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A highly-caffeinated podcast about the latest in tech, media... and foodstuffs.

A highly-caffeinated podcast about the latest in tech, media... and foodstuffs.
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A highly-caffeinated podcast about the latest in tech, media... and foodstuffs.






#62: Turducken, Need We Say More?

After a very loooooooooong hiatus, Scott and Jamie are back with a vengeance The guys talk about the less than exciting CES 2013, the life of Aaron Swartz, online government petitions, the critical Java vulnerability a foul mouthed super computer, Amazon’s new music gimmick, Academy Awards nominations, Jamie gets quacky in the kitchen, and Scott presents chocolate that is a party in your mouth.

Duration: 01:11:30

#61: The Pumpkin Spice Latte Incident

As Jamie continues his summer vacation, Scott is joined by one of our regular co-hosts, Sam Wollman. A trip to the mall leads Scott and Sam to review the new iPod lineup, the guys check out the new Sony 4K TV, Simon Cowell headphone, a new touch screen PC from Lenovo, Scott gets a hands on with a Windows 8 tablet, Best Buy’s new price matching strategy, Sam gives us an inside scoop on ten dollar concert tees, Scott reviews a new devilish TV show and is horrified by a holiday treat shortage.

Duration: 00:23:35

#60: 3 is better than 2

Scott is joined by guest co-host and longtime friend Ari Ryan for the TechBacon 60th birthday episode. The guys talk about the Apple Maps apology, Microsoft Surface phone rumors, Presidential debates on YouTube, the Stewart and OReilly debate glitch, new filmgoing service Movie Pass, Netflix plans for House of Cards, Ari review Arbitrage with Richard Gere, Scott gets his ears blown off by the Black Keys and his soul soothed by Jason Mraz, Ari gives us an inside look at the restaurant biz...

#58: The is NOT the iPhone 5 Episode

Scott and Jamie are back after an extended summer vacation. Jamie talks about the Outside Lands music festival and the FYF Fest. The guys talk about the new Amazon Kindles, new phones from Nokia, thoughts on live blogging, rumors of a web based Spotify, movie reviews of Total Recall, The Bourne Legacy and Robot and Frank, Jamie stays put and eats south of the border as Scott eats his weight at the Hash House Chicago, and gets crabby on the east cost.

Duration: 00:13:20

#57: Short But Sweet

On this snippet of a show, Scott goes it alone this week just to say a quick hello and talk about Best Buy’s possible sale and his new cast iron obsesion.

Duration: 00:01:20

#55: The Skrillex of the Tech World

Jamie and Scott are bleeping tired on this weeks early morning recording. The guys talk about the new Yahoo! CEO, Office 2013, new iPhone dock connector, new commercials from Apple and Google, the SoLAR app, Jamie reviews a new Elton John remix, the guys review the new Dark Knight film, and have an early morning tasting of a strange new cookie spread.

#53: Spring Could Even Come in the Middle of Winter!

On this weeks especially goofy show, the guys discuss a strange timely phenomena, all things Google IO, bleak news for RIM, a sneaky new practice from Orbitz, the movies Ted and Brave, and Scott give a cool review of a new ice cream outpost

#51: Like Eating a Cloud

Jamie D returns to the show and tells us about the worst meal ever, the guys talk about the Supreme Court FCC decision, the new MacBook Pro, iOS 6, Microsoft’s Surface, road trip apps, the movie Safety Not Guaranteed, the Avett Brothers live, Jamie gives a run down of European cuisine and Scott dishes on the best meal he’s ever eaten.

Duration: 00:12:24

#51: @sixforseven is not @bstrdmonkey

Sammy W. joins Scott on this weeks in depth show. The guys talk Windows 8, new Facebook features, Microsoft Smart Glass, the Dish Hopper lawsuit, Prometheus, Sammy reviews an ageing Van Halen on tour and a 2nd round of Jack White live, and the guys eat in a unique structure.

#50: We Have a Joke Abort

50 Episodes and going strong, the guys talk about Space X, Facebook’s IPO, Mark Zuckerberg’s marriage, Facebook file sharing, Windows Signature, Jamie review’s Tripit and the new album from Beach House, Scott eats a devine meal and raves about a hotel cookie.

Duration: 00:10:45

#49: For All We Know Dinosaurs Had Technology

The guys discuss promoted tweets, Facebook’s highlighted posts and organ donor status, Apple wireless carrier rumours, RIM’s new ad campaign, Casablanca on the big screen, the Antikythera device, they review The Avengers, Scott checks out Tennis, Jamie sees Jack White and it’s all Greek to Scott with a new FroYo.

Duration: 00:10:27

#48: Robot Scott Has Malfunctioned

On this weeks fast paced show, Scott and Jamie discuss Google Drive, Samsung overtaking Nokia in worldwide mobile shipments, the selling out of WWDC, 3D soccer uniforms,The Hobbit in 48fps, they review The Cabin in the Woods, and Scott gets an amazing cupcake from an ATM.

Duration: 00:06:09

#47: Monkey On The Merch

On this weeks show, the guys talk about the new Barnes and Nobel GlowLight, Google drive sightings, a new Kinect audio patent, the Anontune music beta, Facebook’s latest Android update, Elvis Costello live, Goyte live, Scott reviews a new kitchen appliance and has dinner at a famous LA steak house.

#46: Don't Be a Glasshole

This week, Scott and Jamie talk about Instagram’s billion dollar sale, new Mac security threats, Google’s Project Glass, the DOJ price fixing case, the Playa Case, the guys review the indy comedy Goon, talk about Coachella, try some new ice cream flavors, and Scott has something to peruvian.

#45: Dirty Funny, Not Dirty Dirty

The fellas discuss the alarming trend of employers asking potential employees for social media passwords, Titanic 3D, RIM’s continuing troubles, new Xbox TV apps, a “massive” credit card breach, Jamie and Scott review live indy rock shows, and talk about the good, the bad and the foie gras…of doughnuts.

#44: We Retract This Episode

Scott and Jamie talk about Mike Daisey’s Apple story retraction, the new iPad, new AppleTV, SXSW Homeless Hotspots, they review the app Draw Something, Jamie travels to a castle to watch a special movie and the guys sink their teeth into 800 degree pizza.

#43: One-Year-Old Bacon

On the first anniversary of TechBacon Scott and Jamie discuss Windows 8, OnLive Desktop, Steam open source gaming, iPad 3 rumors, Academy Awards, new music from Fun., a great dining experience at Black Market Liquor Bar and a horrible bacon flavored cocktail.

Duration: 00:13:48

#42: The Bacon is Back!

Scott and Jamie are back after a short hiatus with the first show of 2012 to discuss OS X Mountain Lion, iPad 3 rumours, the Samsung Galaxy Note, Path and address book uploading,, the Grammy awards, and food adventures in the big easy.

#41: ...and the ice cream just washed it away

Scott goes it alone and talks about SOPA, the National Traffic Safety Board’s new recommendations for cellphone use, Louis CK live, Ticketfly on Facebook, Google Easter eggs, more Blackberry delays, frozen Hanukkah food, and spicy ice cream.

#40: Anti-Trekite

Jamie Dooner returns, joining Scott in a discussion about the new Facebook for Android, Twitter’s redesign, a detour into the world of sci-fi conventions, HP’s decision to open-source WebOS, RIM’s intoxicated executives, Amazon’s dig at brick-and-mortar, Jamie gives a rundown of Texas BBQ, and Scott talks whoopie.
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