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08/26/2017 - A Pint of Ice Cream and a Box of Tissues

In this Weeks Show, Justin and Andy ponder the safety of Connecting to hotel Wi-Fi. There are certain points to consider before connecting to any Wi-Fi Hotspot. Justin shares some tools for safety when connecting to Wi-Fi. A Discussion over the announcement of the seperation of Disney from the Netflix streaming platform. When will this take place and is this good for consumers? Since Andy watches a lot of TLC and Hallmark, Justin ask if Andy watch's with A pint of ice cream and a box of...

Duration: 00:55:31

08/12/2017 - Storing those Digital Photos and Videos Safely!

In this Weeks Show we talk with Western Digital Product Specialist Alex Jukl about the new My Passport Wireless Pro for easily transferring digital photos, videos and files from your smart phones, laptops, etc to this new Wireless Storage Device with rechargeable battery power and an SD Slot for transferring data from SD Cards to the storage. Alex also shares some other products to take a look at for Digital Storage and Media Streaming. Digital Answer Man Jim Barry from The Consumer...

Duration: 00:55:24

07/29/2017 - No Pooping on My Smart Lawn!

In this Weeks Show - Waxing Nostalgic with 20 Years of TechtalkRadio, What were the first computers we used? Was there a benefit from learning the early days of Dos and Windows 3.1? Adventures were different when it came to gaming, Text Adventures - All it required was an imagination, no intense graphics cards required. Are they making a comback? Justin finds a a great incentive to get his infant to crawl. All it took was a little technology. Backing up your photos or Videos, Where is a...

Duration: 00:53:56

07/22/2017 - Help Wanted New Collar Jobs

In this Weeks Show, Justin gives us a quick thought on the Cobra CDR 895D Dual camera system for the car, Perfect for capturing the horrified face of a driver before they run into you. Justin will be doing a review of the camera and Andy recommends Justin drive his new Ford into a wall to test out the crash detection. The TechtalkRadio blog is back for now with data recovered.While investigation options for Sites, Andy stumbles upon SiteLock. An Infograph was available on the data on Sites...

Duration: 00:54:01

07/15/2017 - I Should have stayed at the Ramada

In this Weeks show, Justin and Andy talk about the technology of trying to get an Infant to Sleep and Justin's solution. Justin also finds a great way to get extra steps on the Fitbit. Looking for Computer Help? Check out the Facebook Group Everything PC Setups. There is alway one MacHead in the crowd to offer the solution Get a Mac, to every PC Users Problems. Justin takes a look at the Steam Link and talks about how the device works with a wireless steam controller to play games from the...

Duration: 00:55:14

06/24/2017 - Bitcoin and Trying to Understand it

In this weeks Episode, Justin and Andy has a discussion on what Bitcoin is about with a description as to understanding Bitcoin and Digital Mining. Why some that invested in the Digital Currency in its early beginnings are reaping the rewards. The guys share a website for better understanding and an expansive list of retailers accepting bitcoin. Companies like Nvidia and AMD are looking into Headless GPU BitMining systems for those looking to build thier own digital currency. Listener Bob...

Duration: 00:53:59

06/17/2017 - Technology in the Car and A Celeb Visit

In this Weeks Show Justin shares some info on Safe Flying with the Drone. Cesar Palacios from Garmin talks about Dash Cams for the Road Trip. Incredible Download and Upload Speeds with Gigabit Internet Service and what the conversion takes. An Explanation of VPN and services such as PrivateInternetAccess.Com Overwatch and saving money with downloads from the gaming companies. Slick chats with Curtis Armstrong about his New Book and being a Geek in Hollywood. Website of the Week is for The...

Duration: 00:54:00

06/10/2017 - A Drone Takes Flight, Watch Out for that Tree

In this Weeks Show, Justin has his drone, the DJI Phantom 4 and takes it for it's first flight. Justin takes a look at some of the finer features and the Cost of this Drone? Why did he chose the DJI over other drones. Our friend of the show Scott Husher from ATT Visits to talk about the Expansion in Tucson and Smartphones and Direct TV and how bundling these features of the services can benefit the consumer. The It can Wait program to inform on the dangers of Texting and Driving is...

Duration: 00:56:51

05/27/2017 - Justin's Never Giving That Back

In this Weeks Show,Justin spends his nights eating cold pizza and crying himself to sleep so his buddy pacifies him with a lending of the Nintendo Switch. We get a first hand report of the features and benefits of the Switch from Nintendo and he hasn't even powered it up yet. Like great photos on a menu, we want to get our hands on One. Nintendo's History with its customers is discussed and how many game titles for the Switch are available at Launch. Justin shares how to easily play games...

Duration: 00:53:56

05/06/2017 - Repeat: My Socket is Freezing

In this Weeks Show, Broadway sits in with Slick and Andy Taylor and shares information about the dangers of cold to your electronics. Broadway is in Wisconsin, a big difference while Andy and Slick swelter out the heat in the studio without AC near 102 degrees in Tucson. Older PC's and parts find new life as refurbished game machines using 3DFX graphics and Gravis Sound. A group on Twitter shares info and tips on putting together systems with the older 3DFX Technology @3DFXHistory. The...

