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Every week Alice Fraser, chronic thinker, comedian, ex lawyer and cambridge graduate drinks tea and solves the world. With a rotating cast of bright and brilliant guests.

Every week Alice Fraser, chronic thinker, comedian, ex lawyer and cambridge graduate drinks tea and solves the world. With a rotating cast of bright and brilliant guests.
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Every week Alice Fraser, chronic thinker, comedian, ex lawyer and cambridge graduate drinks tea and solves the world. With a rotating cast of bright and brilliant guests.




Justin Hamilton - ConvertibleCast

Justin Hamilton talks to Alice over a long black and an English Breakfast. They discuss the ups and downs of being a man in your forties, the failings of commercial radio, the difficulties of saying what you like and why, and how to do violence against women properly - in fiction. Justin can be found at @justinhamilton_ on twitter Alice is at @aliterative as ever.

Duration: 01:29:14

Alice Fraser - WallCast

Thwarted in this week's podcast recording, Alice returns to her trusty friend, talking to the wall. Extreme jetlag and post-adrenaline combine to make for a very rambling teacast, in which death threats, heckling, jumpsuits, Artificial Intelligence and listener e-mails weave together in bare coherence. Alice is at @aliterative as ever.

Duration: 00:27:54

Tiff Stevenson - RepresentCast

Tiff Stevenson has Alice around to her house in Muswell hill and over tea and coffee, they talk about the battle of Edinburgh, the complexities of representation, and whether you should respect everyone's culture, even when you don't agree with it. Tiff is at @tiffstevenson on twitter Alice is at @aliterative as ever.

Duration: 01:24:57

Laura Davis - Mothcast

Laura Davis, friend of the podcast and Alice sit in a London flat over Choc-Mint Rooibos tea, talking Moths, Travel, Existential Crises, the Essential trouble with Comedic News Satire and Edinburgh. You can find Laura at @lauradaviscomic Alice is at @aliterative Alice is at @aliterative as ever.

Duration: 00:46:35

Andy Zaltzman - Economic InequityCast

Alice sits in a cafe with Andy Zaltzman, over green tea and talks leaf-tea obsessions, economic unfairness, carving a niche, not getting boring with Political satire, can you change the world? You can find Andy at @hellobuglers Alice is at @aliterative as ever.

Duration: 00:50:21

Lydia Rickards - Getting Oldcast

Lydia Rickards sits with Alice Fraser in a tea house in Soho in London to talk about ageing, life plans, being boring and why she's drinking hot water with Lemon. You can find Lydia at @lydiarickards Alice is at @aliterative as ever.

Duration: 00:52:27

Sameena Zehra - CultureCast

Alice drinks tea at the house of Sameena Zehra, who is a fascinating bundle of ideas, an immigrant, activist, artist, actor and standup, she lives in Brighton and we talked about all sorts, including culture, belief, family and how she lost her religion, asking questions and getting in trouble. You can find Sameena at sameenazehra.com Alice is at @aliterative as ever.

Duration: 00:47:12

The Return of Solo

Alice drinks rooibos tea and talks to a tree. Edinburgh, failure, how sex work is like everything, what she secretly says to her guests before the show. Alice is at @aliterative as ever.

Duration: 00:34:51

Iszi Lawrence - Jiu Jitsu womanhood and fatphobiacast

Iszi Lawrence drinks Diet Coke and Alice drinks Vanilla Rooibos in Yumchaa in Soho. From fighting to gender to fatphobia in one pot of tea. Iszi can be found on twitter @iszi_lawrence Alice is at @aliterative as ever.

Duration: 01:09:17

Craig Quartermaine and Brendon Burns RaceOffCast

Two-guest podcast this week, with the double trouble team of Brendon Burns and Craig Quartermaine in a tea shop in Camden in London. We talk about Indigenous Australian naming protocols, Brendon opines on who looks like which monkeys and what racism is and Alice talks about why breakups are bad.

Duration: 01:09:12

Charlie Duncan Saffrey - PhilosoTeaCast

Charlie Duncan Saffrey talks about the proper time for Earl Grey tea, why Academic Philosophy is dead, what he doesn't like about Stand-up, Comedy, why Alice doesn't drink, his show Stand-up Philosophy. Find Charlie Duncan Saffrey at

Duration: 01:01:53

Henry Fraser - FightCast

Academic and twin brother Henry Fraser sits with Alice in his flat in London drinking lapsang souchong and talks about the economy of attention, deep long held carrot resentment, sharks, terrorism, cycling and hope. Henry's taken himself offline for the most part but can be found on instagram at @h_fray_day Alice is at @aliterative as ever.

Duration: 00:56:56

Kirsty Webeck - DisappointmentCast

State Library, unsweetened iced green tea on a cold day, the evolution of language in silos, being on a pedestal, communicating, and what Kirsty wears to a wedding. Find Kirsty Webeck at @kirstywebeck on all the social media. Alice is at @aliterative as always

Duration: 01:13:24

Tea for OneCast

This week, I sit alone in a room with a cuppa, talking to the void. We discuss modular identities, why "whatabouting" depletes empathy, the night I hung out by a fridge with Alan Cumming and whether we're more than the sum of our parts.

Duration: 00:35:56

Mitch Alexander - Dangerous IdeasCast

Mitch Alexander on sex robots, thinking like a nazi and the state of academia. discuss fear, censorship and the danger or virtue of dangerous ideas about virtue. Also, a battle with passing trolleys.

Duration: 00:54:26

David Maney - Alternative Medicinecast

David Maney is a performer, teacher of Clowning, works with disabled people and is trying to brush up his resume. He talks to Alice over Peppermint tea about Invisible Disabilities, New Age Medicine and Being a Tea.

Duration: 01:03:07

Laura Davis - Rage and BraCast

In Alice's temporary home in Collingwood, Laura Davis drinks Russian Caravan tea and talks about ethical dilemmas, moving house, travel and rage. Laura is online at http://lauradaviscomedy.com Alice is at alicefraser.com

Duration: 00:46:29

John Vlismas - RaceCast

John Vlismas on race, preachiness, being offensive versus being polite. Crime in South Africa. Facets of rage. How to be a commentator in a foreign land. Refugees from democracy.

Duration: 00:41:48

Paul Solomon - Return of Sandwich JonesCast

In a hotel in Perth, Alice talks to childhood friend, Radio jock and chef, Paul Solomon about jealousy, failure, fatness, master-chef and arranged marriages. She drinks a green tea, he drinks a strawberry milkshake. Paul can be found at @thesandwichjonesshow on instagram Alice as ever at patreon.com/AliceFraser and the other places.

Duration: 01:05:23

Professor Michael Fraser - DadCast

Alice sits with Professor Michael Fraser, who happens to be her dad, and talks about Privacy, the surveillance state, and asks him how he feels about being used as an anti-hero character in her show, Empire before he watches it tonight. Look Michael Fraser up on google, and Alice is at http://patreon.com/alicefraser

Duration: 00:45:34

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