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TeamClearCoat is about making the best out of what you have - be it the peeling paint on our cars, our hopefully-better-than-average go-kart lap times, or the goddamn sunroof seal that won't stop leaking. It's about taking pride in the things we make better while recognizing that everything, including our cars, will always be just a little TeamClearCoat.




109-Ian Needs Money, Dave Needs To Tend To His Bush...ings, And We Fall In Love With A JDM Jimney

Episode 109-It was the little hood scoop that did it... The downside of being an enthusiast - no matter if it's for cars, whiskey or home repairs - is that eventually, your excitement will lead you into a Curb-Your-Enthusiasm-type scrape. This week, Ian found himself in The Whiskey Situation, Dave nearly burned down the house of a loved one, and Tesla created more questions when they tried to do something nice. Even brand-new enthusiasts are not immune: a toddler found himself in the...

Duration: 02:50:08

108-Dave Discusses His Grooming Habits, Ian Figures Out How To Phish Dave, And We Want To Punch Infiniti Infotainment Systems.

Episode 108-Click here for HOT DONK PICS, Dave. Functioning in the modern age means accepting a certain amount of uncertainty in the world; some things will just be confusing and can't be explained. And, boy oh boy, do we have a lot of examples this week. What was Infiniti thinking when it designed their new infotainment system? What is a lulabro, and why is Ian suddenly on fire? Also, Audi's new naming system: WHY? And if all that wasn't bad enough, we also talk more about feet, pyramid...

Duration: 02:12:48

107-Dave Figures Out The Subaru Facelift Strategy, Ian Has Rogue Rage, And We Scorch Our Down Parts

Episode 107-Rage Against the Rogchine This hobby of ours is sometimes an emotional rollercoaster, and on this week's show we explore all the ups and downs. The lows of a Range Rover owner searching for his mechanic in the mountains give way to the highs of driving your newly-working-again car. But then you are forced to drive a Nissan Rogue Sport, and only a blast in an unexpected hot hatch can pull you back up. And while there's nothing better than the high of developing a muscle...

Duration: 02:19:26

106-We Drive A Van, We Love Said Van, And I Guess We Just Talk About Feet Now? Gross.

Episode 106-A man. A van. Also another man. Hello David and Ian, long-time victim, first-time complainer here. I just wanted to say that while I appreciate the breakthroughs you made on episode 106, Ian's grumpiness, the shin-destroying capabilities of Ikea furniture and our ability to automate human beings have nothing to do with cars. Please knock it off. Also, once you did get to cars, all you talked about was a minivan and how to model your own life after an unreliable Alfa Romeo....

Duration: 02:32:49

105-Ian Thinks About Weiner Logistics For The First Time, Dave Sees A Cute Car And An Insecure Bro, And We Trip Clubman Taillights Awful

Episode 105-There's no way that's attached... Cars inspire judgements. Sometimes they're quick, and you pay a compliment that isn't well received. Or, like a bad flashback, you re-live your emotions every time you see the car. You can even predict what you'll think a decade from now when your child comes home with it. TeamClearCoat websiteAutoWerkz BlogTeamClearCoat DrivetribeTeamClearCoat YouTube ChannelTeamClearCoat InstagramTeamClearCoat TwitterTeamClearCoat FacebookTeamClearCoat...

Duration: 01:00:46

104-Dave Has A Bad Blower Experience, Ian Finds People On The Internet That Don't Like Us, And We Turn Swears Into Repairs

Episode 104-Coast to a stop. As car enthusiasts, we have a certain number of shared experiences. We've all ended up spending more money in the name of saving money. We've all used the car someone drives to complete the picture of them in our head. And, at some point, we've all been disparaged on an Internet Superhighway Forum Post. Oh, and at some point robots will replace us based on what swear words we all use. TeamClearCoat websiteAutoWerkz BlogTeamClearCoat...

Duration: 01:20:26

103-We Get In Touch With Our Inner Van Man And Interview Andrew Ganz!

