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TTP Beer News - 03-15-18

Just in time for March Madness, stay up-to-date with a quick 5-minute installment from the Beer News Department at the Tap Takeover Podcast! Certified Fresh as of 03/15/18. Grab a pint of Lakefront Brewing's Maibock and join us. Cheers!


TTP Episode 37 - Mobcraft Collab Brew Day

The Tap Takeover Podcast crew visits Mobcraft Brewing again, this time for brew day of our collaboration beer! We sit down with illustrator Samantha Mack and Kayla Magnor, who is in charge of scheduling, to discuss how they work with winners of the monthly crowd-sourced beer contests to create the labels and art work, the challenges they face, and how the process works on their end. After that we sit down with Henry and Andrew to discuss what turned out to be a hectic day at Mobcraft! We...


TTP Beer News - 02-28-18

Stay up-to-date with a quick 5-minute Installment from the Beer News Department at the Tap Takeover Podcast! Certified Fresh as of 02/28/18. Grab a pint of Eagle Park Brewing's Immortal Soul Double IPA and join us. Cheers!


TTP S2E36 - Mobcraft Collab Tasting

The Tap Takeover Podcast crew visits Mobcraft Brewing again to check in on our Collaboration Beer - the Solid Non Fail Imperial Stout with Coffee and Maple Syrup. Henry and Andrew lead us through a pilot batch tasting to determine some of the coffee and maple syrup additons, as well as an experiment using the herb fenugreek to punch up some of the maple flavors. Ever wondered what the planning stages involved in Mobcraft's crowd-sourcing program for an epic stout sounded like behind the...


TTP Episode 35 - Lakefront Cellar Tasting

The Tap Takeover Podcast crew returns to the scene of the crime - our first interview - to check in with owner Russ Klisch at Lakefront Brewing. We explore Russ' cellar collection, drink a vertical of the Black Friday special release beers, get more info on the Black Friday Special Reserve, and taste some beers up to 25 years old to see how the flavors have changed. Plus lots of news about the 30th Anniversary rebranding effort, and a special guest appearance by Max from Eagle Park on Beer...


TTP Episode 34 - Tyranena

The Tap Takeover Podcast crew hits the road again, travelling to Lake Mills, WI to visit with Dale and Ryan from Tyranena Brewing. We'll discuss the fun local stories and characters which color the beer names and branding, learning to brew on a 30 barrel "pilot batch" system, and the ability to peruse 20 years of beer recipes kept in the brewery. Plus Breaking News on the special releases coming in the first four months of 2018 from Tyranena. Grab a pint of Coco Poco and join us for the fun!...


TTP Episode 33 - Goose Island Part 2

The boys from Goose Island return for Part 2 of their interview with the Tap Takeover Podcast, and they are bringing with them the finishing touches to the Bourbon County lineup. Quinn, Pete, Reed, Sam, and Marc discuss the thought process behind the Cooper Project, the Sour Sisters wine barrel-aging program, and what they'll have in store for 2018. We'll talk Prop 17 with Quinn, the man who came up with this year's formula, plus some insight into the "friendly competition" that goes into...


TTP S2E32 - Goose Island Part 1

The Tap Takeover Podcast is hitting the road again, visiting Chicago for a super-sized 2-part interview with Goose Island Brewing. We sit down with R&D Brewer Quinn Fueschl, Brewhouse Brewer Pete Olsen, and Cellermen Reed Schwenger, Sam Jackson and Marc Drucker for a live tasting of the entire 2017 Bourbon County lineup, and a conversation about the challenges of producing beer on a global scale. We get into the technical aspects of the Bourbon County formulation and brewing/barreling...


TTP Episode 31 - Season 1 Bloopers

The Tap Takeover Podcast crew gathers to do a deep dive into some of the funny moments which didn't make it on the air this year. Including bloopers from our interviews with Half Acre, Stillmank, Girls Pint Out, and Central Waters, as well as random thoughts on Jim's childhood, the "Miller Light of Stouts," and the infamous Mango Magnifico tape. Be prepared, this episode might be a bit more raunchy than most, but it's all in good fun as we look back at a hilarious 2017, and turn our eyes...


TTP Episode 30 - Mobcraft Collab Recipe

The Tap Takeover Podcast joins Mobcraft Brewing to discuss the recipe for an upcoming Collaboration Beer! We sit down with Henry and Andrew to discuss the recipe and take a look behind the curtain to see the process behind Mobcraft's crowd-sourcing model. Plus a fun drop-in from special guests Mike Doble from The Explorium Brewpub and David Doble from Tampa Bay Brewing Company. Grab a pint and join us! Cheers!


