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How I ruined the last two weeks of work and productivity - TasCast Show Daily - Episode 31

Check out the Startup Race at to sign up for our investment readiness sprint today guys. After getting sick a couple of weeks ago, not being able to use my voice, I realised that I had managed to overwhelm myself with responsibilities during the same week and with all the conscious and subconscious pressure on top of my health it made it difficult for me to recover from my cold and therefore also difficult to go back on recording the...


What do data scientist do? - TasCast Show Daily - Episode 30

As a newbie data scientist I’ve learned that most of the time in a data scientist’s day is spent to organise and clear data so they’re ready for analysis. In today’s episode I share some thoughts on that and what I mean by cleaning and organising data. What do you guys think? Let me know here or on Twitter. Subscribe guys if you like to be notified for my daily content and everything new. Like this episode and share it if you liked it. As always, have an amazing day, full of love,...


Some quick, tasteful and unhealthy vegan recipes - TasCast Show Daily - Episode 29

You know when you are at home and you are lazy and short on budget and you’re vegan and you don’t want to order delivery, because, let’s face it, you’re kind of broke too, shhhh, don’t tell anyone. Well, I have the solution for those lazy stay in days. They’re delicious and vegan (spoiler alert, that means no animal products), and they’re not so healthy to be honest, but they’re are delicious and satisfying in the mouth! Listen to today’s TasCast Show and get hungry with me. What do you...


We need more women in technology - TasCast Show Daily - Episode 28

In today’s episode I talk about why I think there should be more women in technology roles. My thought started after talking to Ali King, a female data engineer and a public speaker who tries to raise awareness about women in tech. As I looked more into it I realised that there are less women working in tech but also less women finding startup companies, involved in venture capital firms, getting computer science degree, etc. I do believe that more women in startups and technology in...


Mark Zuckerberg is looking into blockchain technology and cryptocurrency for Facebook

Today my body aches everywhere after my first shift as a bicycle delivery. This is the big negative about that job. The positive is that I’m in control of my shifts, therefore, I can make sure I have enough time to study, work on my projects, and create content. I am very grateful to have smart friends. Every now and then I get to have conversations with them that help me come up with decisions that I’ve been struggling with. For example I wanted to invest 20% of my income somewhere. The...


Focusing on one clear goal - How athletes win championships and how we can use the same technique to win in life and business - TasCast Show Daily - Episode 26

In today’s episode I remind the world and myself why I do the daily podcast. A big shoutout to my friend Niki for starting her blog today morning with the goal of writing a short paragraph every morning. I’m really happy for you! Today I also share with the world something I don’t often talk about. I used to play football (or soccer, depending where you live), and I had a serious injury when I was 14 years old and I couldn’t play professionally or semi-professionally anymore so my dream...


Vegans are healthier and skinnier than meat eaters. Two common misconceptions about vegans - TasCast Show Daily - Episode 25

It is very grey here in Stirling guys. I hope it’s sunny and warm at your location right now. Two common misconceptions about vegans or plant-based eaters is that they are supposed to be healthier and skinnier than meat eaters. A lot of people will often tell me “oh! I didn’t think you’d be a vegan, you don’t look vegan, you look like you eat everything.” I always laugh and tell them that being a vegan doesn’t mean that I eat only salads. As a vegan I eat a lot of sweets, sugar,...


What excuses keep us from achieving our ambitions - TasCast Show Daily - Episode 24

Episode 24 is here and you know what that means, right? It means that the time for the first guest on the show is nearing! Last night I was reading the million morning and today morning I was listening to the Good life project podcast and I got inspired to talk about the two main excuses that people talk about to me when they are “unable” to start working on their business ideas or ambitions. The two main factors that limit people’s life seems to be time and money. At-least that’s the...


Are Business Plans Useless? My take on it - TasCast Show Daily - Episode 23

I had a small food-poisoning kind of thing last night and today I feel a bit under the weather but I hope it doesn’t affect the podcast and the rest of my day. If you’re an entrepreneur or if you are looking to start your first venture one of the things that coaches and advisors are telling you is to write a business plan. But do you think a business plan is useful for a startup or a new business? I think a business plan is not really useful. It can be useful only when you’re ready to...


What do you do if you’re competition beats you to the market? - TasCast Show Daily - Episode 22

Did you have fun on new years eve? I hope you did. Personally, I chose to relax, I wasn’t feeling like partying so I just watched the fireworks from home. In the first episode for 2018 I talk about some of the thoughts that can go through someone’s head when the competition beats them to the market. From personal experience I know it makes me feel beaten but I think choosing to move on is the best solution. Another observation from personal experience is that if I think that my...


