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TeamClearCoat is about making the best out of what you have - be it the peeling paint on our cars, our hopefully-better-than-average go-kart lap times, or the goddamn sunroof seal that won't stop leaking. It's about taking pride in the things we make better while recognizing that everything, including our cars, will always be just a little TeamClearCoat.

TeamClearCoat is about making the best out of what you have - be it the peeling paint on our cars, our hopefully-better-than-average go-kart lap times, or the goddamn sunroof seal that won't stop leaking. It's about taking pride in the things we make better while recognizing that everything, including our cars, will always be just a little TeamClearCoat.
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Denver, CO


TeamClearCoat is about making the best out of what you have - be it the peeling paint on our cars, our hopefully-better-than-average go-kart lap times, or the goddamn sunroof seal that won't stop leaking. It's about taking pride in the things we make better while recognizing that everything, including our cars, will always be just a little TeamClearCoat.




124-Ian Wants To Go Karting, Dave Wants To Go Karting, And We Discuss Ian's Automotive Predicament

Episode 124-Ford STs and soap for men. People far smarter than us often exclaim that history is doomed to repeat itself unless we learn from it. What can we learn from our cars? Perhaps that like socks, they're best changed often. Sticking to the same pair for years could only end in disappointment and shattered emotions? Let's pick up the pieces and duct tape them back together. Remember in life that it's most important to understand and empathize instead of criticize. We make a bit of a...

Duration: 01:36:45

123-Dave Taps Out Of The Grand Tour, Ian Figures Out The BEST Autonomous Car Uses, And We Discuss The Clarkson Problem

Episode 123-Stickers and self-loathing What can we be doing as automotive enthusiasts to make our community more accessible? Unfortunately, there is no shortage of answers and on this episode we talk about things we'd like to hear less of and things we'd like to hear more of. On the lighter side, if you're in Denver on January 14th, you should meet us at Unser Karting to see if you're faster than a podcast. Maybe you are, maybe you aren't, but either way, we'll have a blast and have...

Duration: 01:32:34

122-Ian Apologizes, Dave Leases His Life, And We Contemplate Enabling Poor Life Choices

Episode 122-Turns out Dave isn't the worst... Ian stared into the abyss, and you know what looked back? A critical and certainly missed rest stop in his rear view mirror. Dave stepped to the precipice as well, and a peak plastic-era Chrysler stared RIGHT back at him through its dull headlight lenses and straight into the space where his soul should normally go. Despite the Herzogian observations, the overall spirit in the blanket fort is high. Dave discusses offering his life as a service...

Duration: 01:19:03

121-Dave Sees A Strange Snack, Ian Is A Bad Car Parent, And We Give Leafy Advice

Episode 121-Proof Math shows up more than you'd think on our TeamClearCoat automotive podcast. Whether it's Dave's "Tetanus Math" or our "Sticker Proximity Index", equations work their way into our lives and thus our cars. We constantly seek structure to justify the world we see with reason and logic, and on this week's show we pull out all the stops. Here's your homework, and be sure to show your proofs: Add one VW and one battery on the store shelf, full of potential (energy), and see...

Duration: 02:25:00

120-Ian Detests The Young, Dave Sees Some Shame Scars, And We Need Bail After Installing Coilovers On A Stranger's Venza

Episode 120-The cookie the cookie...the beast We kick this episode off by Ian giving himself to Dave - in cookie form. In addition to Dave eating that cookie, Ian gives us insight into how that cookie reacts to suspicious reactions to said cookie's jokes. Wait…who's the cookie again? Anyway, we digress. In an interesting turn of events, Ian did detective work!!! While we now have answers, we're still not sure where we land on the results. Also, we move from being on the just side of the...

Duration: 01:08:16

119-Dave Plays Vega In A Vega, Ian Faces Himself Six Times Over, And We Discuss Nostalgia. Again.

Episode 119-That's a lot of scowling.... Did you know that you can tell how unreliable a person's car is from looking at their refrigerator? Yep! Dusty Rusty is personally responsible for about 3 square feet of real estate on Dave's fridge. So let's talk about other stuff we know. We know that nostalgia can be bad news when it's in the wrong hands. Weaponized reminiscence impedes progress and we need to be aware of that. We also know that we're late. We're late delivering news in regard...

