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Interviewing innovative educators from around the world to share all the ways technology is being used to enhance education.








Maria And Andrea on the HTC Vive In Education

Maria Galanis and Andrea Trudeau are friends who have worked together for a long while. Maria started out as a tech coordinator and eventually moved her way up to being an instructional coach. Andrea worked for many years as a teacher in different subjects, then returned to school to become a librarian. “We started our journey last spring, and it was kind of by accident.” Andrea said, explaining how she and Maria got started with VR. The journey began with some foreign language teachers...

Duration: 00:28:25

Virtual Reality In EDU, Sketchup Sketchfab, Tinkercad - Eddie Shares #CUE17

Eddie Gonzalez is passionate about getting students to create using Virtual Reality (VR), rather than just consume VR. He’s currently a teacher, teaching primarily 6th-grade students language arts and history. He’s also taught various other grades and subjects. The one common thread in each of his classes is that Eddie always includes VR in his teaching. “In each of those classes, I always incorporate 3D models, just in different ways.” Eddie’s noticed something about kids through all his...

Duration: 00:08:15

Sally Eaves on Virtual Reality in Education

Sally Eaves shares her industry insights into the impact Virtual Reality is having in Education.

Duration: 00:06:02

Dean Fusto Podcast Audio

Hard at work for his Heroes and Heroines. Dean Fusto is a busy man. He’s not only the President of Brandon Hall Global Boarding Day School in Atlanta, but he’s also the founder of Teach, Learn, and Lead Global Edu-library. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Dean’s site, Edu-library grew from his passion for teaching and sharing knowledge. His first thought in starting the site was to make a place for himself that would be like an Amazon of the K12 education resource world. Find out...

Duration: 00:20:00

Natasha Wilkerson Podcast Audio

“Kids don’t want to hear about it, they want to do it.” Natasha Wilkerson studied aerospace engineering in Texas and worked in that field for several years, but through it all her passion has always been education. Read more and find all the resources at www.teachertechtrials.com

Duration: 00:20:27

Scott Hebert on Gamification in the Classroom

“There is an engagement crisis in school.” Scott Hebert, a new teacher, in a new school, in a new community, realized there was a problem with the way students were struggling to pay attention in class. He went from being a fourth grade phys ed teacher to being a eighth grade sciences and technologies teacher. The differences in the classrooms were alarming. The younger grade was full of children who were enthusiastic and engaged during class. The new class was filled with older students...

Duration: 00:15:37

David Truss on Inquiry Hub

A group of educators turned the tables and placed interest before the subject matter. They called it “inquiry-based learning.” Why? Students learn best when they have interest in the subject matter. School of Choice David Truss is an educator based in Vancouver, Canada. He is currently working two posts – Vice Principal of Coquitlam Open Learning, an online school which offers 2,225 courses every year; and Vice Principal and Lead Administrator of Inquiry Hub Secondary School, which offers...

Duration: 00:37:58

Tom Mullaney on Digital Breakout EDU

It’s time to pique student interest with novel online puzzles! Building Digital BreakoutEDU Templates Tom Mullaney is a Digital Learning Coach at Gravelly Hill Middle School in North Carolina who creates online puzzles called Digital BreakoutEDU’s. BreakoutEDU boxes have become a creative new game in the educational world. Tom is one of the new innovators with these puzzles who brings them into a digital form. These activities encourage fun problem solving and engagement with students,...

Duration: 00:21:50

Sean Robinson On Connections Based Learning

We Changed the Question. It’s not about “How will we Learn?”, but, “Who will Engage with Us in Learning?” Connections-Based Learning is a teaching approach that leverages technology and the world we live in today with global connections, collaboration and cultivation. How Can I Teach to Learn? Sean Robinson is a Canadian educator that is sharing with us today the teaching approach: Connections-Based Learning. He has over twenty years of teaching experience and made an important discovery....

Duration: 00:13:28

John Jones On EDU Symbaloo And More

My first Teacher Tech Trials interview was incredible. I learned how the creative use of Symbaloo can help me streamline the access to my favorite websites. Ever wonder how you can declutter your overpopulated bookmarks bar? I had the honor of meeting and interviewing John Jones (@JohnJonesPE). John is a High School Health and PE Driver Education teacher in Northern Virginia. John also teaches Health and Fitness at Northern Virginia Community College. John uses “EDU Symbaloo” to help keep...

Duration: 00:07:06

Tricia Fuglestad On Collaborative Lego Rotational Symmetry

Technology in Art? This sounds like an opportunity to see the world through a fresh new lens! Tricia Fuglestad not only wrote a grant to get 1:1 iPads for her class but she also was able to create some pretty innovative lessons with her new tools. One of these lessons was “Collaborative Lego Rotational Symmetry”. If symmetry is something you are looking to teach, Tricia’s integration of technology to enhance the engagement of this standard is a solution. She was able to get students to...

Duration: 00:07:49

David Caleb On Stories Through Imagery

Are pictures really worth a thousand words? After a great talk with David Caleb I am realizing just how powerful images can be in telling stories. Today we explore visual storytelling by learning about tips on how to use it in the classroom, Dave’s experience teaching around the world, and the resources available in the two books he’s authored. Find out more at: www.teachertechtrials.com

Duration: 00:13:42

Ben Cogswell On Interactive Posters

Looking for a creative way to enhance group presentations in your classroom? Ben Cogswell built on an idea called “Interactive Posters” to enhance what was already going on in the physical classroom. These Interactive Posters allow students to creatively work together with one another as they blend both analog and digital presentations. Ben is a educational technology TOSA in Salinas, California, also known as the “Salad Bowl capital of the World”. His school district serves just over...

Duration: 00:09:38