Duration: 00:53:55

04/29/2017 - Repeat: Trying to Cut the Cord with Paper Scissors

In this Weeks Episode, Andy attempts to Cut the Cord and shares his reasoning to eliminating cable TV service however to his surprise, he's in for a big surprise. Things to think about if you have cut the cord. Andy finds there are many choices for entertainment however the Cable and Satellite companies may offer loyalty incentives to make sure you stay and are happy. Axs TV is given some love from Slick for Nothing But Trailers and he shares why he likes it so much. Slick shares his...

Duration: 00:59:08

04/22/2017 - Let's Get Sassy

In this Weeks Show, Justin and Andy get nostalgic over Technology and yearn for the days of DOS. Is the Idea of youngster entering the world of computers and tech less equiped for change then those that learned computers 10-15 years ago? What were the computers we first explored and why was Andy taking apart the computer from Rent A Center. Is Raspberry Pie a good platform to learn? Backing up and Storage are two different things and why consumers need to develop a strategy of backing up...

Duration: 00:53:55

04/15/2017 - My Naked Boss

In this Weeks Show, Justin and Andy share the passion for fixing things and getting data recovered on drives. An Example of making sure data is fully deleted before giving or selling a computer because you could see your naked boss. Tips for trusting your PC Repairman. What is safe to store in the cloud. Protecting your home with Neighborhood groups on Facebook or Next Door. How is the user verified. Protecting your Home with Net Cams and what to cover. Don't share on FB when on Vacation....

Duration: 00:53:56

04/08/2017 - I Built A Cookie Dunker

In this Weeks Show, Justin is planning to buy a drone and shares what he knows about the legalities and best reasons to get a upper end drone while Andy just wants to dunk his cookies. The Battle overstreaming media with Amazon purchasing the streaming rights to 10 NFL Thursday Night Games. Will this experiment pay off for Amazon? Andy raves about the Xfinity Stream App while Justin believes Google will one day rule in Streaming Options. Home Automation with Z Wave Enabled products...

Duration: 00:53:57

04/01/2017 - Replay - How Much Was That Internet?

In this weeks show - Justin is back from his Cruise in the Bahamas, Just how much does Internet cost on the Ship? Andy Taylor talks about Instagram going to longer Video and Why he likes Snapchat. Slick talks about Guy Kawasaki and a complaint about using Facebook Live - A New Scam using Social Media - Pandora founder returns as CEO, Shout out to Twitter Users, Deposit required on Tesla, Switching out Hard Drives and Windows doesn't work, Justin has a solution for hard to find Drivers, The...

Duration: 00:53:11

03/25/2017 - Cracking Your Own

In this Weeks Show, Andy Taylor talks with Kate Christman of Verizon Wireless in studio on some great ideas and gadgets with your mobile devices for getting outdoors. What are some of the Trends in Mobile Phone Technology. Cracking the Password you forgot is possible with software from Elcomsoft, We talk with the CEO Vladimir Katalov on the software and uses for products from Elcomsoft. Feeling Creative? Friend of the Show CEO Terence Swee of Muvee visits to talk about creating with Muvee...

Duration: 00:53:56

03/18/2017 - Don't Play with Strange Floppies

In this Weeks Show, Justin Lemme reflects on the Anniversary of the Earthquake in Tohoku Japan, at the time Justin was in Tokyo and describes the moments along with a view of the technology which operated during this devestating event. A look at Weather and how it plays a part in our devices and the needs to remove your portable electronics from Vehicle in Arizona type climates. Listener Lisa ask of a service for group photography at weddings and chat with Christina Child of WedPic on the...

Duration: 00:53:55

03/11/2017 - Powered Off the Tears of the Losers of the Internet

In this Weeks Show Justin and Andy take a look at the Latest in Computers, Technology and the Internet. Getting your Taxes done with TurboTax either online or via Retail Box CD and the latest program Home and Business for the Self Employed. Tailored for specific businesses including drivers for For Hire services and many others. Speak to an Expert throgh the App with questions pertaining to filing. Lisa Green Lewis CPA returns to the Show to talk about filing with TurboTax. The Smart Home...

Duration: 00:53:55

03/04/2017 - I Tossed My Hard Drive in a Campfire

In this Weeks Show we talk with guest Kevin Shaw from PCB Solution. Need to repair a Hard Drive PCB Board, They have a solution for getting the job done. If the Hard Drive has been through a Fire, Flooded or making the click of death, Not all is lost with the Recovery Experts at Kroll OnTrack. A DIY Solution with Krolls Easy Recovery Software or Clean Room Solution is discussed with VP of Data and Storage Technologies Todd Johnson at Kroll Discovery. Looking to create your own Media...

Duration: 00:53:53

02/25/2017 - Digitizing Your Digitals

In this weeks show, Justin and Andy talk about Digitizing your Media and how to serve the media to your Smartphones and Computers. Plex Media Server opens a world of options for quickly and easily storing your Digital Videos, Photos and Music within your Network or across the country to your Devices. Justin gives us a quick review of The Adventure Zone Podcast and Why Justin likes it. The guys also discuss the desire to rip DVD media to the Plex Media Server and focus on how it can be done...

Duration: 00:55:20

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