Duration: 02:17:26

118-Inhale Deeply And Step Into Our Man Van As We Discuss The Motor Trend Car Of The Year

Episode 118-Pssst... Hey there. Yes, you. Why not step into our man van, and we'll show you our YouTube comments? We'll teach you our superpowers: identifying cars by smell, and businesses by the cars in the parking lot. Also, we'll rationalize the games we play to you, obsess over Cadillac tail lights, and also it's Dave's birthday. And it's not so much a van as this week's podcast episode. TeamClearCoat websiteAutoWerkz BlogTeamClearCoat DrivetribeTeamClearCoat YouTube...

Duration: 02:06:13

117-Ian Teaches The Youths, Dave Goes On The Run, And We Devise A Mathematical Theory!

Episode 117-Because that's why everyone listens...for math. We live in the era of the Hot Take. Since one of the hallmarks of this era is how wrong everyone is on their first draft, we're all about bad first Hot Takes this week. Everyone will probably change their mind one way or another about the new Aston Martin Vantage, Ian thought Dave got arrested, and we both encounter a karting bro who was very wrong about his driving abilities. Also, Dave continues to see the weirdest stuff in...

Duration: 02:21:00

116-Dave Is Thankful For Botching Repairs, Ian Is Thankful For Wooden Bowls, And We Figure Out How To Share Our Shameful Bits

Episode 116-Thankfully. We waddle right out of the gate by catching the proverbial drippings of Fiats in an instantaneous round of FMKCars. Given that food and cars are inseparable, at least on our show, a Thanksgiving discussion fits in as well as any of our other goofy topics, so come along as we discuss the worst way to eat potatoes (regular and sweet swirl), the best leftovers (pocket sandwiches), and the best way to enjoy the holiday or really any other day of the week (copious...

Duration: 02:11:23

115-Ian Wins Parenting, Dave Gets Mad At Weeds, And We Have A Car Show

Episode 115-Whooooooo! Ian, the longshot, defeats all odds and wins at parenting but…but he ends up putting a ring on Clippy, so yeah, there's some ups and downs this week. In our continuing segment that shall be known as "Dave Gets Mad About Stuff", Dave gets mad that people don't share a basic understanding of Newtonian physics when it comes to wooden-mist ghost-plants. Ian doubles down on his declaration that turkey is a garbage meat, which kicks off a holiday-inspired round of...

Duration: 00:55:45

114-Dave Has A Meltdown, Ian Identifies Issues, And Why Is Three?

Episode 114-WHY IS THREE??? Ian provides treats, Dave provides the airhorn bleats...since Ian's whiskey mishap yields delicious Kits Kat. Because everyone loves it when someone eats on a podcast, right? This thankfully yields a positive result, not in mouth noises, but in FMKCars. On a more serious note, we discuss we discuss cultural differences between Silicon Valley and Detroit. As technology and cars converge, so do corporate mentalities and cultures. To lighten the mood, Dave has...

Duration: 02:20:17

113-Ian Goes Racing, Dave Sees Redwoods, And We Drink A State Drink

Episode 113-State Drink? Drank. If you were hoping to hear all about us two idiots this episode, you're in luck! Dave had to recalibrate his brain to understand the scale of the Redwoods, all while dealing with a rental Camry, the worst toilet in California, and a "food place." Meanwhile, Ian was in Wisconsin, attempting to drive a temperamental Maserati while avoiding the local coffee, and managing to spin twice on a hot racetrack. Also, we try the Official State Drink of Rhode Island...

Duration: 01:45:27

112-Dave Sees Blue, Ian Sees Green, And We Admire A Versa Owner

Episode 112-When life gives you a Versa... Normal service has resumed in the blanket fort, and that means we start right off with complaining about garish G-Wagen owners, examining the relationship between journalists and manufacturers, and wondering exactly what weapon a Porsche enthusiast would prefer. TeamClearCoat websiteAutoWerkz BlogTeamClearCoat DrivetribeTeamClearCoat YouTube ChannelTeamClearCoat InstagramTeamClearCoat TwitterTeamClearCoat FacebookTeamClearCoat Video Game...

