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Tap the Craft is an informational podcast about craft beer and targeting the everyday beer drinker. The hosts are craft beer enthusiasts whose passion for this hobby comes out in the show. This podcast is focused on talking about the craft beer hobby in layman terms, not elitist speak. Entry into craft beer should not be a daunting and scary endeavor, so we want to help you learn about craft beer so you too can become a craft beer enthusiast. So whether you are well experienced or new to craft beer, there should be something you.




Tap the Craft Episode 82: American Cream Ale

Episode 82 is a short one covering the American Cream Ale style guidelines according to the BJCP. Denny also talks about the third annual 10 Barrel Brewing IPA Beer Wars festival and some noteworthy beers. So grab a beer and enjoy! We are proud to partner with HOPCLOTH apparel and invite you to visit their

Duration: 00:58:57

Tap the Craft Episode 81: Scofflaw’d Customer Satisfaction

In Episode 81 we discuss an article concerning how a new popular Atlanta brewery is handling some criticism on social media. Social media can be a huge benefit to small craft breweries, but it can also help kill your brand if not used responsibly. There is also a lot of beer talk covering beers from

Duration: 01:49:35

Tap the Craft Episode 80: Dangers of Brewing

In Episode 80 we get get a little serious and discuss the dangers of operating a commercial brewery and focus our topic around kettle boil overs. We summarize the story of Kerry Caldwell’s brewery accident told on the Master Brewers Association of America’s podcast episode “Breathe, Breathe, Breathe, Scream.” There is also discussion on a

Duration: 01:56:45

Tap the Craft Episode 79: Best Beers List

In Episode 79 Kris, John and Denny decide to make their own best beer list to share with the community. So find out what beers make the cut and feel free to make your own list and share with us. We also discuss the recent announcement of Short’s Brewing and Lagunitas partnership. We are proud

Duration: 01:56:52

Tap the Craft Episode 78: Scaling Your Brew

In Episode 78 we discuss the process of scaling your beer recipes to higher capacity batches. John even discusses the methods for going up to commercial quantities. We discuss a couple news articles, one on a possible comeback of non-alcoholic beers and another on the Top 10 beers rated by thousands of members from the

Duration: 01:50:31

Tap the Craft Episode 77: Festival Road Trip

We deliver information on keeping your draft beer lines clean and a road trip to the Portland Craft Beer Festival in Episode 77. We also discuss the new Brewers Association Independent craft brewer seal and announce the winner of our HOPCLOTH shirt contest. Find out what beer John gave a 5 cap rating to and

Duration: 01:42:16

Tap the Craft Episode 76: The Wee Heavy Show

We bring our buddy Kris McKenzie back in Episode 76 and talk about Scotch Ales. We cover the 2015 BJCP style guidelines for the Strong British Wee Heavy style, as well as have live tasting notes with the Founders Dirty Bastard Scotch Ale. We also talk about an article from the Brewers Association on coconut

Duration: 01:55:24

Tap the Craft Episode 75: Tasting Sawtooth Ales

We dive into two Sawtooth Brewery ales in Episode 75. John and Denny provide tasting notes on the Sunnyside Session Wheat Ale and the Idahome IPA showcasing the Idaho 7 hops. John also talks about the permits and licensing required to open a brewery in Ohio. We discuss the Trek Brewing Indiegogo campaign and invite

Duration: 02:07:37

Tap the Craft Episode 74: Asheville Brew Crawl #WhalezBro

In Episode 74 we have Kris McKenzie joining us to share his experiences in Asheville, NC and talk about the craft beer scene. We also discuss an article about Beerslanging and breakdown some of the most common used beer slang. There is also a Check it Out segment highlighting another great craft beer podcast called

Duration: 01:49:13

Tap the Craft Episode 73: Intro into Dark Beers

It’s Episode 73 and we dive into some entry level dark beers for those a little nervous to try them. We introduce you to the Schwarzbier, Dunkel and Doppelbock styles. We also get some updates on Trek Brewing and talk about some tasty noteworthy beers. If you would like to contact the show you

Duration: 01:26:26

Tap the Craft Episode 72: Branding, Marketing and Vegas Meetup

The three amigos unite again on Episode 72. Yes, Kris McKenzie joins us to help celebrate John’s birthday and talk about the meetup in Las Vegas and all the great beer we consumed. We also discuss the process of branding and marketing a new brewery in our new brewery startup segment. If you would

Duration: 01:52:15

Tap the Craft Episode 65: Coffee Beer Innovations

We were up all night with Episode 65 drinking and talking about coffee beers. We summarize a couple great articles from Craftbeer.com discussing single origin coffee beers and barrel-aged coffee bean beers as well as some home brewing experience with coffee beer brewing. We encourage you to participate in our listener tasting notes segment in

Duration: 01:56:29

Tap the Craft Episode 64: 2017 Craft Beer Predictions

Episode 64 starts off 2017 with some craft beer predictions for the year. We welcome Kris McKenzie back as a guest host as John is enjoying some vacation time. Kris and Denny discuss two articles with different takes on the craft beer scene for the year as well as insert our own predictions of the

Duration: 02:03:32

Tap the Craft Episode 63: Best Beers of 2016

Episode 63 finishes off 2016 with our Top 10 Beers of the year. We also get Top 5 lists from a few of our listeners around the country listing a bunch of great beers urging us to do a road trip. We briefly discuss an article about five cliches people need to stop using as

Duration: 02:06:12

Tap the Craft Episode 62: Winter Warmer Wonderland

Put your parka on for Episode 62 with a winter warmer warning…we talk a lot about winter seasonal beers starting off with the BJCP style guidelines, followed by our tasting notes segment with Full Sail Brewing Wassail and reviewing an article from craftbeer.com with a number of beers to cozy up to this winter. Denny

Duration: 02:11:45

Tap the Craft Episode 60: Belgian Dark Strong Ale

In Episode 60 we dive into the Trappist Dark Strong Ale with style guidelines as well as a tasting note segment with one of the commercial examples. We also talk about an Advent Beer Calendar box you can purchase in our Check it Out segment. We encourage you to participate in our listener tasting notes

Duration: 01:51:41

Tap the Craft Episode 59: Taxation Without Representation

There’s a new hop in town, and in Episode 59 we talk about the Idaho 7 hop, as well as the antiquated taxation of craft beer. Find out how much tax small breweries have to fork over in order to provide you with your awesome craft beer. We also discuss a number of news articles

Duration: 01:30:48

Tap the Craft Episode 58: GPBF vs GABF

In Episode 58 we bring you a ton of content from Ohio brewery tours, to Boise Hoptober Freshtivals, to Seattle Great Pumpkin Beer Festivals to Colorado Great American Beer Festivals…a lot of beer talk for sure! John talks about visiting a few Columbus, OH area breweries and Denny talks more fresh hop beer goodness. Find

Duration: 02:03:50

Tap the Craft Episode 57: Fresh Hop Happiness

It’s fresh hop beer season, so in Episode 57 we discuss what fresh hop is all about and provide some examples to try. Denny tells about his adventures in Bend, OR visiting Boneyard Beer and tasting some great beer in Eugene, OR with Hop Valley and Ninkasi Brewing. Find out how you can be entered

Duration: 00:17:24

Tap the Craft Episode 56: American Stout

We celebrate the American Stout in Episode 56 by discussing the American Stout style guidelines and doing our tasting notes with the Deschutes Obsidian Stout. We also discuss Denny’s experience using the Fizzics Home Draft System and answer a listener question concerning getting started in homebrewing. We encourage you to participate in our listener tasting

Duration: 00:22:46

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