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Adult Industry Embraces the Blockchain in 'Cryptosex Craze:'

There’s a lot of hype surrounding digital currencies and how the blockchain could solve problems facing the adult industry. Emerging startups are painting a future in which escorts or call girls, can allegedly receive a higher cut due to lower transaction fees. The blockchain itself could track the reputation of consumers and providers while ensuring privacy. Perhaps best of all, the industry could create its own digital economy unencumbered by the stigma and regulations of banks and...


She's Bad: Enter Laci Kay Somers, The "Instagram Goddess"

Rumored to be Tiger Woods new girlfriend, this Playboy Model, Instagram Goddess commands over 9 million followers. She's now has eye set on her first love, singing. With a hit new song called "Bad" Laci Kay Somers is someone you should know. Tune in and hear why!


Amara La Negra Leverages Social Media With A Purpose, Bridging Culture

This weeks episode of Tech This Out News includes The Rise of Deep Fake Porn, how Artificial Intelligence brings Face Swapping To A Disturbing New Level. Game company Atari announces investment in cryptocurrency and now stock prices spike. Drive By Uber: The Florida gunman used Uber for mass shooting at high school in Parkland, Florida. This weeks special guest: You know her from Love & Hip Hop: Miami songstress Amara La Negra. Amara speaks on how she's leveraging social media for purpose,...


Enter The Monster: Founder Noel Lee "Beats Back" Reclaiming Throne As World Leader in High Performance Audio

The Hip Hop generation became familiar with Noel Lee from his unique partnership with Dr. Dre, which led to the creation of the Beats line of headphones. Don't sleep- is redefining how we listen to music. In this interview Noel speaks autonomous cars, the internet of things, a new smartphone in the works, why virtual reality is ready for prime time and much more. Tune in now as Noel Lee leaks game on how his brand remains relevant for so damn long! What most people forget about Monster is...


Sex, Lies, and Mobile Apps

In the digital age, we depend more and more on electronic communication. Hackers pose a security threat, and can be less discriminating about whom they target, and to whom they distribute stolen data. In 2014, hackers stole and leaked almost 500 explicit photos from celebrity iCloud accounts. The same year, thousands of Snapchat pictures and videos were also leaked when hackers broke into website Snapsaved. Here at Tech This Out we would like to provide some resources that can be used to...


Is Apple, Facebook, Google: The New Illuminati?

Are your favorite social media and tech companies bring in the new digital Illuminati? Learn how technology shaping the way we communicate when it comes to cell phones, hear what Katy Perry thinks social media is doing to civilization, listen to hear how London new laws will change porn viewership, and will Black Panther be the ultimate display of afrofuturism? Tune in to hear this news and so much more.


What Will Your Car Think of Next? The Exciting (Near) Future of Autonomous Cars

This week we will discuss talking cars, working out for bitcoins, is your Amazon Echo snitching on you, is apple to blame for phone addiction and why Drake is the 6 God of streaming music. Plus much more to tune in for.


The Blame Game: SeXual Harassment

This week discuss blockchain and why its important when it comes to cryptocurrency, how a blockchain smart phone can changed the mobile phone game, cannabis infused wine, why you should always check your ride share apps, and how T-Mobile's next move can disrupt cellular service. Kim Whittington Executive Vegan Chef at Google, joins to talk about importance of nutrition and drops a few on cooking tips for the holidays. Plus so much more.


VR & Cannabis...Maybe A Match Made In Heaven?

This week's episode digs into a new way to experience VR, how technology is shaping laws, should fake news be punishable by law, Girl Scouts are dropping the cookies to get into S.T.E.M., and an interview with cryptocurrency pioneer Saritta Hines CEO of TrustaBit.


How Instagram is Hurting Children

The World Has Gone 'Photo Crazy' and its all thanks to smart phones, Instagram is the worst social media site in terms of the impact on young people's mental health, The Federal Government May Soon Sell Facial Recognition Data, the impact of cryptocurrency on developing nations and so much more!


From Salesman to C.E.O.

An exclusive interview with the Chairman of Microsoft John W. Thompson, who took the reigns from Bill Gates. FYI, John is a brother, one of the most powerful men within Silicon Valley. Listen in as Mr. Thompson drops major game on getting into the tech industry, the problem with Silicon Valley, Donald Trump and more. This interview is compliments of Black Enterprise Tech ConNext 2017 you don't want to miss!