Duration: 02:37:32

111-We're In A Blanket Fort Of Emotion As Dave Remembers His Dad

Episode 111-Now he's doing Roadrunner burnouts in the sky... We've been offline for a bit, and in this episode we talk about why. There's a few things to say here. First of all, Dave's mom is the strongest and bravest woman in the world. Second, make sure you tell those close to you that you love them. Life is short. Carry those you've lost with you for the rest of your days. Be a light to others and shine. TeamClearCoat websiteAutoWerkz BlogTeamClearCoat DrivetribeTeamClearCoat...

Duration: 00:56:41

110-Dave Has A Rough Day, Ian Takes A Knee, And We Coin A Term For LIARS

Episode 110-These times man... We get right to the heart of the matter on this episode. First, we quickly identify the real cause of Dave's recent fender-bender: the infamous Ramen Defense. Then, we talk about what's most important during Ian's business trip: how karting went. And, we go all-in on NASCAR's latest bout of idiocy. Along the way, we determine the correct pronunciation of "Kia Sportage," discuss memory techniques, and give a Seinfeld-inspired name to an automotive...

Duration: 02:35:06

109-Ian Needs Money, Dave Needs To Tend To His Bush...ings, And We Fall In Love With A JDM Jimney

Episode 109-It was the little hood scoop that did it... The downside of being an enthusiast - no matter if it's for cars, whiskey or home repairs - is that eventually, your excitement will lead you into a Curb-Your-Enthusiasm-type scrape. This week, Ian found himself in The Whiskey Situation, Dave nearly burned down the house of a loved one, and Tesla created more questions when they tried to do something nice. Even brand-new enthusiasts are not immune: a toddler found himself in the...

Duration: 02:50:08

108-Dave Discusses His Grooming Habits, Ian Figures Out How To Phish Dave, And We Want To Punch Infiniti Infotainment Systems.

Episode 108-Click here for HOT DONK PICS, Dave. Functioning in the modern age means accepting a certain amount of uncertainty in the world; some things will just be confusing and can't be explained. And, boy oh boy, do we have a lot of examples this week. What was Infiniti thinking when it designed their new infotainment system? What is a lulabro, and why is Ian suddenly on fire? Also, Audi's new naming system: WHY? And if all that wasn't bad enough, we also talk more about feet,...

Duration: 02:12:48

107-Dave Figures Out The Subaru Facelift Strategy, Ian Has Rogue Rage, And We Scorch Our Down Parts

Episode 107-Rage Against the Rogchine This hobby of ours is sometimes an emotional rollercoaster, and on this week's show we explore all the ups and downs. The lows of a Range Rover owner searching for his mechanic in the mountains give way to the highs of driving your newly-working-again car. But then you are forced to drive a Nissan Rogue Sport, and only a blast in an unexpected hot hatch can pull you back up. And while there's nothing better than the high of developing a muscle...

Duration: 02:19:26

106-We Drive A Van, We Love Said Van, And I Guess We Just Talk About Feet Now? Gross.

Episode 106-A man. A van. Also another man. Hello David and Ian, long-time victim, first-time complainer here. I just wanted to say that while I appreciate the breakthroughs you made on episode 106, Ian's grumpiness, the shin-destroying capabilities of Ikea furniture and our ability to automate human beings have nothing to do with cars. Please knock it off. Also, once you did get to cars, all you talked about was a minivan and how to model your own life after an unreliable Alfa Romeo....

Duration: 02:32:49

105-Ian Thinks About Weiner Logistics For The First Time, Dave Sees A Cute Car And An Insecure Bro, And We Trip Clubman Taillights Awful

Episode 105-There's no way that's attached... Cars inspire judgements. Sometimes they're quick, and you pay a compliment that isn't well received. Or, like a bad flashback, you re-live your emotions every time you see the car. You can even predict what you'll think a decade from now when your child comes home with it. TeamClearCoat websiteAutoWerkz BlogTeamClearCoat DrivetribeTeamClearCoat YouTube ChannelTeamClearCoat InstagramTeamClearCoat TwitterTeamClearCoat FacebookTeamClearCoat...

Duration: 01:00:46

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