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Tech Bites is the intersection of technology and food. Host Jennifer Leuzzi, takes a look at the profound ways technology is transforming our culinary culture, from how we discover, make and share food.

Tech Bites is the intersection of technology and food. Host Jennifer Leuzzi, takes a look at the profound ways technology is transforming our culinary culture, from how we discover, make and share food.
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Brooklyn, NY


Tech Bites is the intersection of technology and food. Host Jennifer Leuzzi, takes a look at the profound ways technology is transforming our culinary culture, from how we discover, make and share food.




Episode 123: Get Funded with Brooklyn Bridge Ventures

Why aren’t more restaurants and food businesses funded by venture capital? The short answer is scalability. It’s challenging to imagine a food business that can scale to $500 million in sales - and still maintain the IRL food quality, experience, and brand values. Even if you’re not taking your business to a seven-figure exit strategy, there are lots of thing to be learned from the venture investment model, including using technology to grow your business efficiently. Get up to speed on...

Duration: 00:47:52

Episode 122: 2018 Forecast with Mitchell Davis

For the final show of 2017, we look into the future at the top food tech trends to watch in 2018. Will blockchain and digital agriculture improve the quality of our food supply? Will bio-tech and bio-hacking create the perfect foods grown in a lab with the flavor of terroir? In-studio guest Mitchell Davis and Tech Bites host Jennifer Leuzzi discuss the coming year in food tech, gastronomy, and apps. Mitchell Davis is the Executive Vice President of the James Beard Foundation and a scholar...

Duration: 00:55:27

Episode 121: 2017 Year in Review: The good, the bad and the app

The penultimate episode of 2017 is a look back at the tumultuous year that was. Joining us in-studio are three founders of restaurant tech businesses who share their stories, industry observations and favorites apps 2017. Deepti Sharma, Food to Eat founder and CEO from Episode 99 Women in Food Tech CEOs. Bradley Scott, Etch co-founder from Episode 109 Restaurant Recommendation Apps. Xavier Mariezcurrena, ChouxBox co-Founder and CEO from episode 94 Free Tax Advice with ChouxBox.

Duration: 00:56:08

Episode 120: Munchies.TV

While most food media is trying to catch up to the video age, Munchies started as online TV with Chef’s Night Out in 2012 and has been winning the video game ever since. On this episode, we talk with Munchies Culinary Director Farideh Sadeghin about Matty Matheson’s new show It’s Supper Time, the new scripted mockumentary Eatin’ It, and pro-tips on making your own winning cooking videos.

Duration: 00:48:57

Episode 119: Minifarms Inside Restaurants by Smallhold

Farm-to-table is so stale. The fresh new thing is putting the farm inside the restaurant. Brooklyn food tech start-up Smallhold has built mini vertical farming units to install inside restaurants, retailers and wholesalers. The indoor farms allow chefs to grow and harvest lettuces, herbs and mushrooms, just moments before cooking. In-studio guests Andrew Carter, CEO/Co-founder Smallhold, and Angela Dimayuga, chef, discuss the future of restaurant farms, and their recent collaboration on...

Duration: 00:49:51

Episode 118: Bon Appétit Launches the Next Wave in Web Experience

How does a magazine break through all the Internet clutter and noise to grab your attention? Get rid of all the clutter and noise. This week Bon Appétit Magazine launches a new home page design and web experience that focuses on one story and image at a time. It’s a bold move to go from everything but the kitchen sink to one thing. The logical argument is - the public’s hunger for simple, clean food cooked well, is also a hunger for a simple clean focused web experience too. This could be...

Duration: 00:45:12

Episode 117: CurEat App, the anti-Yelp

Want to get off Yelp, but don’t know where to go for quality restaurant recommendations? CurEat, launched in January 2017, is a restaurant-finding app featuring restaurant and bar recommendations from chefs, food and beverage professionals and friends. Billed as the anti-Yelp, CurEat supports independent restaurants, and encourages users to celebrate and share their restaurant recommendations. No chains, no useless reviews, just trusted restaurant recommendations. In-studio guest CurEat...

Duration: 00:48:08

Episode 116: reThink Food

What happens when the food studies of the Culinary Institute of America intersects with the technology of the MIT Media Lab? You reThink Food. On this episode we discuss the programming and hypothesis around reThink Food, the three-day event held November 1-3 at the CIA at Copia in Napa Valley. The thought-provoking program is designed to help leaders drive change in an uncertain future, as well as better understand likely short-term impacts of long-range, highly disruptive trends. Join in...

Duration: 00:47:48

Episode 115: Amazon Whole Foods: The Biggest Food Tech Story of 2017

The Amazon purchase of Whole Foods has dominated headlines since the merger was announced in June of 2017. What’s the impact of the merger on our food lives and on companies doing business in the retail e-commerce grocery space? On this episode we discuss the biggest food tech story of the year with: Ben Conniff, co-founded of Luke's Lobster restaurants and Whole Foods supplier. Brad Harrison, co-founder and chairman of the board of Greensbury, an online retailer of grass-feed beef and...