R.I.P: Record Labels 1887- 2017

The record labels that were once meant to help artists generate albums, fame, and money are now obsolete. Learn about the new model these labels may use in the future. The Church of Artificial Intelligence-It sounds like something out of a science fiction novel but here's a new church for tech-minded folks. Way of the Future, is real! Me, My Wife and our Sex Robot? The robot will be your companion 'serving' you in many ways unimaginable than before. Personal robots are expected to be a 87...


Can Music Awards Be Influenced Like Russia Did Our Election?

There was no algorithm or data that would predict the Texas church shooter, yet let a crime go down in Compton, St. Louis or the Bronx and the 'predictive policing' is in place. Meek Mill's prison sentencing stems from a 'selfie' at the St. Louis airport. Fake news, now Dr. Dre is claiming someone created a fake IG account even though the account has been verified. Guess who just dropped the worlds first cryptocurrency album? Can the upcoming American Music Awards be influenced like Russia...


Marshawn Lynch Has A New Phone That Just Might Change The Game (as we know it)

In This Episode: There is no 'data, algorithm or A.I' that could've prevented the Texas church shooting but if your live in the inner city of Compton, Chiraq, E.St. Louis or Newark there is, its called 'predictive policing'. No one is exempt from cyber crime, just ask Donald Trump as his websites have been 'jacked' over 195 times. Africa is set to hit the 1 billion mark in mobile connectivity but what will that ultimately mean for the content? Find out what Tyrese, 50 Cent and Kevin Hart...


Back to Back Gamespitters: Troy Carter & CEO at Intel Brian Krzanich Get Futuristic!

We got a special treat this week. Thanks to our good friends at Black Enterprise Magazine we are going to play exclusive audio from the highest ranking man in Silicon Valley, C.E.O of Intel Brian Krzanich along with the former manager for Lady Gaga, a maverick at Spotify Troy Carter and Taye Diggs actor and entrepreneur. Is Troy Carter a futurist? Troy drops the mic on the future of work, entertainment and how technology is changing the game. The #1 job for middle age white men is in...


Bishop Don "Magic" Juan: Pimpin' In The Digital Age (Exclusive)

***Exclusive Interview*** Bishop Don "Magic" Juan speaks on what's pimpin' like in the digital age. Pimpin' V.20 in the age of social media, mobile apps, website and the Internet of Things.Bishop's has advice for Donald Trump and very personal Health PSA for all you "playa's" over the age of 40 which happens to be the number one killer among black men and we ain't talking bullets!! (hint-hint)


This Halloween "The Candyman" Now Uses Drones To Lure Children at Playground.

In This Episode: Move Over iPhone X, Old School Phones are the new thing. The Crime Report: The Candyman now uses drones to lure children at playground. Tis The Season to Voice Shop using Alexa, Siri & Cortana. Remember Hoopz? She's back and has a now mobile game. Sweepstake Promo: Tune in & Listen: Find Out How You Can Win A Pair of Free Tickets to see The Migos, Ugly God, Lil Uzi at Gold Rush Fest in Phoenix, AZ.


Alexa, Siri, and Cortana: Our virtual assistants say a lot about racism!

This Holiday Season virtual assistants like Alexa, Siri and Cortana will be a big hit however if your African-American, Latino, Indian or any other minority you might have a issue. BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING: If your a new American citizen the Department of Homeland Security now wants your social media handle. TECH MOVES: Oakland Raiders player Marshawn Lynch signs a big deal with with Facebook Watch and now launches Beast Mobile. TRUMP DID WHAT? Thanks to the first daughter, Trump is...


Polls Confirm: We The People Love Sextin'

The effects of technology on sex, people love sexting globally. #Damn, California says 'Hell to the No' regarding drones delivering cannabis. T-Mobile & Sprint merger talk round 3. Marshawn Lynch goes 'hyphy' with Facebook Watch. The word of the day is 'Artificial Intelligence." Wearable Tech: The hottest two gadgets. The Islamic State of Instagram and propaganda. People talk back to Sirri, she's more than just a friend. Shouts out to Lenovo bringing STEM to the hood. Slacker just got...


Gaydar Alert: This Algorithm Can Accurately Detects One's Sexuality.

WTF: This new computer algorithm that can correctly determine if your gay. Traditional News (R.I.P): Guess where people now go to for breaking news. Why own a car or a home when you can share. The New Drink: Cannabis infused water. Lights, Action, Camera Phones! All the wonderful things we can do in a autonomous cars-including sex. Spotlight: The co-founder of Perfecto Mundo Tequila explains why tequila is the world's 'smart liquor' to drink.


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