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From rampant AI's and gamification to social fundraising and new ways of donating. Join us on a meandering ramble through the ever changing landscape of tech that makes the world a better place.




Tech For Good Live Podcast Ep 15 - A rose is just an adventure dancing

Laying waste to the team with his acerbic wit this month is Fritz von Runte, self-confessed friend and lover to music, UX specialist and designer. Fritz has made a name for himself as a vocal, and amusing member of the tech community in Manchester and is an advocate of ‘tech for good’. On the podcast, an analysis of stating the obvious over 205 pages and why Facebook sucks at creating shareable content for important causes. The week after the launch of the Fundraising Preference Service...

Duration: 01:08:36

Tech for Good Live Ep 14 - Election Special - Another chapter chalked up to disappointment

This episode was recorded the night before what was to be the dreaded day of the election, though of course we all woke up to a better picture than we thought, even though the android is still in power. Expect plenty of vitriolic rants about ideologies, members of the political elite and lazy voting. The team also touch on #grime4corbyn conclusively demonstrating their lack of understanding of the musical genre and destroying any lingering illusions of their ‘coolness’. If that isn’t...

Duration: 01:14:25

Tech For Good Live Podcast Ep 13 - Making you WannaCry

Joining the team this month is the the podcasts very own super fan (only fan) Charlotte Rushton. No stranger to digital herself she works for digital agency and startup Wool Digital, along with Ben White stand in, Ian, she’s dropped in at the deep with the team particularly distracted this month. At some point we think they talk about personal data, tap cars (not tap cats, yet), the hot topic of the Wannacry virus and the appalling outing of the hero of the tale. If you can pick any of...

Duration: 00:57:11

Tech4Good Awards Podcast Episode 3 - Comic Relief and the Tech4Good For Africa Award

This is episode 3 of our new series looking at the Abilitynet Tech4Good Awards. In this episode Mark Walker meets Billy Dann, Pontso Mafethe and Malcolm Spence of Comic Relief, who introduce the Comic Relief Tech4Good for Africa Award - an exciting new award that focuses on how tech can tackle poverty in sub-Saharan Africa. They explain how Comic Relief works with local communities across the region and pick out some examples of how tech is already delivering benefits in their projects and...

Duration: 00:32:55

Tech4Good Awards Podcast Episode 1 - Digital Inclusion

This episode 1 of our new series looking at the Abilitynet Tech4Good Awards. ( Bex (@rebeccawho) from Reason Digital’s ( Techforgood Live team ( and Producer Paul (@paul_yakabovski) join forces with Mark Walker (@scipmark) from Abilitynet ( who has been running the awards since 2011. We gather together nominees, sponsors, winners, judges and friends of the awards to tell...

Duration: 00:54:24

Tech4Good Awards Podcast Episode Zero - What does tech for good mean to you?

This is the Pilot episode of our new series looking at the Abilitynet Tech4Good Awards. ( Bex (@rebeccawho) from Reason Digital’s ( Tech for Good Live team ( and Producer Paul (@paul_yakabovski) join forces with Mark Walker (@scipmark) from Abilitynet ( who has been running the awards since 2011. We gather together nominees, sponsors, winners, judges and friends of the...

Duration: 00:47:49

Tech for Good Podcast Ep 10 - Paypal gets drunk says they all look the same anyway

Sorry for late arrival of 'this' months podcast, the team have been travelling the country doing their day jobs. Now they're back and boy are they ready for a rant this month, not that there's a shortage of material. On the agenda this month is the imminent introduction of GDPR, a ton of innovative fundraising tech from Cancer Research UK giving Greg the chance to go on about contactless again. Tech news is so infuriating this month that the stories about Paypal, Uber and the general lack...

Duration: 01:03:00

Tech for Good Podcast Ep 9 - Eighty-Eight Percent Not Genius

The team are joined by the fantastic Graham Odds, Head of UX Design at Scott Logic and font of knowledge in all things relating to chatbots and AI. And that's the focus of this months episode, AI, or occasionally IA as the team struggle with 2 letters throughout the podcast. They cover the potential benefits of using AI and chatbots to help the NHS and the steps that are being taken already to ensure there is a code of ethics. As it's January and this is a tech show, the gang also talk...

Duration: 01:03:34

Tech for Good Podcast Ep 6 - Greg's Misshapen Fruit "Halloween Special"

We're calling this one the "Halloween Special" as the gang talk about blood more than is comfortably acceptable in normal circumstances. Don't worry though, they tackle some of the big questions this month like why did a despicable blood banking app win 2 prestigious awards and just what is a bin? Joining them is their second guest this month, Katie Shelly, service designer and creator of the fantastic 'At Your Service' podcast. After discussing the podcast and ongoing project the team...

Duration: 01:07:30

Tech for Good Podcast Ep 5 - Worse things happen at sea

We're a bit late this month but Producer Paul has been hard at work editing our ramblings and trying his best to make us sound good, an almost impossible task. Once again we'll be talking about cats, because you can't go five minutes in the land of tech without them popping up. On a more serious note we discuss accessibility and the Internet of Things, Stripe Apple pay and the new fiver. Bex takes a break on rant of the month this time round as Greg broaches the subject of "free" work and...

Duration: 00:48:04

Tech for Good Ep 4 - Digital Brutalism

There's a bit of a bumpy start this month, were the team seem to have forgotten they're recording a podcast, but they do eventually discuss the refugee crisis, some great uses of VR and where they think it's going. There's the always popular 'rant of the month' looking at why 'future proof' isn't what you think it is. Plus they make a start on the eternal question - just what is tech for good? Spoiler, they don't answer it this month. Things we mentioned:...

Duration: 00:53:59