Duration: 00:40:21

Episode 114: Nathan Myhrvold on Modernist Bread

Nathan Myhrvold is one the most visionary and influential people working in culinary science and publishing today. The former chief technology officer of Microsoft and founder of Intellectual Ventures, opened The Cooking Lab and Modernist Cuisine in Bellevue, Washington to pursue his lifelong passion and curiosity for cooking. He joins us in-studio to talk his newest five-volume, 1500-recipe, 2500-page book Modernist Bread: The Art and Science. Also in this episode, a preview of Modernist...

Duration: 00:49:50

Episode 113: Bread & Life's Digital Choice Food Pantry

The 21st century food pantry uses modern computer technology, advanced software and basic hardware to create an efficient and empowering distribution system for food banks and emergency food programs. St. John’s Bread and Life, one of the largest providers of emergency food and social services in New York City, has been developing their Digital Choice Food Pantry since 2008. Its success has created interest and demand from other emergency food providers to lean how to bring their programs...

Duration: 00:44:37

Episode 112: Travel Apps: Journy & Walc

Don’t be a tourist. Get the best local experience on the ground with travel apps Journy for custom itineraries, and Walc for walking directions with augmented visual cues. Join us in studio to talk about their innovative travel tech are Journy founders Leiti Hsu and Susan Ho, and Walc founder Allison McGuire.

Duration: 00:45:31

Episode 110: Worlds Fair Nano: Experience Tomorrow Today!

The World's Fair return to New York this September as the World's Fair Nano. The two-days of exhibits, talks, food and art will give people a taste of the future. On this episode we talk in-studio with World's Fair Nano co-founder Michael Weiss who hopes to create a groundswell of public interest to bring back the World's Fair USA. Want to experience the future yourself? Use the code "TECHBITES" for 15%-off tickets to World's Fair Nano at

Duration: 00:48:54

Episode 109: Restaurant Recommendation Apps: Etch and Tell

Where should we go for dinner tonight? Can be a challenging question to answer, especially in New York City where there are more than 46,000 restaurants. Maybe you want to ask your Facebook friends for a recommendation or see which places they ate at last week? There’s an app for that. In this episode we talk with the founders and designer of two new restaurant recommendation apps, Etch and Tell, about why Facebook is a key component to success, and how they plan to monetize their...

Duration: 00:55:27

Episode 108: What's Your Favorite App?

What’s your favorite app right now? Is the first question for guests at the start of each Tech Bites episode. With more than a 100 shows broadcast, we’ve had some fun answers and interesting discoveries. This compilation episode features: Episode 4 Julia Weinberg, Delectables. Episode 18 David Gruber and Pam Lewy, B&B Hospitality Group. Episode 24 Tony Aiazzi and Xavier X Mariezcurrena, Choux Box. Episode 85 Amanda Shapiro, Editor Healthyish/Bon Appétit.

Duration: 00:35:12

Episode 105: Danielle Gould + Mike Lee

"What does the grocery store of 2065 look like? What are the hot topics at start-up conferences around the world? On this episode we talk with Danielle Gould founder/CEO Food + Tech Connect and Mike Lee, Founder/CEO Studio Industries. Since they were last on the show, they’ve joined forces in life and business, with their new Alpha Food Labs an innovation lab for next-gen food startups and corporations building products that are better for by people, planet, and profit. Hungry for more?...

Duration: 00:42:39

Episode 103: The B-Side: Fighting Foodies 2

Tune in to the second episode of The B-Side where we talk with some of our favorite fighters about how their culinary lives impact their competitive performance in combat sports. In this episode, co-hosts Erin Fairbanks of the Farm Report and Jennifer Leuzzi of Tech Bites talk to private executive chef and Brazilian ju-jitsu practitioner Dana Minuta and retired professional Muay Thai champion, author and trainer Chris Romulo, aka Crom. Hungry for more? Check out Tech Bites Episode 40: The...

Duration: 00:57:25

Episode 102: FoodBytes! 2017

FoodBytes! Solving the world’s food crisis one pitch at a time. Rabobank is leading the charge in trying to solve four dimensions of global food security (avalbilty, access, nutrition and stability) by leading the search for the most innovative food and ag tech start-ups. The FoodBytes! pitch competition puts game-changing startups together with investors and industry leaders to pioneering a better future. In-studio guests: Paula Savanti of Rabobank, Mike Annunziata CEO/Co-Founder of...

Duration: 00:50:16

Episode 100: Guest Host Kerry Diamond Interviews Jennifer Leuzzi

It's episode 100 of Tech Bites! To celebrate we've invited special guest host Kerry Diamond of Radio Cherry Bombe to interview Tech Bites's Jennifer Leuzzi on the past 99 shows, things you learn on the radio and pizza.

Duration: 01:02:34

Episode 99: Women in Food Tech CEOs

Women in tech are making headlines everyday on everything from innovation to publishing and profit. On this episode we talk with the women CEO’s and company founders about the SOTU of the food tech world. In-studio guests include: Rachna Govani, CEO/Co-founder Foodstand, the app that helps you build and maintain good eating habits. Meghan Carreau, CEO/Founder TuckrBox, the farm-to-lunchbox meal delivery service for kids. Deepti Sharma Kapur, CEO/Founder FoodtoEat the catering service that...

Duration: 00:49:38

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