How do I treat marketing when I have no budget to invest - TasCast Show Daily - Episode 21

Welcome to the last episode and post of 2017. The TasCast Show episode 21 is all about marketing. I don’t even know why I chose this subject, it’s just something that I talk about often and I have put a lot of thought and experimentation to it. If you’re the founder of a business you have probably worked on small budgets and you’ve tried to market your product and sell it with as little investment as possible because you don’t really have money to market it. I’ve been in the position of...


Books and ideologies that positively influence my daily life - TasCast Show Daily - Episode 20

Thank you for listening to the podcast guys, over 700 listeners already! I’m back to Stirling after spending Christmas with my family and it has been an adventurous Christmas time. Today’s main topic I chose it to be about some of the books and ideologies/philosophies that influenced and continue to influence my daily life. The reason to read books is simple, personal development. It doesn’t need to be business books or personal development books, some of the books I like are also...


My thoughts on Big data, Cloud storage and Blockchain - TasCast Show Daily - Episode 19

Last night I went for a beer with a classmate from my data science course and we shared some thoughts on big data and their storage. In this episode I share some of my thoughts about the future of big data and how we store them on the cloud as well as the usage of blockchain for protection of the data. I don’t claim to know everything and I know that I don’t know everything but these are some of my thoughts as a newbie in the data science sector. What I do know is that it is expensive to...


How do I build and test new projects quickly and cheaply - TasCast Show Daily - Episode 18

In this episode I share my experience from the second ever time I ever did an open mic standup gig. It was hilarious and sad at the same time! I also answer the question I get “How do you build a new business quickly and cheaply?” - I try to answer this question with an example. I probably need more than 10 minutes to go into details on this subject or attach the links to the tools I use but I think this short episode will give you something to think about and if you want to get more...


Cutting ties with friends and family for the sake of your progress - TasCast Show Daily - Episode 17

Sometimes you need to cut ties with friends and family for the sake of your personal and professional progress. I’ve been spending the last 3 days or so with my family and I am already thinking of how to leave sooner than plan so I can go back to work and re-awake my creativity. I feel like I can’t come up with nice stories and topics, especially if I don’t get time to do some work to think of a topic. I don’t suggest cutting ties with family though, I personally try to figure out how to...


Escaping the mind-numbing effects of a job- TasCast Show Daily - Episode 16

Morning after Christmas and I am trying to put my thoughts together after a nigth of drinks and family activities it was very difficult to decide and record it haha. In this episode: a) A bit about why I chose the vegan lifestyle. b) How do I try to escape the mind-numbing activities of a mind-numbing job while you’re trying to build something for yourself on the side. Subscribe guys if you like to be notified for my daily content and everything new. Like this episode and share it if...


Christmas Day Special - The “Pussy Eaters” and Leveraging modern media as a comedian - TasCast Show Daily - Episode 15

Merry Christmas! It’s Christmas today and before I start cooking and drinking and eating with my family I wanted to record my daily episode. I didn’t want to talk about business or data science today. I wanted to try and make it into a more relaxing subject so I talk about comedy and how I’m thinking to make it as a comedian. The story is funny too! Since I’ve been spending a few days with my family, I remembered a story from my childhood and why the people from Ayios Dometios, the area...


How to start a new business quickly, avoid over-complicating and get to sales - TasCast Show Daily - Episode 14

Today I talk about the farting tradition my brothers and I have every time we meet. I know, we are romanting! I think my brother’s pants have a hole from last night farting challange which means I lost! :/ From farting stories and jokes I jump to the main topic of the day where I share my Christmas gift with you guys! I tell you: ‘How to start a new business quickly! Avoid over-complicating and get to sales!’ Of-course this is easier said than done but I’m sure you will have a different...


Why am I doing so many things at the same time - Don’t I spread myself too much?

Every time I work daily on a few things at the time such as my podcast, trying to do comedy, study, launching projects, I can’t help it but share my excitement about what I do with the world. When I share it with friends and acquaintances people ask me ‘Don’t you find it weird doing so many things to help you relax and don’t you think you’re doing so many things to avoid thinking, etc.’ To be honest, when I relax and sleep more I feel more tired and less happy. Telling stories is what...


Why I think I’ve ruined my reputation, personal and professional relationships during the last couple of years.

When I try to reflect and think why do I have the days that I cannot face the world and I stay in bed for days at the time when I have a breakdown there are a few thoughts that always make their way to the surface of my conscious mind. The thoughts are related to my inconsistency, when I cancel or raincheck meetings and when I am late for meetings I always feel guilty about it. This guilt becomes a huge weight. I feel like this weight that I feel makes me less and less professional every...


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