinschaft.com/future-stars-03-gerauschkulisse-7524 @ger-uschkulisse


TGMS Future Stars #01: Marat Mode

Our first guest of the year is Spanish producer Marat Mode. With this awesome mix, he also kicks off our new future stars series. Show some ❤ and repost when you like this mix. Marat Mode or Guillermo Talayero has been exploring sounds from acid to techno throughout the years. Today he is here with a stunning soulful session. Follow this future star via: @maratsound www.facebook.com/maratmode www.instagram.com/maratmode/ Tracklist: 01. Milscot - All Alone (Domyan Just Slow Remix) [feat....


TGMS presents Felix Cage

Right at the end of 2017, we complete a milestone. It's an honour for us to have this great artist delivering our 100th mix in our guest mix series. Felix Cage has plentiful great releases on sublime labels as there are Electronical Reeds, Parquet Recordings, Manual Music and many more. Felix Cage now brings us a little over 1-hour pure pleasure. A fantastic track selection to get your groove on. So don't hold back and enjoy the mix. Don't forget to show some ❤ and repost when you like...


TGMS presents Mischa

Passion for music, perseverance and fun will get you a long way. This psychology student from Hamburg has his thing going. Focussing on his studies first, music second. Even still it got him some gigs in China these days, which is awesome of course. We can only encourage Mischa to continue his studies but don't give up his dream to become a DJ as his mix is fantastic! Don't forget to show some ❤ and repost when you like this mix. Short Q&A with Mischa on...


TGMS presents Viginti Tres

Our latest interview is with the label heads of the Italian independent imprint Astrophone Records. Raffaele and Matteo talk about their recent release "Initiatio", a quite dark & haunting journey, which they bring as a new project called "Viginti Tres" on their own label. Don't forget to show some ❤ and repost when you like this mix. Check out the interview while listening to this marvellous guest mix: http://www.tanzgemeinschaft.com/viginti-tres-interview-guestmix-7279 Viginti Tres:...


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