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Your weekly status update on the technology business with Rory Cellan-Jones.

Your weekly status update on the technology business with Rory Cellan-Jones.
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Your weekly status update on the technology business with Rory Cellan-Jones.




Two Sides Of The Crypto-coin

Hackers hijacked 4,000 websites, including government ones, to mine crypto-currencies without visitors knowing. Scott Helme, the security researcher who found the flaw, tells us what happened. Plus, how online publisher plans to use digital currencies to offset revenue lost to ad-blocking software. Salon chief executive Jordan Hoffner talks to us. And why Estonian startup WePower thinks Initial Coin Offerings are the best way to fund cleaner energy. Presented by Rory Cellan-Jones,...


Driverless Cars in Court

Are driverless cars the next battleground for tech giants? Jane Wakefield gets the latest on a court case involving Uber from the BBC's Dave Lee in San Francisco. Also on the show, we hear from Dr Rangan Chatterjee, a general practitioner who's concerned that too much social media is harming the mental health of teenagers, and from Priya Lakhani, founder of a tech firm bringing artificial intelligence into the classroom. Plus a biohacker with microchips and magnets under her skin. Our...


Crypto-currencies Facing Clampdown

As the US financial regulator the SEC blocks an Initial Coin Offering over alleged fraudulent activity, and Facebook says it will stop adverts for crypto-currencies, does this week mark a reality check for Bitcoin and other alternative currencies? Becky Pinkard from security firm Digital Shadows tells us how cybercrooks are jumping on the crypto-currency bandwagon. Plus, Matthew Prince, the boss of internet hosting platform Cloudflare, tells us why he thinks governments have a right to...


Hyperloop: Hype Or Not?

We visit Virgin Hyperloop One in Nevada, and speak to Anita Sengupta, head of systems engineering on the project, to find out whether the futuristic idea proposed by Elon Musk is closer to being a viable means of transport. Plus, renowned security researcher and Pluralsight author Troy Hunt talks to us about Meltdown and Spectre, the serious security flaws revealed in many of the chips running our computers and mobile devices. And our reporter Jane Wakefield tries out Lenovo and Google's...


Kaspersky defends antivirus firm

The Russian antivirus provider Kaspersky sells its products worldwide - but now the Trump administration has ordered US government agencies to stop using the company's products. The BBC's Rory Cellan-Jones speaks to Eugene Kaspersky. Later in the programme, Brian Merchant, the author of the One Device, an account of the birth of the iPhone and its impact on the world, says he doesn't think that another revolution had been unleashed by Apple. During the recent hurricane and flooding in...