TTP Episode 29 - Mikerphone

The Tap Takeover Podcast is on the road again, travelling down to Chicagoland to chat with Mikerphone Brewing. Owner Mike Palin and his brew crew of Kyle and Mike join us to discuss their hoppy, hazy IPA's, the challenges of accomodating 800+ people at a special release, and the expansion of their fledgling barrel-aging program. Will we see an expansion into the Wisconsin market sometime soon? What are some of the new Mikerphone collaborations in the works? When will the barrel-aged Smells...


TTP Promo - Founders Canadian Breakfast Stout

The Tap Takeover Podcast Crew brings you a special edition from the Beer New Department: a special tasting of today's Founders Brewing Canadian Breakfast Stout release! Cheers and Enjoy!


TTP Episode 28 - Black Husky

The Tap Takeover Podcast is in the Riverwest neighborhood of Milwaukee to chat with Black Husky Brewing. Owners Toni and Tim Eichinger take the TTP Crew through brewery's origins in Pembine, WI, the move to their new location in the Riverwest, and their plan to include all 23 sled dogs on their beer labels. We learn how Black Husky got it's reputation for being purposely difficult, and for having "the worst tour in town," a monicker that they are very proud of. Grab a pint of Sproose Double...


TTP Episode 27 - Pumpkin Patch

The Tap Takeover Podcast is coming live from Jesus' Pumpkin Patch for a special tasting of Pumpkin beers. And we're joined by a special guest to help advocate for the pumpkin spice flavor. Should pumpkin beers be cellar aged? Can Andy, a pumpkin-beer hater, be converted? Join us for a short tasting episode to kick off the Thanksgiving holiday season with Lakefront Brewery, Southern Tier, Schlafly, Whole Hog, and Avery. Cheers!


TTP Episode 26 - Enlightened

The Tap Takeover Podcast pays another visit to Bayview to grab a pint at Enlightened Brewing Company. The TTP Crew sits down with Founder/Co-Owner Tommy Vandervort and Co-Owner James Larson to discuss the brewery's origins, plans to handle expansion, moving to their new location, and why they love Bayview so much. Jim gets schooled by a Philosophy Major while we learn how Enlightened comes up with the unique names for their beers. We touch on #HateHasNoHomeHere from this past summer, and...


TTP Promo - Kindred on KK

A quick message from the Beer News Department at the Tap Takeover Podcast regarding an upcoming Tap Takeover at Kindred on KK this Saturday 11/4. Cheers to the Black Gold from Central Waters!


TTP Episode 25 - Central Waters Part 3

The 3rd and final part of our Central Waters Brewing interview with Anello and Simon should be titled "The Breaking News Portion!" We've got the scoop on a brand new entry into the Brewer's Reserve Series in January, an update on Cassian Sunset production...and a possible return of Peruvian Morning?! Plus Beer News with a developing story on a Central Waters "Black Gold" tap takeover at Kindred in Milwaukee, our Pumpkin Picks for seasonal beers, and more info on special bottle releases all...


TTP Episode 24 - Central Waters Part 2

In part 2 of 3 we rejoin the interview with Anello and Simon from Central Waters Brewing right where we left off, talking about the Exodus sour from years ago. Will there be a return to Sour Beers for these barrel-aging pioneers? We dive into the secrets behind the Anniversary Stouts, the River Run charity event and Black Gold release party, as well as Anello's very first contribution to Central Waters - the award-winning Y2K barleywine! Plus the Tap Takeover Podcast crew conducts a live...


TTP Episode 23 - Central Waters Part 1

With one of the greatest barrel-aging programs in the country, Central Waters Brewing has built a cult following of rabid fans who will drive to Amherst, WI anytime of the year for these liquid treasures. Fortunately, owner Anello Mollica and lead brewer Simon Nielsen found time to sit down with the Tap Takeover Podcast! Welcome to the first episode in our three-part Central Waters interview series. In Part 1 we’ll talk about the base beers for the three year barrel-aged Black Gold, their...


TTP Episode 22 - Fermentorium

The Tap Takeover Podcast takes the show on the road again, this week to Cedarburg, WI to sit down with Mitch Bushner (Director of Media) and Karl Wendtlandt (Brewmaster) at The Fermentorium! A newer, upcoming brewery with two Firkin Fest awards already to their name, the folks at the Fermentorium are producing some high quality liquid. And with a new special release scheduled every Thursday, they are able to push the limits of traditional styles with their innovative recipes. Plus we've...


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