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S02E25: Space–It’s So Quiet

This week it’s all about the news! We talk about Best Buy pulling the plug on Kaspersky — and so should you, the new iPhone and iOS 11 is almost here, the Space X space suit, the state of unlimited wireless data, Facebook Watch and their billion dollar ambitions, the new 2K18 demo, the BB8 counterpart — BB9-E, the end of the original XBOX One, and finally Disney rumors of an Obi-Wan movie. Buckle-in, this should be a fun one.

Duration: 01:04:23

S02E24: Sonic Savant

In this episode, we swing the focus back to video games! After covering some industry news, we talk about a classic in Final Fantasy XII, reminiscence Metal Gear's greatness and lament the release of Metal Gear Survive, take a brief walk down retro-memory lane, and finish things up talking about the great new release in Sonic Mania.

Duration: 01:11:24

S02E23: The Defiant Ones

In this episode, we talk all about “The Defiant Ones”. With Sergio Lugo of Reality Breached alongside, we give the four episode miniseries the deep-dive, giving our thoughts on the HBO special which chronicles the lives of Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine . Hosted by Kary Brown and Clarence Brown.

Duration: 01:01:41

S02E22: Follow Me or Get Roasted (GoT S7E03-E04)

Join us as we cover episodes three and four of season seven of Game of Thrones–The Queen’s Justice and The Spoils of War.

Duration: 01:18:55

S02E21: Maester College and Soulless Pop Songs (GoT S7E01-E02)

In this episode, we cover the first two episodes of season seven of Game of Thrones! Join us for our first GoT super-show!

Duration: 00:51:42

S02E20: I Got Ice Cream In The Trunk

In the episode, it’s time for some Spider-Man: Homecoming. We give the theatrical release the deep-dive with spoilers abound. We also deliver a bit of news, and a brief update on what we’ve been playing.

Duration: 01:10:42

S02E19: Black Samurai

In the episode, it's all about the news. We talk about the Amazon acquisition of Whole Foods, Xbox 4K assets, SNES Classic, Sega Forever, FF-XV on mobile, ProjectFi's mid-tier efforts, AI in comments, the Galaxy Note 8, Spider-Man MCU retcon, Han Solo troubles, the James Bond Cinematic Universe, an upcoming black samurai film, the resurgence of vinyl, and mining-only GPU's.

Duration: 01:17:46

S02E18: The Running of the Nerds

In this episode, we talk a bit more about the annual running of the nerds, otherwise known as E3. In a follow-up to our last episode, we give our thoughts on the Sony press event, as well as the Nintendo spotlight event. We cap things off by giving a few thoughts on who we think wins the annual battle of the pressers.

Duration: 01:06:23

S02E17: Xbox One X

Join us for a quick talk about the Microsoft Xbox Media Briefing at E3 2017.

Duration: 00:26:40

S02E16: Man-Beast

Before getting into tech, we live out our hoop dreams by talking a bit about the NBA Finals and other sports happenings. We discuss: Intel dropping the X-Series bomb and how Kary feels about his move to Ryzen, Ubisoft’s controversial new entry in the Far Cry series, Nintendo ramping up production with huge expectations for this fall, AT&T bundling sixty television channels for an additional ten dollars on top of their unlimited plan, and we give a brief synopses of news coming out of WWDC....

Duration: 00:59:03

S02E15: Spider-Drake

In this episode, we give a few thoughts on the Southern Geek Fest, before diving into a news heavy episode. We take a look at the spidey cinematic universe and how a Venom movie could fit into the picture. We also discuss the casting of Spider-man’s Tom Holland as a young Nathan Drake. Next we briefly talk about the tragedy that lead to Zack Snyder’s departure from Justice League, and the outlook of the film. Also in video game news, we talk about Injustice 2 supers, and the Red Dead...

Duration: 00:37:57

S02E14: I Don’t Wanna Be Batman

In the news, we talk news about the Star Craft gold master debacle, the Surface Laptop, the state of live-streaming tv, and the state of cable versus streaming. In gaming we discuss Street Fighter V, Grand Theft Auto V, and Cemu. We cap things off in what we are watching with a recommendation for Powerless, a plea for Man of Steel, and a discussion about the dynamics in Better Call Saul.

Duration: 01:29:03

S02E13: Performance Anxiety

With special guest and returning host Carl Minor in the house, we talk about the possibility of Will Smith in Aladdin, Avatar coming back to the big screen, Radeon Pro Duo forging AMDs comeback, NES Classic cancellation, Starcraft for free, an Uber of a mess, and Ad-Blockers in Chrome. Next we talk games, including Warhammer 40k: Dawn of War 3, Ducktales Remastered, Unreal Tournament, and Carl’s favorite--Street Fighter V! Finally we talk a bit of tv with Cosplay Melee and Better Call Saul.

Duration: 01:19:29

S02E12: All I Hear Is Joker

In this episode, we break down the trailers. Star Wars: Episode VIII, Battlefront II, Thor: Ragnarok -- we've got your covered. Next we give one last discussion to the end of The Crew, then talk overclocking and the Noctua CPU cooler. Finally we give a non-spoiler nod to Your Name, before finishing up with the Project Scorpio unveiling.

Duration: 01:11:11

S02E11: Media Foes, Mad Catz, and Multiverses

In this episode, we talk about the rise and fall of Mad Catz, salivate over the Destiny 2 news, dive deep into Dragonball Super, discuss the second Spider-Man: Homecoming trailer, and briefly go into Palmer Lucky's departure from Oculus. We finish things off by giving a few more thoughts on Ghost In The Shell, before finishing up with a brief introduction to the upcoming theatrical anime release Your Name.

Duration: 01:00:46

S02E10: Saban’s Power Rangers

In this episode, we give a fun-filled-non-spoiler review of Saban’s Power Rangers! But not before divulging plenty of geek culture news on Destiny II, the new Tomb Raider movie, thoughts on an R-rated Venom movie, and a whole lot more!

Duration: 01:16:39

S02E09: Mass Effect and More

Before catching up on the original Mass Effect trilogy and talking about Andromeda, we dive into news about each of the major three consoles, and briefly discuss the japanese dubbing of the american live-action Ghost in the Shell. We also talk about the lacking line-up for the Switch release, and mention the debacle that is the Zelda: Breath of the Wild Metacritic score. Next we talk Madden NFL 17, just before diving deep into Mass Effect.

Duration: 01:17:05

S02E08: I Dropped The Dragonball

Before talking about the 2009 live-action epic fail known as Dragonball Evolution, we give a Nintendo Switch update and talk about the leaked video, as well as some news coming out of Square-Enix. In what we’re playing, we briefly talk about the games Defense Grid 2 and Final Fantasy XIV. We wrap things up with a deep-dive into the main discussion, Dragonball Super and Dragonball Evolution.

Duration: 01:05:42

S02E07: Pure Cheese, Lost In Translation

Did you see the Nintendo Switch event? Some things are just lost in translation. Join us as we talk about the aforementioned presser, as well as news, upcoming game releases, movie trailers, and more.

Duration: 00:58:35

S02E06: Black Ice

In this episode, we talk Carrie Fisher’s passing and the state of Star Wars, upcoming Nintendo Switch event, and an interesting Nokia Android phone. Resident Evil 7 peaks our interest in upcoming releases, and we play Ryse, Battlefront, Super Mario Run!, Rocket League, and Wii Sports. Finally we finish things off talking about the state of console hacking.

Duration: 00:58:27

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