Episode 103-Inner Van Man The best thing about becoming Legitimate Automotive Journalists is meeting awesome people like this week's guest, Andrew Ganz. Andrew writes for The Car Connection, Motor Authority, and Green Car Reports. On top of that, he's a great guy with stories about driving a Trabant in Budapest, Saab ownership, and that one time he didn't talk to Bobby Rahal. Also, please don't call him at home. Thanks for coming on the show Andrew, you're welcome back in the blanket...

Duration: 02:54:43

102-We Discuss Our Nutritional Value, Plan Cross-Continent Drives, And Wash The Reince Off Our Preibus

Episode 102-This one gets weird... Well, we tried. We really did. We were totally just going to talk about cars this time. And we did okay - garage updates, autonomous car legislation, and our fantasy transcontinental drives are all decidedly "car topics." But we just couldn't stay away from the magnetic draw of The Mooch and his gloriously inauspicious career in the White House. Also, Dave tells some really horrendous dad jokes. TeamClearCoat websiteAutoWerkz BlogTeamClearCoat...

Duration: 02:09:49

101-Katie and Lauren Go Karting, Ian Defends The Miata, And Dave Gets Mountain Misty

Episode 101 It's not really an easy sell to get someone to agree to spend the evening with us in the blanket fort. Thankfully, our friends Katie and Lauren looked past the fact that they probably had better things to do and joined us for this week's show. We discuss what it's been like to be subjected to Ian's friendship and therefore his car buying advice, what you should and shouldn't use for bubble baths, tossed salad and scrambled eggs, and their reaction to joining us during an...

Duration: 01:12:20

100B-We Manage To Not Screw Up Getting Interviewed By Nathan Adlen

Episode 100-Part 2 For the second part of our 100th episode celebration, we're joined in the blanket fort by the always-delightful Nathan Adlen. In between teasing Ian about his license plate placement and wondering how Dave didn't burst into flames during a recent off-roading adventure, he played FMKcars, asked us listener questions and explained exactly what an Oldsmobile is. Along the way, we also covered the Picard v Kirk debate, extinct car brands, and the curious new phenomena of...

Duration: 03:35:20

100A-We Manage To Not Screw Up A Second Interview With Doug Demuro - DOUG DEMURO!!!

Episode 100-Part 1 In the year since we last talked to Doug DeMuro, his popularity has exploded, and we, well, we are still doing the podcast. For some reason, he agreed to come back and talk about why styling doesn't matter as much as us enthusiasts think it does, the pitfalls of Internet stardom, and the fantasy of demanding answers from car owners. Make sure you read everything Doug writes over at Autotrader's Oversteer page, and watch all of his great YouTube videos! Thanks...

Duration: 00:56:18

99-Dave Drives Another Infiniti, Ian Stabs Himself In The Leg With A Fork To Stay Awake While Driving A Nissan Altima, And We Are The Lane Deviants

Episode 99-I'm Lane, this is Deviant... Somewhere between willfully endangering Ian's life with a Takata airbag and creeping everyone out with a song about a cookie, Dave made some bold statements. He says the Subaru SVX should be considered the Delorean of the 90s, that the Infinity QX50 is not very good, and there's something called "lane deviance." After Ian located the exit (creepy cookie song still ringing in his ears), he made the not-so-bold claim that the new Golf R doesn't look...

Duration: 02:19:13

98-We Saw Baby Driver, We Loved Baby Driver, And Baby Driver Baby Driver Baby Driver

Episode 98-We held hands the whole time. When it gets late in the blanket fort, things get punchy quick. Sometimes we just devolve into an endless stream of non-sequiturs. Since that's definitely what happened this week, here's what you can look forward to: a Buick Enclave that was customized and/or vandalized, driving in a car with some wood, a deep dive of gas station squeegee etiquette, and, uhh rounded mounds. So supplement your balanced pie-diet with some TeamClearCoat randomness....

Duration: 02:26:35

97-Ian Receives An Apology, Dave Exposes His Bottom, And We Discuss Technology As The Equalizer

Episode 97-In Loving Memory: Hey Y'all watch this! Like most other people, our judgement is usually awful. Like when Dave takes pictures of the new Kia Stinger while driving, or when Dave parks next to huge trucks, or when Dave goes down a YouTube rabbit hole of videos beginning with the phrase, "Hey Y'all!" But of all the bad judgements Dave has made, obviously the worst was leaving the writing of these episode descriptions totally up to Ian. TeamClearCoat websiteAutoWerkz...

Duration: 02:32:01

96-Ian Licks A Car, Dave Makes Ian Go Through The Three Stages Of Terror, And We Get To Drive Cars On And Off Of Roads!

Episode 96-We get it! Professional automotive journalists update: we got invited to a press event at a race track! And an offroading facility! No, we don't know why either. But we do know that a Kia surprised the hell out of us, we "get" offroading now, and Ian's going to need a minute after driving the Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio. It's all just so romantic! TeamClearCoat websiteTeamClearCoat DrivetribeTeamClearCoat YouTube ChannelTeamClearCoat InstagramTeamClearCoat...

Duration: 03:40:24

95-Dave Gets A New Alter-Ego, Ian Walks Us Through The Safety Dance, And We Set Our Expectations Low.

Episode 95-Low. It's critical in the blanket fort on this episode of TeamClearCoat. We talk about how we'd like to improve the Grand Tour season 2, how safe motorsports should really be, and Dave's new alter-ego Mr. T. Affy. There are ring-pops. Oh god we've said too much. TeamClearCoat websiteTeamClearCoat DrivetribeTeamClearCoat YouTube ChannelTeamClearCoat InstagramTeamClearCoat TwitterTeamClearCoat FacebookTeamClearCoat Video Game Recommendations on Steam

Duration: 02:21:21

94-Dave Has A New Parking Lot Nemesis, Ian Wants To Yell At The Youths, And We Find A Happy Place

Episode 94-Blanket Fort dress code? Donald Duck. In daily life, you experience varying levels of comfort in inter-personal interactions, and we run the gamut this week. On the nice end of the spectrum, Dave finds the most innocent oasis of kindness in the roiling tempest of terribleness that is the modern Internet, Ian takes his toddler to Cars and Coffee for the first time, and we discuss the amazing comfort of Donald Ducking. On the other hand, sometimes we're not so comfortable with...

Duration: 02:30:20

93-Ian Races A Maserati At Watkins Glen, Dave Rides A Bicycle At Watkins Glen, And We End Up In Bed Together. Twice.

Episode 93-Doing it with my bro. Ummmmm… Right… Uhhhhhhh… Hmmmmm… Well, this is awkward: we have no prior experience or strategy for how to address success here at TeamClearCoat. So, it is with heavy hearts we must inform you our race weekend at Watkins Glen went very well. Your thoughts and prayers are appreciated in this difficult time. Thank you, sorry. TeamClearCoat websiteTeamClearCoat DrivetribeTeamClearCoat YouTube ChannelTeamClearCoat InstagramTeamClearCoat...

Duration: 01:25:51

92-Dave Takes Off His Shirt, Ian Laughs And Coughs, And We Pack Our Fireproof Underoos

Episode 92-My Eyes! Is Dave stripping an example of him exerting his autonomy or is it basically an automated process at this point? Next question. What about members of the Twimp administration displaying willful ignorance, automation or autonomy? Us preparing for a race weekend? Automated? Not even close; our socks have autonomy and have escaped our suitcase. TeamClearCoat websiteTeamClearCoat DrivetribeTeamClearCoat YouTube ChannelTeamClearCoat InstagramTeamClearCoat...

Duration: 01:26:37

91a-Ian Has A Confession...

Episode 91 Aftershow-It heads in more than One Direction. See what I did there? Sorry. When it comes to the concept of "enjoyment," it's sometimes a stretch for Ian. Unless we're talking about cardigans, the new Harry Styles album, or making awful noises into the microphone and making Dave sort out the levels later. Dave enjoys far more: the fact that Ian wears cardigans EVERYWHERE, coffee, and even his air travel hacks. TeamClearCoat websiteTeamClearCoat DrivetribeTeamClearCoat...

Duration: 00:47:11

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